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When you donate to or buy books from us , you are helping to keep Eatwild online. Thank you. Site updated June 26, This kind of natural and wild diet gives them a perfect balance of calcium, fiber and Vitamin C for good digestion and healthy teeth. Wild guinea pigs are found in large numbers in the grassy plains of Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. They live in small groups that consist of pups, they often shelter under crevasses and rock ledges.

They use whistles to notify other group members about any danger in the same vicinity. Baby guinea pigs are known as pups and are usually born with open eyes and with hair.

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Right from the time of their birth, they are able to run and eat solid food. Survival abilities of pups decrease mortality rate among guinea pigs. Being herbivorous animals, they eat plants and similar materials only to gain all the necessary nutrients needed for their survival. Seeds, barks, flowers, leaves, and grass constitute most of their nutrients at the mountain slopes while living in the wild. Guinea pigs graze constantly instead of eating a large quantity of food at once.

They normally do this in the twilight hours, when there are lesser chances of predators being around. They tread firmed paths that are used to get between their burrows and food sources.

Suggested Vegetables and Fruits for a Rabbit Diet | House Rabbit Society

In the wild, they can also be spotted in a mass gathering, when many guinea pigs are in the same area with abundant food. Guinea pigs get healthy food from minerals and vitamins in fresh vegetables and fruits. Since guinea pigs are unable to make vitamin C, they compensate by intaking a lot of vitamin C in their diet for their survival. It is recommended to give domestic guinea pig pets plenty of vitamin C. Similarly, in the wild, they eat vitamin-enriched food.

Prominent examples in this category include red pepper, dark green leafy vegetables, and other vitamin-supplemented natural food. The variety of food they get in the wild lets them evade the risk of being loaded up with only one specific diet. Preferably, guinea pigs like to eat a vegan diet and eat almost everything that grows on the ground. Living amidst nature gives them access to a huge variety of plants that guinea pigs like to eat.

Other than hay, vegetables, branches, fruits, herbs, and plants are amongst their favorites. Guinea pigs in the wild follow their instincts and eat what grows on the ground. Most of them eat fresh grass, hay, and seasonal food for their diet from spring to fall. During a winter season, they tend to prefer vegetables.

Suggested Vegetables and Fruits for a Rabbit Diet

Guinea pigs find fresh herbs in the wild and they like to eat it that way. Some foods that stay on their diet list regardless of the season include small branches of trees, leaves and other plant matter. The lush green grass is the favorite food of guinea pigs all over the world. A nice handful of lush green grass is a great snack for their appetite.

Eating a dangerous plant along with the thick grass could damage their health. While grazing in the wild, coming across poisonous plants is inevitable. Buttercups and daisies are specifically problematic.