Parental Nightmares: A Collection of Urban Legends

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Now, it has become one of the last known refuges, and the hope, of mankind. It is the world of the unexplained, supernatural, magic, horror, duty, responsibility, black humor, conspiracy, unknown heritage and power. This semiprozine is updated on the 15th of every month and includes the following series from Ivan:. You must be logged in to post a comment.

And just you wait 'till he starts the fire. Ancient gods, cannibalism, and more than a little madness. Ivan Ewert is a seriously twisted writer. Ivan Ewert. Home Bibliography About Contact. This semiprozine is updated on the 15th of every month and includes the following series from Ivan: Idolwood — Solstice — Vorare — Log in to Reply.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Buy the Books! On Twitter IvanEwert. He then murders his parents and brother, whispering "go to sleep" while killing his sibling. He becomes a serial killer who sneaks into houses at night and whispers "go to sleep" to his victims before killing them. In , posters on 4chan stated that the original image of Jeff the Killer is an extensively edited picture of a girl who committed suicide in the fall of The story is in the format of a series of blog posts.

As the explorers move further into the cave, strange hieroglyphs and winds are encountered.

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In a final blog post, Ted writes that he and his companions would be bringing a gun into the cave after experiencing a series of nightmares and hallucinations. The blog has not been updated since the final post.

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In , an independent film adaptation of the story was released, called Living Dark: the Story of Ted the Caver. Penpal is a six-part creepypasta novel by Dathan Auerbach.

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The original stories were published on reddit , and were collected as a self-published paperback in The work attracted media attention following its publication beginning in April A "lost episode" creepypasta generally concerns a television episode or series, or a film, which was apparently pulled from syndication due to violent or otherwise disturbing content. The posters share memories of the creepy puppets from the series, and discuss nightmares that resulted from watching certain episodes such as those involving a villain called the Skin-Taker, and one that had no dialogue other than screaming.

One poster then asks their mother about the series, and is told that the mother just used to tune the television to static, which the child would watch for thirty minutes. Syfy announced a television drama based on the story in , adapted by Max Landis.


It depicts Mickey walking down a street. As the video progresses, screams and cries are heard in the background, the buildings become more dilapidated, and Mickey begins sneering. After an apparently very realistic view of his corpse, the show's second act features a surreal take on the Simpson family's grief. Act three opens with a title card saying one year has passed. Homer, Marge, and Lisa are skeletally thin, and still sitting at the table. There is no sign of Maggie or the pets. They decide to visit Bart's grave. Springfield is completely deserted, and as they walk to the cemetery the houses become more and more decrepit.

They all looked abandoned. When they get to the grave, Bart's body is just lying in front of his tombstone, looking just like it did at the end of act one. The family starts crying again. Eventually they stop, and just stare at Bart's body. The camera zooms in on Homer's face. According to summaries, Homer tells a joke at this part. The full story is told from the perspective of a person who interned at Nickelodeon Studios during as an animation student.

In the firsthand account, the video consists of Squidward forlornly sitting on a bed, while strange and upsetting noises play and become louder in the background. The scene is spliced with quick flashes of dead children and gore, each time the noises getting louder when cutting back to Squidward — his face shaded black with the red eyes as seen above. Eventually, Squidward shoots himself after a detached, deep voice commands it, and that is the end of the video. Created by Internet user Alex Hall a.

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Matt finds that the cartridge is haunted by the ghost of a boy named Ben, who drowned. After deleting Ben's savefile , Matt encounters disturbing glitches and scary messages such as "You shouldn't have done that Children who had played the games reportedly screamed in terror at the sight of either of the games inserted into the Game Boy handheld console , and exhibited other erratic behavior, before committing suicide through methods such as hanging , jumping from heights , and creatively severe self-mutilation. The legend alleges that children, besides being the primary players of the games, are more susceptible to the effects of the Lavender Town music, because it supposedly incorporates binaural beats and a high-pitched tone that adults cannot hear.

It relates the tale of a character named Zach who plays an unusual copy of the Nintendo Entertainment System game Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!

10 Terrifying Urban Legend Stories That Are Actually Real

As Zach progresses through the game, simple glitches begin to turn into entirely new content and new monsters, and eventually a malevolent, supernatural being by the name of Red reveals himself. As the mystery behind the nature of Red unravels, it is revealed that the demon has closer ties to Zach than he ever could have expected.

The story is often praised for its new approach to the traditional video game creepypasta formula, [ citation needed ] and for its extensive use of custom-made screenshots, depicting thousands of sprites created by the story's author. A fangame based on the story is being developed; [29] a demo was released in Toonstruck 2 is a story revolving around the sequel to the video game Toonstruck , which was developed but not released due to the commercial flop of the first game.

The story alleges that Toonstruck 2 was based on art from the sketchbook of a mentally ill cartoon animator who murdered his boss, bought by one of Virgin Interactive 's executives at a murderabilia auction, and the real reason for its cancellation was that its contents were too shocking. SVG's Christopher Gates wrote: "The incomplete storyline has proved to be fertile ground for fans, who seem more than happy to fill in the blanks… If Toonstruck had been finished, maybe it would've faded away.

But it wasn't, and the mystery has kept Toonstruck fans engaged for over 20 years — and counting.

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This story is concerning a teenager named Tom, who suffers from a series of supernatural delusions after playing a haunted ROM hack of Sonic the Hedgehog The story describes the details of the hack, which purportedly features gory and disturbing content. This creepypasta is the founder of ". EXE, Hitler. Many other games received their own ".

The game from the original story has been recreated multiple times, all of which can be found on its Website , and inspired other. In these stories, any such hacked or haunted game can be instantly recognized by having the executable filename extension. Petscop is a web series released on YouTube which purports to be a Let's Play of a "lost and unfinished" PlayStation video game of the same name. In the game, the player character must capture strange creatures known as "pets" by solving puzzles.

However, after the narrator of the series enters a code on a note attached to the copy of the game he received, he is able to enter a strange, dark, and hidden section of the game: the Newmaker Plane and the depths below it. The series premiered on March 12, An urban legend claims that in , an arcade cabinet called Polybius caused nightmares and hallucinations in players, leading at least one person to suicide. Several people supposedly became anti-gaming activists, after playing Polybius.

10 Creepy Urban Legends

Each season of the American television series Channel Zero is based on a different creepypasta. A feature film called The Sleep Experiment which is based on the creepypasta "The Russian Sleep Experiment" is scheduled to be released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Slender Man.