Life’s Rhythms

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She made our wedding so special and beautiful!!! Our Hupah ceremony was so nice that after it we received lots of compliments from our guests. Nancy has an amazing personality! She was like our good friend , supported and helped us at that special day.

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Many thanks to her from our families! You made our wedding really wonderful from the very beginning:. Full of personality, compassion, responsive, and professional.

Life's Rhythms

Would not hesitate to use her for future events! We loved having Cantor Nancy officiate our wedding! We met with her a few times leading up to our wedding and she really took the time to get to know us both as individuals and as a couple. She led a beautiful ceremony that I will never forget!

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Some of these are thought make the heart muscle more excitable. At University of Minnesota, doctors have found that optimal response to cancer drugs and minimum side effects can be achieved in patients with breast cancer by careful attention to the individual's biological clock. Human growth hormone is produced mainly in one spurt during the night. Production of the important hormone cortisol is far higher at night than in the daytime, although the difference is not as sharp as with growth hormone. Normal excretion of potassium is five times as great at night as in the morning.

The bronchial air passages in some asthma patients have been found to constrict dangerously in the early morning. In many animal experiments it has been found that a poison can be far deadlier at one time of day. Finding the Hidden Clocks. View all New York Times newsletters. If there are biological clocks, they must actually exist somewhere and scientists have devoted much effort to finding them. One that appears to be of great importance has been identified in recent years.

This is a small region of the forward part of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nuclei. This region appears to have great influence in the body, particularly over the sleep-wake cycle.

“The Rhythms Of Life” (1 of 13) by Pastor Chris Buttery

Martin C. Moore-Ede of Harvard Medical School, says all of the necessary criteria to prove the role of the nuclei have been satisfied. If the nuclei are destroyed, the rhythm disappears. Drugs affecting the nuclei distort the timing. The clock can still function when transplanted or even when sliced up and observed on a laboratory dish. Cases have been authenticated in which a patient's sleep behavior was grossly distorted by a tumor in that part of the brain.

A much more specialized pacemaker has been known for many years -the pacemaker of the heart's sino-atrial node that governs the pulsing of the heart muscle. But Dr.

Lifes Rhythms

Moore-Ede says there appear to be other pacemakers as well. Even when their suprachiasmatic nuclei have been destroyed, animals that are fed regularly at a standard time can predict with remarkable precision just when the keeper will bring their daily meal. Indeed, this kind of predictive behavior is believed to be one of the major functions of biological clocks in nature; to warn the individual in advance when to get up, when to sleep, when hunt for food.

finding Rest in life's Rhythms

There is is even a logical benefit in having multiple pacemakers. They coordinate and separate different functions that need to be kept in proper sequence. There is a lot going on,'' said Dr. Moore-Ede of chronobiology research in general. Efficiency on the Job. His own current studies are focussed on the diurnal sleep-wake cycle.

These studies have widespread practical relevance ranging from duty watches on nuclear submarines and air traffic control towers to the industrial workers who man changing shifts in hour factories.

Many modern industrial processes need to continue day and night. An estimated 21 million Americans are already employed in shift work to serve the hour appetites of the machines and computers. The problem is that the most typical schedule is to rotate workers to a different shift once a week. Moore-Ede and his colleagues have worked out a partly biological partly social and industrial equation to design more humane and effective schedules.

In many cases the need for this juggling has come as news to the industrial manager. Moore-Ede said. But there are no instruction manuals for people. In providing the equivalent of such manuals, the scientists at Harvard have reduced sickness, sleeping on the job and fatigue among shift workers and have raised production efficiency as well, Dr. The shift-work equations have already proved beneficial to oil refineries, food processing plants, cement plants and other industrial enterprises.

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But the Harvard scientist believes there will be even more need for such arrangements in the future. Starting with the invention of the electric light and progressing through the modern advances in telecommunication, jet travel and computerization of industry, humans have done more and more violence to the needs of biological clocks that were set ticking millions of years ago when day, night and the seasons set the boundaries. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. View page in TimesMachine. Human Circadian Clocks Advertisement.

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