Directing Your Directing Career: A Support Book & Agent Guide for Directors

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If you're not sure, ask your accountant, or email us on support freeagent. Registered in sunny Scotland No. FreeAgent Banking Money in and out. Entering money in and out of the business limited companies How to record money going between a limited company and one of its directors or employees. Money taken out of the company by the director There are only three ways this can happen.

Salary One is that the company pays the director a salary. Dividend The second way is for the company to pay the director a dividend , if he or she is also a shareholder in the company. Pay back money owed The third way is for the company to pay the director back money it owes to the director. What are the other reasons in FreeAgent? Benefit in Kind Benefit in Kind would be if the company was paying for something that's going to attract a taxable or NICable benefit.

Money put into the company by the director This would be Money Received from User. There are two options for this. We suggest keeping your management to employee ratio in the neighborhood of or less. We strive to be at with team lead support on deck during the call.

Continuous Improvement Training as your agents progress through your established skillsets. By establishing a continuous training schedule, you can be that each agent will receive the appropriate training to handle assigned call types. This allows agents to feel confident in the skills that they obtained for the assigned level. Feedback loops are imperative to success. We tend to focus on scheduled agent feedback meetings and use Inter-Agent Chat to allow agents to share common issues and get answers. With inter-agent chat, agents are able to leverage the expertise and experience of more seasoned agents and supervisors while supporting customers.

Chat can be accomplished in many ways. We have an internal chat system designed into our agent dashboard.

However, you can leverage off the shelf systems like MS Office or Google Chat depending on your security needs. They are both lifelong technology geeks who love business, technology, and helping people make more money and meet their goals. There is nothing worse than receiving a sales call with a long awkward pause before a connection is made.

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Not only is it a strange way for a conversation to start, but it wastes the time of your prospect and the time of your sales agent. Eliminating this delay on every call by using a dialing software is a sure-fire way to cut down on inefficiency throughout the work day. At the age of 25, Jack Barmby is the innovative founder and CEO of Gnatta , a market leading customer technology platform. Jack is also the founder and CEO of FM Outsource, an award winning digital customer service outsourcing solution, and a regular public speaker on customer service, customer experience, AI, and automation.

First, you would need to consider technology. This is the same with the prioritizing of replies, the same with gathering basic DPA information, and so on.

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Implementing time-saving technology for your point of contact staff is what will eventually separate the winners from the losers over the next few years. Next would be AI. AI, IMB Watson, or one of a hundred startups tackling this issue, AI is readily available and priced more realistically than one might expect. Augmented intelligence especially can remove a lot of the human time needed to complete a contact by handling the time-intensive repetitive tasks, allowing the human operator to focus on providing the empathy that is so important for the customer.

Finally, we look towards key performance indicators. It sounds obvious but the first step to improving efficiency is to obsess over your metrics. Set your goals contact concurrency or resolution time, the percentage of first time resolution, etc.

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Setting step-by-step goals like this can have a huge impact on improving employee mentality and what may seem like little steps can really add up over a week period. Through outsourcing their Quality Assurance to a country that offers labor at a lower wage. These multiple layers of accountability serve to ensure a well-oiled machine, and there is often a good ratio of front-end call reps to management.

Aside from decreasing operating costs, this also allows team meetings that are typically run by a team leader or campaign coordinator to also include QA feedback. Often times for QA — aside from new products and script changes — the soft skills and deviance from the script can be more closely related to the work environment. Rather than segmenting the QA role away from the team leader — by a 3rd party delivering consistent feedback, especially if they work in a time zone that will operate when the home time zone is off work or sleeping, it can be part of a morning ritual.

Information accessibility. A well-informed agent is more likely to resolve an issue on the first contact, and do so more effectively, than one who lacks the necessary system and tool know-how. Since time is money in a contact center, first contact resolution is a primary goal, regardless of the industry. Easy retrieval of pertinent information for agents may seem like an obvious necessity, but the need for information actually goes beyond these individuals.

Contact Center applications must be programmed to retrieve as much information as possible, in the shortest period of time. The goal is to transfer the caller through the system and to the right department smoothly — with little to no effort on their part. Many times, this system optimization alone can raise the efficiency of the contact center. Ben Friedman is the Co-Founder and Head of Operations at All Set , a Boston-based start-up that customers find top house cleaners with verified reviews.

It has been recognized as a Top 10 Boston Startup. One word…. Hiring the right people, with the right attitude, outlook, and demeanor will always have the biggest impact on how efficient your contact center can be. If you have the right people on the team, you can easily implement processes many of which will come directly from the people you hired and have employees that enjoy their work.

Lisa Chu is the owner of a kids apparel brand named Black N Bianco. As someone who has used a contact center in the past, I know there is always room for improvement. From my past experience, a lot of my customers were frustrated with the agent and their inability to solve their issue, which resulted in lots of transferred calls and long wait times. This could have been easily improved by identifying the reasons customers are contacting my business — sorting and transferring calls based on the reason of contact.

It would send my customers to the correct agent every time, improving the wait time and efficiency of the contact center. Using feedback also helps the contact center monitor the effectiveness of the agent and their ability to satisfy the customer. It would help detect any issues with the agent and offer managers a way to communicate any issues directly with the agent. She writes for the blog of Dialer Her articles are also published on other sites as a guest blogger.

