Alles endet, was entstehet, No. 2 from 3 Poems by Michelangelo

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Six exceptional duos give minutes audition recitals, aspiring to be Oxford Lieder's future 'ambassadors for song'. These inspirational concerts, with richly varied programmes performed by some of the bright stars of tomorrow will be adjudicated by James Gilchrist and Anna Tilbrook. This excellent-value pass gives access to all events over the weekend. Jean Sibelius - 5 Songs, Op.

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Johannes Brahms - Funf Lieder, op. Auf dem See 3. Es hing der Reif im Lindenbaum 4. Meine Lieder 5. Ein Wanderer. Frank Bridge Blow, blow, thou winter wind My pent-up tears oppress my brain Come to me in my dreams Love went a-riding. Belsazar, Op. Abends am Strand, Op.

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Sergei Rachmaninoff - Two Songs I. El pano moruno II. Franz Peter Schubert is an outstanding Austrian romantic composer. The main genre in his work was song, and song motifs also dominate his piano and symphonic compositions. Hugo Wolf — Austrian composer, representative of late romanticism, whose musical language anticipated the discoveries of the composers of the second Viennese school. He worked almost exclusively in the song genre. Der Zwerg Op. Recorded and mastered at SmartAudio Recording March, He destroys his enemies with fire and mountains melt before him.


He is the Lord God of earth and heaven. The Lord is my shield, my refuge and hope. I trust in Thy word. Lord, give me strength and keep me from evil. I stand in Thy sight in fear and trembling of Thy judgment. Hear my prayer, Lord my God, hide not from my entreaty. My heart is sore, the fear of death lies heavy on me. If I had the wings of a dove, I would fly away to be at rest in the wilderness.

I would escape the tempest and the fear of death. I will sing Thee songs of gladness and give praises on the psaltery. Let my song find favour in Thine eyes. Every day I will bless Thy name - Thou art all my delight. Men will tell of Thy great mercy, love and wondrous insight and I shall sing of Thy glory and power. Schumann's best-known song cycle, 'The Poet's Love', was written in to texts by Heinrich Heine, of which the first four are performed here. In the first, the poet sings of the wonderful month of May, when the birds sing, the buds come to life and so does his love.

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He tells his beloved of his longing. The poet sings of his tears, watering the flowers which spring up, and of his sighs, which become a choir of nightingales. For his love, he will pick the flowers, and the nightingales will serenade her. This delicate song's pauses echo the poet's sighs. This little song has the poet singing - almost breathlessly and with complete happiness - of his love for his dearest, which has replaced the feelings he once had for roses, lilies, doves and the sunshine.

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A vein of melancholy runs through this song. Although the poet sings of how his lover's glance takes his pain away, her kisses make him well and he feels so happy in her arms - he weeps when she says she loves him. The writer is going away to the desert, alone with his soul.

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His feelings are known by the springs, by the flowers, by the wind. He will no longer be a burden to the one he loves so much.

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This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. Song Prize recital two: 2pm, Sunday 7 June In der Fremde - Liederkreis Op 39 No 1 - Schumann Schumann wrote his Liederkreis cycle, settings of poetry by Joseph von Eichendorff, in , the year when his marriage to Clara Wieck seemed to inspire him. Tout gai! Alles endet, was entstehet Michelangelo Lieder No 2 - Wolf Whatever has been, whatever experiences people have had, everything ends as time moves on. Junoshu, gor'ko rydaja Four Romances Op 46 No 2 - Shostakovich A girl is weeping jealous tears - until her lover suddenly falls asleep against her shoulder.

No, no, non si speri! Vaga luna, che inargenti - Bellini The poet sings to the silvery moon, the only witness to his longing for his beloved. La lontananza - Donizetti In 'Separation', a girl writes to her lover. Singing heals the aching spirit Silent Songs - Silvestrov In the s, Valentin Silvestrov was unpopular with the Soviet authorities and and he chose to keep a low profile.

Farewell world, farewell earth Silent Songs - Silvestrov The fifth of this group of five songs from the cycle is set to a text in Ukrainian by Shevchenko.