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Offering personal coaching and group fitness classes to all ages and for all levels of fitness. Shape Shifters work with local sport and recreation organizations providing access to great indoor and outdoor facilities without the need for expensive gym memberships.

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In addition to our regular scheduled classes, Shape Shifters have a number of innovative fitness classes that will accelerate you towards your fitness goals. For details on all of our classes, see the Classes section of our website.

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As an AIF certified personal trainer, Shape Shifters design highly effective, customized personal training programs and offer a range of group classes designed to enhance or kick-start your current fitness program or to train specifically for a wide range of sports. Cornerstone R. Triple Threat 2 versions. The Shape Shifters vs. DJ Rob One Presents Soulows Two Comp 2 versions.

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Shift The Shape Inc. Terrorists From Another World 2 versions.

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Use The Force Luke But Dont Hurt Em. At different times in their lives or over generations in their families, racial shape shifters have moved from one social context to another.

October 19 2018

And as new social contexts were imposed on them, identities have even changed from one group to another. This is not racial, ethnic, or religious imposture. With contributions by Ryan Abrecht, George J. Sanchez, Laura Moore, and Margaret Hunter, among others, Shape Shifters explores the forces of migration, borderlands, trade, warfare, occupation, colonial imposition, and the creation and dissolution of states and empires to highlight the historically contingent basis of identification among mixed-race peoples across time and space.

It explores the diverse transformations in these identities, the many different reasons for those changes, and the variety of means by which they happen. It is destined to be a key text in critical mixed-race studies. The contributors bring to life a diverse array of border-crossers, tricksters, and chameleons who previously remained hidden from view, but who could not be more important or more timely to our present-day discussions of race and ethnicity. admin