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I learned a life lesson and I hope other readers do to. Apr 06, Ricky Turner rated it it was ok. Jim is a football player that isn't good with school and has problems at home. When his dad gets out of prison things get worse. Now his teamates dont want to practice with him because they think he is as bad as his father. Then he starts getting calls by some random person and tries to get help from a friend. Eventually they find the caller and he feels better at school and on the football field.

May 24, Nathan rated it really liked it. Jim is a great athlete and the main character which opens up the story. He only lives with his mom and sister. His dad is in prison. The dad returns from prison which leads their family into trouble. Also a lot of harassing phone calls that are making his family upset.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Whether you like football or not its a great book. This book feels like you could get right into the game and play. View 1 comment. Oct 15, Marissa rated it did not like it Shelves: 1st-quarter. Jims, family is having a difficult time readjusting to life now that his father is out of prison.

Football is the only time when Jim can forget his troubles. But even that turns sour when soeone starts making anonymous phone calls suggesting Jim isn't welcome on the term Jim is determined to find out who the caller is. Nov 14, Cade rated it really liked it Shelves: realistic-fiction. Tight End was a good book. Matt Christopher really made it to where we could picture it.

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He also really described feelings. And I really liked how you could feel his emotions when he missed a catch or tackle. May 08, Catherine Mustread rated it liked it Shelves: childrens. Great kids sports writer! Apr 08, Emma rated it liked it. Oct 13, Josh rated it really liked it Shelves: 1st-quarter.

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I thhink this is a good book. It is about this guys dad who get out of prison. They the kid starts getting phone call and letters. Then he is trying to figure out who it is.

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Sep 20, Jacob rated it it was amazing. Great book. Kolby rated it it was amazing Sep 23, J-dub rated it liked it Jun 21, Feb 24, Ian Rhines rated it really liked it. A great Matt Christopher book. Will rated it liked it Oct 19, Tim rated it liked it Feb 13, Mary Boal rated it it was ok May 04, Matt Perley rated it liked it Jan 06, Yankees set record by hitting homer in 28th straight game The Yankees broke a tie with the Texas Rangers, a team that featured Alex Rodriguez and Rafael Palmeiro.

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Series: Matt Christopher Sports Classics

Luckily, his friend and Soccer 'Cats goalkeeper Bucky Pinter Ted Gaddy is tired of his sister's amazing "secret weapon" throw-in getting all the applause and attention during games. But what can a fullback do to make people cheer? Then Coach Bradley tells a story of a fullback who almost scored a goal. Ted lea Amanda Caler thought getting a nosebleed during a game was bad. But now things have gone from bad to worse -- she finds she's afraid of the ball!

And as if that wasn't enough, it looks like someone is trying to steal her spot at halfback. Could one Traci wants to find something to fill the void left by gymnastics, bu Tina Esparza loves everything about soccer, but especially the fact that it is a team sport where no one player is in the spotlight. Imagine her surprise when the coach asks her to train as goalkeeper. Will Tina be able to overcome her shyness and ac Theo's favourite aunt is diagnosed as having cancer. Although he's a couch potato he realises he has to do something.

Then a friend tells him about a benefit race to raise funds for cancer research. He begins a training programme that opens a new doo In the beginning of the season, things were going so well for Kelly and she could almost taste a championship season with her softball team, but when she is suddenly moved to another team and discovers that her mom is dating some jerky guy, Kelly won When Stookie Norris asks Jerry Dinh to take care of his gerbils while he's away on vacation, Jerry is thrilled. He's wanted to become better friends with Stookie ever since his family moved next to Stookie's house.

But then something terrible happens Lou Barnes has a little trouble remembering to watch his position on the soccer field. So sometimes he gets called offside -- and during a game, that can cost the team a chance at a goal. Then one game, Lou gets a reminder of the offside rule from a A miserable memory dogs Keith's every move Keith Stedman dropped the pass.

The game-winning, undefeated-record-making pass that would have made him a hero instead of a loser.

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Now, a year later, that missed pass still haunts him, so much so that h Chris slaps a shot in the face of prejudice Twelve-year-old Chris is small for his age, so he can't believe it when he learns he's been selected for the exclusive all-star traveling hockey team. It's not all fun and games playing for the Screaming Jason Shearer is better known for his wisecracks than his goalkeeping abilities. But that had better change fast because the Soccer 'Cats' starting goalie is going on vacation and Jason's taking his place!

