Creating a Non-Profit Organization: How to Get People to Say YES to Volunteering & Fundraising

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But have no fear. Fundraising is really pretty simple. At its heart, it is one person asking another to get involved, provide help, take a stand or join a movement.

6 Surefire Tips for Asking for Donations Over the Phone

Yes, there are strategies and techniques, but they are far less important than the one quality you need to be successful: passion for the mission. With that in mind here are five steps for identifying, asking, and engaging your donors. Do this well and people will give generously. Also keep in mind, 70 percent of Americans give to nonprofits and most philanthropic dollars are given by lower and middle-income households — not inaccessible wealthy people.

We are surrounded by potential donors, we tend not to see them. Educate and cultivate your prospects. Invite them to a performance, give tours of your facility, ask them to help with a river clean up, delivering meals or playing with kids at your preschool. The opportunities are endless.

Create a Page for Your Nonprofit

When people experience your work firsthand, they will be inspired to give. Ask for support. The most effective way to ask is face to face. Set an appointment by phone or email and be transparent about the purpose of the meeting. When you meet, spend time learning about the prospect by asking questions before you pitch your project. The great skill in fundraising is listening -- not talking -- so prepare questions in advance. Why is our work meaningful to you?

How to Start a Nonprofit Organization

Thank and recognize those who give. Personalize the letter by adding a hand-written note. Phone the donor just to say thank you or even better, encourage a board member or volunteer to make the call. Or ask one of the people who benefit from your work to write a thank-you note. Organize a donor recognition event. Bring donors flowers or homemade food. As noted earlier, personalization and creativity will set you apart from other nonprofits. Involve them more deeply in your work.

Qgiv offers free donation templates to fundrasiers looking to better their Nonprofit.

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Use them for corporate donation requests, individual donation requests, and more! On the one hand, you are having a conversation in real time with a donor or prospect.

How to Ask Anyone for Anything

This makes asking for donations over the phone somewhat tricky. To prevent people hanging up on your charity, use your own available resources:. The people closest to your organization are the ones who care the most about your mission and want to support your cause.

Keep the conversation personal without being too overbearing. Remember that dialogue should flow both ways. Ask donors and prospects how they are and thank them for past donations and volunteer time if applicable.

This step is particularly important for phone calls with prospects who have not yet given time or money to your organization. You have to make your case to persuade individuals to give to your cause.

For instance, if you are an organization that works with abandoned pets, your portion of the conversation could go something like this:. Donors who have previously given to your organization will need to be spoken to differently than brand new prospects. Plot out your general scripts accordingly. Then work your way up. Once you identify what you want them to do, clearly communicate it to them and work to get their buy in. I had a Board member once who thought that donating some beat-up, old trumpets counted as his participation in fundraising for the year.

4 ways to get your Board to raise money during the holidays

Uh, no. Good news — you can fix that! The best thing you can do is to help set an expectation for your Board members about what it means for them to support fundraising at your nonprofit. Either of these will discourage Board members from wanting to play a part, which will leave you frustrated. Mistake 1: Speeding.

Set the stage

Trying to get Board members to move from doing nothing to asking their friends for big bucks is too big of a leap all at once. Mistake 2: Herding. Instead, take the time to talk to them individually to ask how they can best help get sponsors. Through individual conversations, you can uncover the best way for Board members to support the event, and it might not be going after sponsorships.

Spread the word. Ask your Board members to get you a speaking spot at the clubs and civic organizations they belong to. Deepen relationships. Make a list of your top donors and float it past your Board members to see who they know. Then ask them to help you deepen relationships with the folks they know. That can look like your Board member inviting her friend who is a donor to your organization for a personal tour.