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Give them Old Cameras and Magic will Happen

I love how you were able to capture such a beautiful love on film. Jennie Cordingley June 6th, at pm Beautiful! Madison Stewman June 7th, at pm Such a beautiful wedding so glad there was an awesome photographer to capture it all Jaden R. Olson June 7th, at pm Beautiful photos!

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Beautiful wedding! Amazing job! So happy for these two.

Bill Cosby’s Daughters Ensa and Erinn Speak Out in Defense of Dad

George June 7th, at pm The victory pose pic is pretty epic! Congrats Sally McCleljan June 7th, at pm These wedding pictures of my oldest grandchild, Cade and his beautiful bride are precious keepsakes. Cade looks so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes.

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Vasilios Montoya June 7th, at pm Looks like a great wedding, hope it was as fun as it looks! Excellent photos as well!

Lena Rasmussen June 7th, at pm Congratulations to this beautiful couple and Family! Jake Steiger June 7th, at pm The photographer did an awesome job capturing the love that these 2 have for each other. Kayla June 7th, at pm So cute! Looks like the ceremony turned out perfect. Bryce June 7th, at pm Looks like a great time.

Erinn J Hale Photography Reviews

Congrats you 2 Andrea June 7th, at pm Gorgeous photos!! Celia Sullivan June 7th, at pm The most fabulous day…perfectly preserved forever with these fabulous photographs! Cade and Erinn, best wishes for the best life. I love you. Jennifer eagan June 7th, at pm These photos show exactly just how gorgeous this wedding really was in real life. Great photo work and what a wonderful day Callie Ikerd June 7th, at pm Congrats!

Great pics! Raquel June 7th, at pm Such a great wedding. It was great to see the live for Cades kids and the commitment that you gave them not a dry eye in the house… The Ginger Genie June 7th, at pm Congrats Redbeard! Alex June 7th, at pm Beautiful couple! Tom Selleck was the first pick for the globe-trotting archeologist, but when he couldn't get out of his "Magnum P.

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Margaret Hamilton would be cast — and effectively scared the pants off kids for years to come. Harvey Keitel played the part for about a week before Coppola decided he needed to be replaced, and magically Sheen was now open to do it. Just one of the many wrinkles of what would be a legendary problematic shoot. Paul Dano came in to play the corrupt priest Eli and go toe-to-toe with Day-Lewis. Arnold Schwarzenegger — The Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger's silent and intimidating performance made the Terminator iconic.

James Cameron, however, originally considered having football-star-turned-actor O.


Simpson star, but decided he was too nice to play the oil-running killing machine. How ironic. Adding insult to injury, the horse-riding scene was cut. Annette Bening was supposed to don the skin-tight suit, but got pregnant, and left the film. They can learn the art of photo and video editing!

There are plenty of free programs online that allow for this kind of editing, and give the kids the chance to create slide shows, videos and beautifully edited photos, taking their creative abilities to the next level! Not only this, but they will be learning valuable computer skills.

My mind is always blown looking at the things they see as amazing and worth photographing.

Their videos are always amusing and ridiculous as well. Thank you for sharing this insight, Erinn!

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