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I do plan to read the next book in this seri Like this series but I do plan to read the next book in this series and I think the author has enough talent to create a very good series. Is it comparable to John Sandford or Elly Griffiths? Absolutely not, but I do believe that there's talent here.

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May 17, Erin rated it liked it. I love the Diane Fallon books, however this one was not my favorite. The plot was really complicated and difficult to follow at times. There was so much going on and so many dead bodies. It was clear to see the author wanted to accomplish a lot of different things throughout this book, unfortunately the end result was a convoluted plot line that didn't make a whole lot of sense. It was like the author went off on so many random tangents throughout the book she had problems trying to bring everyt I love the Diane Fallon books, however this one was not my favorite.

It was like the author went off on so many random tangents throughout the book she had problems trying to bring everything together as she went along. All in all, it was an okay read. Nov 24, BR Mooney rated it liked it. I listened to the audiobook. I almost couldn't finish due to the narrator. I had to take numerous breaks and listen to other books.

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  • There were so MANY mispronunciations, emphasis on wrong words, emphasis on the wrong syllable, her Canadian accent creeping into the awful Georgia accents, etc. A decent story was ruined by the wrong narrator, one that I feel shouldn't be in the business. Feb 03, Liz Clappin rated it it was ok. The conclusion, while dramatic was unsatisfying because the pertinent clues came too late.

    Sep 29, Bungluna rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. This one was not as strong as the previous book 1 in the series for me. The science was still as fascinating, the investigation was engrossing and kept me reading compulsively, but the denouement was not very satisfying for me. Nov 14, T. Fox rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-suspense , police-crime. In the first book, we saw some issues with the police, but it worked because it was a part of a larger sort of political posturing thing. As far as I was concerned, that was pretty much taken care of in book one, but we see a level of ignorance and incompetence from the police characters in this book that is on the annoying side.

    Those points were, thankfully, presented during a part of the story where it made sense, but it was a bit too much.

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    It was also kind of a stretch that Neva gets dumped on the team from the police department with no apparent forensic background and luckily she is an artist, which no one apparently knew before she got dumped. Is it possible? Is it probable? Kinda not so much. I hate that those things came up for me because I loved book one. These are issues for me and make me like this quite a bit less because those things pull me out of the story when they are just too far out of the bounds of believable. I think this rating is even, in part, a bit of a carry over from book one and hope the next will be more like that than it is as much about this book.

    Sep 04, Scu8a8uddy rated it liked it. Im tired of novels that spell out obvious details about certain aspects of their plot. Here we have an intelligent woman, holding down two full time roles - head of museum and head of a forensics lab for want of a better name being told by a spotty student type almost young enough to be her son the diamonds aren't really rare, they're quite common, it's because one company DeBeers actually controls almost two thirds of the market to keep the price high.

    She was then flabbergasted that the Im tired of novels that spell out obvious details about certain aspects of their plot. She was then flabbergasted that the diamond she was looking at could cost dollars!

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    Oh my God who'd have known! Why is it that we all now have to live in a world where society has to be run for the benefit of the most stupid amongst us? I hear that they now have a law in New York that makes it illegal to text as you cross the road!

    For heavens sake - isn't that just modern day natural selection? I could go on and on but this would take me beyond the realms of Goodreads remit and I won't bore you all here. Suffice to say I'm tired of novels that treat me like I'm an idiot! Typical average crime novel. Not that inspiring but enjoyable enough. A nice forensic novel. Not as grittily real as Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta series, but meat enough to satisfy any die-hard procedural fan. The protagonist, Diane Fallon, is likable enough, but despite the superb writing technically, there's just a wee bit of that ellusive "spark" missing -- that spark of reality that elevates the Scarpetta books to the A-List, in my opinion.

    This being the first book I've read in this series, I will defi A nice forensic novel.

    Beverly Connor

    This being the first book I've read in this series, I will definitely read the others with eagerness. Might even recommend it to my 4N6 Science Olympiad students-- But just the high schoolers, not the middle school kids. Though handled very tamely and with a minimum of gore, there's still a rape and some torture in this novel. But also included lots of good details on trace evidence handling and knots! Great inspiration for some clever 4N6 scenarios! Dead Guilty by Beverly Connor. Book 2 in the Diane Fallon series.

