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Skip to Content Skip to navigation. Background: Enhancing the post-ruminal supply of arginine Arg , a semi-essential amino acid AA , elicits positive effects on milk production.

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Our objective was to determine the effects of Arg infusion on milk production parameters and aspects of nitrogen N absorption and utilization in lactating dairy cows. Milk production and composition, dry matter intake, apparent absorption of N, profiles of amino acids AA in blood, urea N in urine, milk, and blood, and gene expression of AA transporters were determined.

Results: Compared with the Control or Ala group, the infusion of Arg led to greater expression of AA transporters SLC7A2 and SLC7A8 and apparent uptake of free AA in the mammary gland, and was accompanied by greater milk yield, milk protein yield and milk efficiency calculated by dividing milk yield over feed intake , together with lower concentration of urea N [regarded as an indicator of N utilization efficiency NUE ] in blood and milk. Furthermore, in the cows infused with Arg, the NUE was higher and the concentration of urea N in urine was lower than those in the Ala group, although no differences were detected in NUE and urea N in urine between the Control and Arg group.

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The infusion of Ala had no effect on those indices compared with the Control. Conclusions: Overall, enhancing the post-ruminal supply of Arg via the jugular vein had a positive effect on the synthesis of milk protein at least in part by increasing gene expression of some AA transporters and uptake of free AA by mammary gland. That question sent Swain on a path of research, attending chocolate industry conferences and establishing his own advisory board of business professionals who would serve as mentors.

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When I looked into the industry, no one was doing peanut butter at a gourmet level. We use a special peanut butter and a premium chocolate.

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Swain describes the chocolates he makes and sells as having more of a comfort appeal, rather then being something cutting-edge or trendy. It took at least three years of being in business, however, before Swain was making enough money from selling chocolates to quit his other job as a consultant. Be prepared for the lean times throughout the remainder of the year and have some products in your lineup that will likely sell year-round — such as the chocolate bars Swain sells.

Neither Gretchen nor Lisa Bender has a culinary background. Lisa was a stay-at-home mom and Gretchen was a community college dean and before that an elected official and a consultant.

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Photo: Sea Salt Candy Co. Lisa specialized in toffee, coming from a family that owned a candy business in Chico, Calif. When the recession hit in , Gretchen lost all her consulting contracts nearly overnight. After that, the women decided to create a company specializing in salted caramels and salted toffees.

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She had this toffee recipe. Then there is the whole salty sweet candy movement, that also contributed to our success.

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The Sea Salt Candy Co. They never had any investors.

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Just recently the Benders relocated from San Diego to Chico to cut down on overhead costs, such as renting commercial space to cook their candies and the cost of importing their ingredients from Northern California. All of which is good news for the scaled-back but still surviving company. The burst of sea salt sprinkled on top of each toffee or caramel creation brings on such memories.

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The Benders call it the moment of bliss that is associated with eating their candy. It makes it more fulfilling when you can get past all that. And you have to think about how you want to be perceived. What sort of company are you? Who is your target consumer?