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She has a command to write on call center software and new technologies used in contact centers. In her free time, she writes literature. With call monitoring, managers have the ability to obtain insights from the continued call and get reassurance that the expected principles are met. Further, the insights are often used for analyzing continued trends within the market and those related to areas for improvement. Markus Linder is an expert in the field of e-commerce and Digital Advice, in which he has been active since Guided Troubleshooting technologies.

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The number one challenge most contact centers face is the cost of agent training. Because of the pressures associated with most industries, high turnovers are unavoidable and training sessions need to be conducted frequently with new agents. In such an environment, training is time-consuming and expensive. Guided Troubleshooting allows you to train contact center agents, guide them through the questions to ask the customers, and show them a quick path to a viable solution, which helps reduce training costs and increase efficiency.

By implementing these tools and strategies, agents will become more empowered and more effective. Understanding why your customers are contacting you, and using that Pareto analysis to fix upstream issues is the most important work of a contact center manager.

Entering money in and out of the business (limited companies)

Call prevention is the highest performance outcome, but to reduce inbound calls, you need to work with other areas of your operation sales, product development, IT, etc. He is the author and editor of bloggeek. Increasing context. When a contact center agent answers a person, he usually needs to start collecting information or authenticating the identity of the caller. This can happen more than once when a person gets transferred between agents. Reducing this component, along with automatically being able to collect data prior to the call itself to deduce the intent of the user can greatly increase the accuracy of matching the right agent to the customer and also reduce the handling time by reducing the time it takes to collect and verify the information.

These types of integrations usually require digital transformation of the contact center and a shift towards omnichannel. Jessica Gagner is works in Communications and Events strategy for Bioconnect. Anyone who has called into a call center has experienced the painful process of going through a set of PVQs Personal Verifiable Questions or KBAs Knowledge Based Questions to verify that they are who they say they are. Research shows that the operational costs associated have dramatic effects on companies. Using KBAs, the average time to verify the identity of a user is seconds.

Voice recognition takes approximately seconds to confirm and provides greater assurance of identity whilst complying with KYC and AML measures. He also owns and operates Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. To stop focusing agents on efficiency, even if that is counterintuitive.

One contact center stopped sharing average handle time statistics with agents and focused agents on first contact resolution metrics instead. Repeat calls went down, but so did average handle time! Another contact center stopped asking agents to work on emails in between calls and assigned agents to either the phone queue or email queue. Efficiency increased in both queues and errors dramatically declined because agents were more focused. Just as the company was unable to pay its debts and had to consider insolvency options, if you as an individual cannot meet your liabilities, you will also be required to look at the various personal debt solutions which exist.

Depending on the scale of your debts and the level of personal assets you have, options can range from a Debt Management Plan DMP , through to more formal insolvency procedures such as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement IVA or bankruptcy. If you are the director of a limited company, it is likely that you are also classed as an employee of the company too.

This means that should your company become insolvent and is closed down through a formal liquidation procedure such as a CVL, you could be in line to receive director redundancy. This works in the same way as a redundancy pay-out would be to your staff. As long as your company has paid you a regular salary through the PAYE system, and the business has been incorporated for at least two years, you are likely to qualify for redundancy once your company is liquidated.

The amount you may be able to claim depends on your age, length of service, and the salary you earned during this time.

If you are operating as a sole trader, the situation with business debts is different. As a sole trader there is no legal distinction between yourself and your business, therefore any debts your business accumulates will be classed as personal liabilities. Ceasing trading and closing down your business will not wipe out your debts, and you will be expected to continue paying them using your personal finances. Should your sole trader business run into financial difficulties and you find yourself unable to keep up with your obligations to suppliers, HMRC , or your debt repayments, there are still options out there for you, but they differ to those available for directors of limited companies.

Instead of looking at company liquidation, you will need to consider personal insolvency options such as IVAs and bankruptcy. A partnership can be run in two ways: either as a limited partnership, or a limited liability partnership. The structure chosen determines how company debts are treated should the business be unable to con. A limited liability partnership enjoys the same protection of limited liability that a limited company does. This means the individual partners will not be expected to pay any debts the company is unable to.

However, if you operate as a limited partnership, the rules are different. A limited partnership is comprised of at least one general partner, and one limited partner, and in English law are not viewed as their own legal entity. While the limited partner will have limited liability for the debts of the company, the general partner will assume liability in the event of the partnership being unable to meet its financial obligations. If your business is experiencing financial difficulties and you are concerned about being held liable for these debts, contact the specialists at Real Business Rescue today.

We will take the time to understand your position and work alongside you to come to a plan going forwards. Call our expert team today on Choose any of our 75 UK Offices, your home or business premises. Complete the details below and our advisors will arrange a visit to your home.

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Here at Real Business Rescue we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to contact you with regards to your enquiry. We will not use your information for marketing purposes. If your business goods have been seized by a government agency such as HMRC or Border Force, read our guide on seized goods letters for company directors. This guide includes information on Notice 12a letters.