Nine Gifts of the Spirit

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T he nine gifts of the Spirit have been further categorized in modern times into three groupings: 1 the utterance gifts, which are: various kinds of tongues, the interpretation of tongues, and prophecy; 2 the revelation gifts, which are: the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, and discerning of spirits; and 3 the power gifts, which are: working of miracles, special faith, and gifts of healing.

Three of these gifts say something; three of them reveal something; and three of them do something. All of these gifts were manifested under the old covenant with the exception of various kinds of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. Those two are distinctive of the new covenant. First, the utterance gifts are those manifested most often in church gatherings, while the revelation gifts are manifested less often, and the power gifts are manifested the least.


Then he has given to the church miracles and gifts of healing. He also has given the gift of helping others and the gift of guiding the church. God also has given the gift of speaking in different kinds of languages. Is everyone a prophet? Is everyone a teacher? Do all work miracles? Do all speak in languages they had not known before?

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9 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

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The 9 Spiritual Gifts Explained

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