Faith & Frenzy (Short Stories from Kashmir)

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She left for Srinagar snd then for Bandipora in north Kashmir from there. She never returned. Her body sawn into two, was found on the road-side on 25th June, From examination of the body, it was found that she was first-raped and then cut into two pieres not by a mechanical saw, but by a carpenter's saw - yes by a carpenter saw.

The agony is hard to imagine.

Short Stories from Kashmir

A living human being sawn by a carpenter's saw by barbarians claiming to be the fighters for freedom. Avtar Krishan Killed on Two officials of the college were sent with a jeep to receive him. And receive they did. Dragging him and his wife out of the vehicle, right in the middle of the bridge at Sopore, they shot at him. They threw the wounded man into the river Jhelum to die. A young nephew of the couple, who was also with them, was given a choice-either to jump into the river to which his uncle had been consigned or watch what they were going to do with his aunt.

They counted "3" and the boy jumped into the river. The bullet riddled body of Prof Ganjoo was found some days later on the banks of river Jhleum. His nephew, a non-swimmer, somehow survived and managed to escape. What happened to Prof Ganjoo's wife is not exactly known, there being conflicting reports about her.

According to official reports, police has not been able to trace her out so far. But some newspaper reports say that she was gang raped by the terrorists and then killed in a gruesome manner. The kidnappers broke his limbs and then brought him to the main square of the town. He was then asked to beg for mercy which he did.

Even then the militants did not let him off. They gouged out his eyes and shot him dead. On the fateful day, he was kidnapped by the militants on his way to Srinagar. They very sevely tortured him and his body bore the marks of cigarette burns which bears the testimony of the extent to which he was subjected to. When he was almost half dead they told him that they actually wanted to kill his brother and had caught hold of him by mistake. At this stage, the militants let him off. He beggcd of him to flee as his life was in danger.

But the latter did not agree. At about midnight, the militants came again and gate crashed in his house.

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They attacked Ashok Suri with a sharp edged weapon cutting his neck and left him to die. J anki Nath Killed on Rattan Lal Raina Killed on Shalla was posted at Langate near Kupwars. He wanted to visit his family at Sopore after about six months. To avoid being identified by the Jamat-i-Islami mililants, Shalla had grown beard. A Muslim constable working under him at Langate, also accompanied him in the same bus to Sopore. On reaching Sopore, two militants came searching for him but could not recognise him.

They had hardly left when the Muslim Constable called them back and divalged the identity of Shalla to them. Without waiting for him, the Constable himself took out a dagger and slashed off his entire right cheek along with the beard. Blood queshed out and the poor Shalla was in a state of shock. The cruel Constable jolted him saying "You suar pig.

I will not allow you to have Jamat-i-Islami type beard on your other cheek also. He slashed off his left cheek too.

Kashmir witnesses dangerous rise of militancy as violence rocks valley

The two militants and the Muslim Constable then battered his face with hockey sticks shouting "Bastard, we won't waste a bullet on you". They fled the scene and left Shall bleeding to die. He tried to avoid to meet them. His wife pleaded with them that he was not in the house. But they gate crashed and searched the entire house. Finding the old man hiding in a corner in the top floor room, they dragged him out, ignoring the heart rending pleas of his wife. They took no heed of her wailing. She cried for help from the neighbours but except staring stone faced from their houses, they refused to come to her aid.

The old man continues to be untraced so far. For 25 days, they waited with the security forces guarding him, his family and other relatives who had come from Jammu after hearing the news of kidnapping of Mr. On 26th June, police told them that it was futile to wait as there was no chance of his recovery dead or alive. Accompanied by a posse of security men, the family was despatched in a vehicle to Jammu. Raina accompanied them up to Qazigund leaving behind his wife and two children in his native village.

After the other members of the family were safely despatched, he returned to Anantnag and then to his village in spite of the warning of the police that there was danger and he also should move to Jammu. But he could not do so, for he had left his family at Dambeloo. Just a kilometer from his home, the vehicle was ambushed by terrorists and Raina was one of the three victims. So within a span of 23 days, two members of the family - father and son - fell victims to the terrorists. The father had already lost another son two years ago.

Dwarika Nath Killed on Rajinder Prasad Killed on They agreed for fear of their lives not knowing that they were going to a sudden death. The barbarians drained the entire blood from their bodies till they were dead. Omkar Nath Raina. Shuban Lal Kullan. Name: M. He was accompanied by his 12 year old son. As the bus was moving two youngman who bad probably already boarded the bus came near Pandit Bhan and placed themselves closer to him. All of a sudden one ot the youths fired two shots at Pandit Bhan.

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  5. He was shot at his temples. He died instantly.

    The Mystic Verses - Kashmiri Short Film - English Subtitles - Best Student Film Award Winner

    His son was shocked. He wailed and cried for help. But none of the passengers cared to listen to him. Nor did they try to console the little child. They seemed to jeer at the boy. The terrorists asked the driver to stop the bus. As the vehicle stopped, they threw away tbe body and pushed his son out of the bus. He was screaming for help. At last some security forces vehicle happened to pass that way and they lifted the body. In the meantime five gun wielders thronged into his house and pumped five bullets into his chest.

    After this they shot at his friend Ashok Kumar who died on spot. The martyr Ashwani was then dragged upto the outer gate of the house and his knees were broken. Father of the deceased went to Police Station for getting a vehicle for taking Ashwani to hospital. The SHO at the station taunted the deceased's father by saying, "Should we have got a helicopter for your son?

    Let him die, I can do nothing. Name: C. On Monday, he was found dead. Pandita had been hanged to death. But before that he was beaten. Their houses have mostly been destroyed or taken over by Muslims, their jobs and businesses lost. Most of the present Kashmiri Pandit youth were either not born then, or were kids with hazy memories, if any at all. So, they have no roots in Kashmir. And the middle-aged have somehow adjusted to a new life in elsewhere.

    X Login. Sign In With Twitter. English Bangla. Gone with the icy wind: Four reasons why Kashmiri Pandits will never return to Kashmir The sanctimony around 'the return of the Kashmiri Pandits' is just that: sanctimony. The locals are actually not unhappy they left.

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    And the KPs, who know this, know they cannot return. Markandey Katju. In my opinion, they are talking nonsense. Kashmiri Pandits will never return to Kashmir. Here are the reasons: 1. Is there any guarantee that they would not again be slaughtered if they return? Photo: Reuters When they were there in the s , loudspeakers from mosques spouted venom against them, asking them to leave Kashmir or convert to Islam.

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    Some Kashmiri Muslims say that the Pandits were 'cowards' for having run away from Kashmir. This is a ridiculous charge. Reuters photos of gatherings of displaced Kashmiri Hindus 2. No, Kashmiri Muslims are not actually sorry Many Kashmiri Muslims say that they are sorry for what happened to Kashmiri Pandits; that Kashmiri Pandits are part of Kashmir; that Kashmir is incomplete without the Pandits; that they want them to come back, etc.

    Photo: PTI 3. No roots in Kashmir A quarter of a century has elapsed since the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits took place. What will they now do in Kashmir?