Will Jason be able to learn all there is to Image isn't everything. Zach Halper loves skateboarding with his buddies. But lately, one of the guys, Brian, has been pressuring the others to do stuff Zach knows they shouldn't be doing. Yet Zach goes along, not only because he doesn't want to s When Stookie Norris's older brother, Greg, gets his picture in the paper for scoring three goals in one game, Stookie is dazzled. Greg insists strikers should try to score a hat trick every game, though Stookie's coach has never told him that.

Lisa Gaddy is a starting fullback for the 'Cats and she plays her position well--except for one thing. She's small for her age, so her throw-ins from the sidelines don't go very far. Sometimes the ball winds up landing in front of an opponent instead There are two sides to every story All Renny Harding wants is to play center striker and help his team, the Blue Hornets, win the championship. Steve must tell his father the truth Steve wishes he had as much drive to win at tennis as his older sister, Ginny.

He knows nothing would please his father more. But the truth is, Ginny is the real tennis ace in the family Cap Wadell loves football, but it seems unlikely that he'll ever get to play on a real team-his hometown is so small that there aren't enough boys in his school to fill a regulation squad.

Then his grandfather tells him how he solved that same proble Out-of-control competition leads to disaster When Freddie Ruiz and his brother, Dondi, compete, it's like two mutts wrestling over the same bone -- neither one is willing to give an inch. Unfortunately for Freddie, older, stronger, better-looking When Dewey London and Bundy Neel see the poster about the new summer soccer league, they're psyched.

Then they read the fine print and learn about the logo contest: Whoever draws the best team logo will be named captain of his or her team and see the Bundy Neel is trying hard to be the best soccer captain he can be. He always has an encouraging word for his teammates, and he works extra hard during practices and games. So why does his attitude change out of the blue? His teammates don't know it, Jane is looking forward to the start of the volleyball season when her widower father drops a bombshell: he is planning to marry a woman with a teenage daughter of her own!

Jane's new mother and stepsister go out of their way to be nice and accommoda Is Will pedaling out of control? Will Matthews is lousy at all sports, but even he knows how to ride a bike. He just never dreamed that it could be such a rush! Soon after he joins a mountain biking club, he's hurtling down hills, pedaling over mu Forward Daren McCall is quick with an insult, quick to take offense, and quick to blame anyone but himself for his troubles.

So when center Lou Bettman accuses him first of After Rudy buys a catcher's mask at a local yard sale, his game begins to improve dramatically, yet in deciding to do some research about the previous owner, Rudy learns something odd and so soon begins to think that a spirit may be helping him with Kirby fights to stay on the team!

It's tough to make friends in a new town -- and even tougher when your overprotective parents refuse to let you play roller hockey with the only group of kids you can find. Kirby wants desperately to play with the E Mac Williams, goalie for the Cougars, is known as much for his upbeat game chatter as for his outstanding saves.

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  • Soccer Duel (Matt Christopher Sports Series for Kids (Prebound).
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But when an anonymous artist starts making fun of him with a weekly cartoon, Mac is anything but upbeat Can a skateboard pro conquer the slopes? Dennis O'Malley is the best skateboarder in town.

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Unfortunately, he has to shelve his board for more than half the year, when the streets are covered with snow. Then a new sport emerges on the scene, one Sandy Comstock once made a mistake - a bad one - but he's paid the price and now he just wants to get on with his life.

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  8. Only one person stands in his way:Perry Warden, the boy who tempted Sandy to break the law in the first place. Convinced that Perr The coach asks Alfie to help Roberti, the newest and least talented member of the team, learn how to play better, but Alfie realizes that Roberti is being trained to fill his place and wonders of he should continue to give his assistance Who is sabotaging Jeff?

    Jeff Connors is psyched to be back on the Winston Blades hockey team. He had to turn in his uniform last year when his grades in English slipped below eligibility level. This year, he's determined not to let that happen, even Freddie Chase is a good football player with one major flaw: He's afraid to tackle. He tries hard to cover up his fear, but soon Coach Sears and the other Sandpipers know all about it. The team is fighting to finish the season at the top of the leagu When Sean Bailor, an angry young wrestler, loses his perspective on what he is fighting for, he takes his aggressions out on his family and wrestling nemesis, until a friendly referee gives him tips on anger management.

