Work and Employment: 183 (Issues)

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As an EU national working in another EU country you have the right to live there. For a stay of over three months, this right is confirmed by the issuing of a residence permit to EU nationals.

Maternity protection at work: It matters to everyone

You are also subject to the same conditions as nationals of the host country with regards to discrimination based on age, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, race, pregnancy, and religion. You have certain specific rights if you are a "posted" worker, that means, you work for a limited period of time in a member state other than the one where you normally work.

5.3 Standards

If you are to be posted for a period of more than a month, your employer must inform you in writing, before you leave, of your pay and working conditions while you are abroad. The salary of a posted worker is usually taxed in the country where they normally reside' provided they are not posted in another country for more than days over a 12 month period.

However, these rules are applied infrequently and it is always best to contact the tax authorities in each country. You may choose to offer your services in another EU country without establishing yourself there permanently.

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If you comply with the rules of the profession or trade that apply in your own country, you can, in principle, offer those services anywhere else in the EU. You can travel to assist clients located in another EU country or you can provide paid services from your country of residence without travelling there.

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Comments 0. Those who reside on the mainland for more than five years are required to pay taxes on both onshore and offshore income, no matter the source. She made the comment in late August during an internal meeting at which lawmakers debated the revisions to the personal income tax law. By Cheng Siwei and Lin Jinbing.

Employment & Training Administration (ETA)

In order to solve these problems, a balance of working resources is composed, which consists of two parts - from sources of labor resource allocation and its distribution, according to employment types. Working resources are formed from the working-age population, retirement age and under-age workers who are engaged in any sector of the economy.

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The able-bodied population of the working age includes the population of the working age, as defined by the legislation of the given country, from which the number of first and second invalids is removed. The retirement age in Armenia is currently 63 years old. If a person continues working in any field of economy after his retirement age, he is considered a labor resource [3].

It should be noted that in , labor resources had a large share in the age group of years, which accounted for Table 3.

Tax Clearance for Employees - IRAS

Labor resources of the Republic of Armenia by education [5] Average annual, persons. According to the education of labor resources, the share of those with an intermediate general education has a large share, with their share of It should also be noted that the decline in the number of labor resources is observed year by year, for example, in , compared to , labor resources have dropped by It is different in different countries, depending on the degree of economic and social development of the given country and its national peculiarities [4]. Nevertheless, there is a common pattern that state-level employment cannot be effectively managed.

Managing employment means to develop a state policy reflecting the goals set by the state in this area, and the ways and tools that can be used to achieve the goals. It should be noted that the labor market regulation and employment regulation policies differ from each other.