The Truth in the Light

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Without it, we are in darkness, deprived of any positive realization.

What Is the Gospel?

Once the light comes, however, this shining issues in realization. We can see people, distinguish colors, and identify objects. How do we realize the truth of God? It is by His being light.

The Legendary Pink Dots - I'm The Way, The Truth, The Light

When He shines in us, we realize Him as reality. When we read the Bible, we find the truth. In Romans 6, for instance, we read that our old man has been crucified with Christ that we might be freed from sin. This is the truth, or the reality. Our reading, however, does not bring us the experience. We were taught to reckon that we were dead that we might experience the truth of Romans 6. Reckoning resulted only in our being more alive than before. We felt that our efforts to know and experience this truth were futile.

There is another way. If we are in the fellowship and allow that fellowship to bring us into God, there in the source God as light shines over us. Under His shining we have a realization.

This is the genuine reality, resulting not from reading the Bible but from being enlightened. Suppose a sinner hears the gospel and believes in the Lord Jesus.

The book In the Light of Truth, Grail Message By Abdrushin

The Lord comes into him as a living Person. This newly saved one immediately senses the life flowing within him. His formerly unbearable situation seems to have faded away.

The life flowing within sustains and strengthens him, making him feel joyous and free from any problems. This is the experience of grace. Along with it is the realization that the Lord Jesus is real and living. The thought of Jesus fills him with delight. He enjoys what the Lord is to him, and he has the realization of the reality of Jesus. You are so good! Jan 16, Audi Martel rated it did not like it. Poorly written and painful to get through. Thought about burning it several times while I was reading it. Maybe universal energy is finite and shape shifts. Meh, we'll never know. It's just my personal theory.

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Therefore it is his duty to know his master, the Creator. Mankind : Man is a unique creature.

In the Light of Truth

God gave man the ability to govern over all other creatures in this world. He is endowed with the faculty of reason which sets him apart from all other animals. Together with this faculty to discriminate and discern, man is given the freedom free-will to choose for himself a way of life worthy of his position or to fall lower than the lowest of all animals or creations.

Man is born pure and sinless and is given the choice to do righteous deeds or indulge in sins. Divine Guidance : The Creator, out of His abundant Love and Mercy for mankind has not left us in darkness to discover the right path by trial and error alone. Coupled with our intellectual capability to reason, our Creator bestowed upon us Divine Guidance that outlines the criterion for truth, knowledge, as well as the reality of our existence in this world and the Hereafter.

Revelations: From the beginning of mankind, our Creator sent Prophets to convey His revelation and to invite human beings to the path of true peace and obedience to the One True God. This is Islam.


This message is conveyed towards successive generations of man through the different prophets, all inviting mankind to the same path. However all the earlier messages or revelations from God were distorted by people of later generations. As a result of this distortion, pure Revelation from our Creator was adulterated and polluted with myths, superstitions, idol worship and irrational philosophical ideologies. The religion of God in a sense was lost in a plethora of religions.

Human history is a testament of man's drift between light and darkness, but God out of His abundant love for mankind has not forsaken us.