    Fearful that a jinx will somehow keep him from breaking the runs-batted-in record, Nicky Chong keeps his distance from everyone, but when he is accidentally locked in the shed before the game, it seems that a jinx found him after all. Mark Conway is staying with his grandparents while his parents fight over whom he will live with after they divorce.

    The Kid Who Only Hit Homers Matt Christopher Sports Classics

    He's become a valued member of the middle school's soccer team and has made friends with everyone on the squad -- everyone, that is Bus Mercer, shortstop for the Peach Steet Mudders, wants desperately to be picked for the county all-star team, but he breaks his parents' rules for riding his new bike, and feelings of guilt affect his game Who is the Jaguars' mysterious shortstop? Danny Walker is one of the best players the team has; in fact, his adoptive parents and sister consider him a shoo-in for the shortstop position on the All-Star team.

    But that was before Tammy Aiken, the o Stogie Crane wants to play shortstop for the Mohawks, but a new boy from Japan is assigned to the position. Stogie tries not to become resentful of Sam Suzuki, but he can't help it. When Sam's glove is found ruined in Stogie's yard, it looks as thoug It was a great catch But did anyone see?

    Barry loves winning so much that he is willing to make up his own rules during a game. His coach is warning him, and his little sister is saying she saw him cheat. But it is When Dana Bellamy finds out what really caused the fire that destroyed teammate Benton Crawford's house, he's faced with a difficult decision.

    Should he keep mum and risk letting a good friendship go sour, or tell the truth and ruin a reputation? Does Tod deserve his new stick? Tod Baker is sure his new hockey stick will improve his game significantly. But when his team loses to its arch rival, he realizes that good stickhandling and passing require hard work and practice more than top-not The Mudders' first-baseman, Turtleneck Jones, is knocked out by a hard-thrown baseball, loses his confidence, and has to bounce back before Coach Parker decides on a permanent replacement.

    Bill Bailey is the smallest member of the Blackhawks, but he can throw harder than anyone else on the team, including the regular pitcher. After hearing stories about "Little Lefty," a pint-sized pitcher who made the big leagues, he's determined to e Bobby realizes that Tony Mandos is a better first baseman than Bobby's brother, Kirby, but Bobby sees an underhanded way that he can give Kirby an advantage when both first baseman vie for the all-star team. Parker Nolan, a notorious liar, is sure he saw someone photographing football plays from the coach's secret book.

    None of his Kudzu teammates believe him, even though the opposing team has predicted the Kudzus' every move in the last two games. Jose Mendez wants to be a great batter just like his father was when he played in the minor leagues. But every time Jose picks up the bat, disaster strikes. Will Jose ever be able to match his dad's. Last year, Sylvester was the "kid who only hit homers," but this season it seems like he can't do anything right.

    He's playing so badly that the coach has him warming the bench -- until he meets Cheeko. With Cheeko's help, Sylvester learns how to p Stan Martin's chances of playing second base seem next to zero at the start of the season. His rival for the position, Gary Newman, looks tough to beat. Stan loves baseball-maybe even more than his brother, Phil, who played pro ball until quitting su Bernie Shantz is thinking of hanging up his pitcher's glove for good, but his best friend, David Grant, won't hear of it.

    Dave convinces him that all he needs is a secret weapon -- an underhanded throw known as the submarine pitch. Bernie agrees to Mel Jensen is new to the Titans basketball team, but he knows he could be a vital part of the starting lineup -- if only two other players would give him a chance to show his stuff. But Caski As soon as Brett Thyson steps on "The Lizard," the mysterious skateboard he unearthed in his backyard, he can feel its power.

    The board glides smoothly, almost effortlessly, and Brett finds he can do more tricks on it than he ever could with his old This Matt Christopher classic story of a boy and his lucky baseball bat will capture readers' imaginations while teaching them vital lessons about the importance of friendship, teamwork, and believing in themselves. When Martin moves to a new neighbor Baseball runs in David Kroft's family. His father was a good player in his day, his uncles play on professional teams, and David's older brother, Don, is the best shortstop in the history of Penwood High School.

    David loves baseball as much as the re