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Researchers from nine countries scanned the brains of people aged between four and 63 years old, 1, with ADHD and 1, without. The report found small differences in brain size between those with the condition and those without it.

The short story for ADD and ADHD

If we accept that ADHD is real, then we might want to address the lack of awareness that exists within our society, as undiagnosed adults are often left to live dysfunctional lives. Indeed, the most common story I hear from those I speak to with ADHD is that they were diagnosed with conditions such as depression and anxiety before they discovered they had it. He believes the government needs to invest more in this.

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I am interested in many different types of people, many different issues and many concepts and ideas. Some names have been changed.

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. Each of the short chapters deals with one struggle.

Reading Together: Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD

Taylor wisely begins each chapter with a few pages of story, a scene from his life illustrating the subject of that chapter. Next, he gives a two-page summary of the problem and its effects, followed by concise advice on how to deal with the concern. The chapters cover:.

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  • The last chapter makes the case that ADHD is a gift, not a disability, a controversial view that I think misstates a related truth. Taylor and I both think the hyperactive toddler can be come an energetic, productive adult.

    ADHD (Short Film)

    He links impulsivity and distractibility with innovation. I do not.