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In Year 5, children need to continue to be able to work out equivalent fractions and decimals for example: knowing that 0.

They need to learn about thousandths and know that they are represented in the third column after the decimal point 0. For example:. Here, many children get confused and think that 0. It is a good idea to write 0. You could also show them a blank hundred number square and remind them that with 0. They may think that 0. Again, teachers will say that the decimal point stays in the same place, but the numbers move left or right depending on whether it is multiplication or division.

The number of places they move depends on the number of zeros in the number being calculated with. Children in Year 6 need to start multiplying numbers such as 3 x 1. They may do this either using the grid method where numbers are partitioned and put in a grid , or by short multiplication where numbers are put in a column. Learning about decimals is a long and involved process.

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It is a difficult concept which children can take a while to get the hang of. This is why laying down crucial groundwork in Year 4 is important: children need to be given many chances to order decimals and match simple fractions to decimals using the blank hundred number square which they can colour in to help them. This means that they will properly understand what a decimal is before they can go onto calculating with them in Year 5 and 6.

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What are decimals? Explaining decimals to children One of the best ways to describe decimals, is to show a child a blank hundred number square or number chart and explain that this represents 'one': Children need to know that when we talk about decimals, it is as if we are splitting one whole up into smaller parts. The place value of decimal numbers can be shown the following table: A pictorial representation of this number is:. More like this.

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After you are done, run mix deps. Start an interactive Elixir shell with iex -S mix. The context specifies the maximum precision of the result of calculations and the rounding algorithm if the result has a higher precision than the specified maximum. It also holds the list of set of trap enablers and the currently set flags. The context is stored in the process dictionary, this means that you don't have to pass the context around explicitly and the flags will be updated automatically.

The context is accessed with Decimal.

It can also be temporarily set with Decimal. The rounding algorithm specifies how the result of an operation shall be rounded when it get be represented with the current precision:. Instead use comparison functions.