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But that man [William Moulton Marston, aka Charles Moulton, the comic book writer] was so convinced about what we now call feminism.

She was a really powerful person. There was a whole thing going on in that house. It never occurred to me that Wonder Woman was a comic book for girls. Do you think it was meant to be? I never even thought of that. It came out in , so it mostly goes back to the history of comic books trying to lift people out of the double-whammy of the Great Depression and World War II. But I do know that as soon as he launched her she was a huge hit. People really went crazy for it. It had a different sort of vibration than other DC Comics.

My older brother collected X-Men. The only interesting character to me was Storm. But I still go back, I love the early ones.

Carroll Is Moving On

Like your show this fall, it had women in very powerful positions—standing on a horse with arms uplifted—whereas the male posture was different, it was the reclining kind of gaze. Psychologically, you know—if you do your own case history, you can find all kinds of influences that can explain things in hindsight, but who knows? They could claim that was an influence on my own expectations about any marriage of mine, or family life, and probably did have some influence on the way I would think about subjects for art.

I read somewhere recently—I think it was Hunter S.

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I mean, yes, you have your process, and you have the tools that you reach for, the marks you make again and again. I can put them forward, then I can step back and look at it analytically, and make decisions and do a bit of editing, which you always do while painting.

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Part of what he theorized was that, under the influence, the bandwidth can widen. But I like that idea, and also I like the idea that creative people are operating more like mediums than like agents of their own will.

Terrie Frankel. What a great performance! Marvelous evening! Like going to Broadway without the jet lag! Marjorie Muro. Thomas Bruch. Kind Comments about "The Dynamite Divas". Thank you, Divas! We were all blown away from the talent presented at this event! He thought he could just get rid of older players like Richard Charmin and Michael Bennett, who got tired of hearing the same old stories he had been telling and just get some young turks who never heard these stories, then he can make his team great again.

The fact that his team is and has not beaten any opponent who has a winning record means that he was hallucinating. Getting rid of them would be a huge revenue hit, which would lower the cap… and I doubt the players hate them badly enough to want the cap lowered. My two cents says the loser of this contest can play spoiler the rest of the year because their playoff chances for a wild card go out the window.

Packers are doing a lot of traveling and they will have jet lag for sure.

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Green Bay was at home last week against Miami. You must be logged in to leave a comment. Not a member? Register now!

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Getty Images. Ummmm, Pete the green bay defense is garbage yet again. Signed, Every football fan in America. The games between these two used to be real good. Not sure now. admin