A Smudge of Gray: A Novel

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Each paperback sketchbook includes blank sheets pages back and front , Notebook sized 7. View Product. Celebration of Horror - Book 1: The Best. Holidays, vacations, birthdays, anniversaries: all times to celebrate, all times to cherish-all times to fear! In this book you will find a collection of Roma Gray's best horror stories, each one focused on these special times of the year.

Find out Clouded Rainbow. Roger Belkin, an educated businessman and devoted husband, takes the love of his life, Lois, Roger Belkin, an educated businessman and devoted husband, takes the love of his life, Lois, out for a night of intimacy in the sprawling city.

On their return home, a mysterious rainstorm devours their vehicle and inflames a horrific multi-car From Vegas With Blood. They say that a new light shines in Las Vegas for every person who visits. But unlike the countless millions who visited Sin City this year, today you decided to be part of the 'what happens' that 'stays'. After exploring Geek vs Vegas: A Novel. Benjamin Pollock is 26 and has been working a dead-end job for three years in Benjamin Pollock is 26 and has been working a dead-end job for three years in Los Angeles.

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Global Burning: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel

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A raw scan with lots of difficult drybrush areas as well as corrections. A levels adjustment layer beefs up blacks, cleans up whites, and strengthens the gray drybrush areas black point 21, gray point. You do if you are a little girl whose mom needs help and you touch the soft heart of Wiggins, supervisor of the celestial Department of Good Intentions. Wiggins dispatches the late Bailey Ruth Raeburn, an energetic redhead, to her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma, to help a single mom and struggling writer find some creative solutions to her challenges.

Desperate for a job, she has her hopes pinned on getting a writing position at Goddard College. Now she must find out who plotted his murder if a little girl who wished upon a star is to have a happy ending. But for Ellen Gallagher, the impoverished owner of a thrift shop in South Carolina, that dream comes true.

When the book disappears from her shop, Ellen must call on her friend Annie Darling, owner of the mystery bookstore Death on Demand, to track it down.

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Annie and Max will go on! A knock on my door. There stood Annie, a glint in her steady gray eyes, a determined tilt to her chin. No alligators basking on a bank? No more laughter? Oh, yes. So I changed my mind and hope to write their 26th adventure as soon as Bailey Ruth persuades a lovelorn ghost to climb the shining stairs to Heaven. The local newspaper announces that the author intends to reveal the real life island inspirations behind his characters and the dark secrets in their lives.

When his body is found, Annie knows her friend will be a suspect.

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Small but lethal Carolyn is excited to announce the publication of a Bibliomystery by Mysterious Bookshop. From the Queen , a short story, is now available in three different editions -- a lettered edition, a numbered edition, and in paperback. All book lovers dream of stumbling upon a long-lost treasure in the attic or inheriting a fortune from a distant relative.

For Ellen Gallagher, the impoverished owner of a thrift store in South Carolina, the dream comes true when she finds in her possession a first edition of Agatha Christie's Poirot Investigates that has been signed by the author -- and inscribed to the Queen of England. When the book disappears from her shop, Ellen calls on her friend Annie Darling, owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore, to track down the stolen volume.

Annie pursues the book and meets Death face to face. For more information, please visit The Mysterious Bookshop by clicking on these links: Paperback - Numbered - Lettered. New in October What began as pranks at the library ended in the theft of a rare book and an attack on a night watchman. Bailey Ruth brings a happy resolution to the long ago parting of sweethearts and a wonderful beginning to a new young couple.

Kirkus Reviews says: " Hart's amusing and vivacious ghostly sleuth