    As the investigation progresses, a number of people involved in the investigation begin dying in a similar fashion. At the same time, a stalker, perhaps even the killer, begins sending Diane cryptic and disturbing messages. Review: The forensics is interesting, particularly the details about the knots and I find the main character quite engaging - she kicks Dead Guilty by Beverly Connor. Review: The forensics is interesting, particularly the details about the knots and I find the main character quite engaging - she kicks some serious butt. Nevertheless, I have some issues with the book.

    For one, it has one of my pet peeves, i. Second, the strong buildup of suspense in the beginning fizzles out toward the end. Recommendation: I enjoy the characters and intend on continuing with the series so I say go for it. Aug 16, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks , mystery , crime-thriller , science. I really love Diane Fallon as a character. She keeps a calm head under pressure, even when her life and the life of her friends are threatened. Diane has her vulnerabilities, but she does not let them define her. What keeps this from a higher rating for me is how the "bad guy" comes into the story; he is barely a whisper in the mind of any of the main characters because his existence view spoiler [ even as a police officer, not perp hide spoiler ] was revealed so late in the novel.

    The tension I really love Diane Fallon as a character. The tension of the climactic caving scenes existed because of the environment, not because we had a good grasp on who he was as a person. Aug 16, K. Another good read from Beverly Connor I am really enjoying this series. I missed Frank from the first pages and he didn't really feature much in this story I hope he appears more in later instalments.

    I like the short chapters and that the story is constantly developing with new clues and events with lots of characters contributing to the unravelling of the story.

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    • It is quite a complex but not so you can't follow. Highly recommend. Mar 30, Hadi rated it it was ok. Easy read if you skip the long passages about knots and forensics - one or two of them would be okay to show she knows her stuff, several gets a bit tedious. Lead character was a bit too super-woman. I found the ending to be weak: the killer appeared very late in the book and you had no way of guessing who it might be or why, it was all explained in very last pages of the book.

      Probably won;t be reading more of this author. Jul 14, Phillipa rated it liked it Shelves: crime-mystery. This was alright as a follow up to One Grave Too Many although it seems to take place about a year later, which confused me for a little. But I did find it a little same-same-but-different. Oct 23, Y rated it really liked it. Fun and suspenseful. However, it made no sense why the person needed to hunt them down for the diamonds. He could have continued to pretend he was still on the case, and was going to return the diamonds to Canada.

      If there was a bagful that still doesn't seem to be a lot of money. Last book the paintings were million. For the most part I enjoyed reading Dead Guilty. It was a quick read and the story flowed well. The one downside, and it cost the book a fourth star, was that a character was introduced in the last 50 pages or so that had a major effect on the ending.

      Still, Dead Guilty is a good summer read at the very least. Jun 19, Nguyen Phuong rated it really liked it Shelves: forensic , female-detectives. This book is about how bones reveal the truth about the death. This will be a puzzle of great challenge for Diane as three bodies are found hanging in the forest. Then those connected to the case drop dead like flies. To make matter worst, she has a stalker trying to influne her judgement. Apr 06, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-log , mystery. The second book in the Diane Fallon mysteries did not disappoint.

      Like the first, it has twists that aren't obvious and an interesting storyline to propel the action. I enjoy the characters and find the unraveling of the mystery and all the forensic details included very interesting. I think I've found a winner in this series. Jan 25, Sheyper rated it it was amazing. Suspenseful and Intriguing. Make's me wish I were younger so I could have a do over and get into forensic reconstructions There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Beverly Connor.

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      Beverly Connor. I'm Beverly Connor and I love archaeology. I worked in Georgia and South Carolina as an archaeologist doing both fieldwork and analyzing artifacts. I also love mysteries. I combined these two loves and now write mysteries in which I weave my professional experience as an archaeologist into stories of murder and intrigue in both my Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation series and Lindsay Chamberlain I'm Beverly Connor and I love archaeology.