Pivot with a Purpose (Transatlantic Security Task Force Series)

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Among other priorities, France desires to protect its territories and overseas citizens, increase arms exports, curb nuclear proliferation and terrorism, ensure maritime security and critical trade links, and uphold the rules-based international order. Viewing the region through an Indo-Pacific lens comes naturally to France, which has both assets and a military role in the Indian and Pacific oceans. And since , French naval vessels have regularly patrolled the South China Sea and ports of call in regional states.

At the dialogue, Parly pledged that France would continue to step up its operations in the area in the coming years. The two countries signed a Joint Strategic Vision of India-France Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region , as well as a separate bilateral logistical cooperation agreement. The latter deepens cooperation in three areas: logistical support, maritime awareness, and third-country collaboration.

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The annual India-France Varuna naval exercises begun in continue today, and Indian navies have been visiting French naval bases during deployments. New Delhi and Paris are also reportedly consulting on potential trilateral arrangements with the UAE, which hosts a French naval base and has forged a closer relationship with India in recent years. Another core part of the French-Indian relationship is industrial defense cooperation.

These talks began in earnest in January at the fourth two-plus-two ministerial security dialogue involving the French and Japanese foreign and defense ministers. At the summit, both countries agreed to start negotiating the agreement, which would allow them to share defense supplies such as ammunitions and to cooperate on technology research and capability development. The ministers also discussed joint naval exercises to send a clear message to China about freedom of navigation. France has also stepped up its security partnership with Australia in recent years.

The agreement calls for, among other things, annual defense minister meetings, strategic dialogue with senior defense officials, and joint defense consultations, including on submarine tasks. Both leaders adopted a conciliatory tone regarding China, going to great lengths to emphasize that Beijing was not an enemy and was welcome to participate in the regional rules-based order. Beyond bilateral partnerships, France participates in several multilateral regional security formats.

All three countries are reportedly taking the proposed initiative seriously. Paris has also expressed interest in the U. And there are speculations that France , alongside the UK, could receive a formal invitation to join the group as an observer. Paris is also actively participating in various official and unofficial regional security fora.

For example, it is an active founding member—with Australia, New Zealand, and the United States—of the bilingual, twenty-six-nation Pacific Community, a scientific and technical organization created in As the above engagement indicates, in the Indo-Pacific region, France mainly seeks to protect its national interests and the rules-based international order. More broadly, however, it aims to send a clear message to China on maritime security and elevate its own global footprint in recognition of the importance of burden sharing with the United States.

The Indo-Pacific region is important to the UK from both a strategic and economic perspective. Although the UK has little territorial and military presence in the region—its contributions are mainly limited to naval deployments and participation in military exercises—recent developments may offer some opportunity to change this calculus.

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For example, in April , a permanent British naval base was opened in Bahrain. Staffed by troops, the base can support the operations of larger ships, including carriers. The aircraft carrier is still under construction. In terms of bilateral defense partnerships, Australia is particularly eager to see more British involvement in the region.

Both countries enjoy very close military and cultural ties dating back centuries. Australia is still the most preferred destination for British citizens living abroad, far ahead of the United States and European neighbors. While there is a growing pressing to achieve this, it is nothing new. By the way, there is a Catalan angle to this. Anglo-Dutch cooperation in amphibious operations dates back to the landing in Gibraltar, where a strong Catalan battalion under General Bassett also took part.

Barcelona and Tarragona Harbours: two key dual-use infrastructurs in the Western Mediterranean. When we talk logistics, one of its key elements are ports. It is precisely when countries are pondering how to cut costs that the concept of dual-use infrastructures comes to the fore. In this area, the ports of Barcelona and Tarragona can make a much greater contribution that they do at present. Right now, other than the occasional port visit by the US and other Allied navies, they are not the permanent home of any Spanish Navy unit.

Furthermore, despite healthy growth in terms of tonnage, much of their necessary connecting infrastructure remains incomplete. In particular, a European gauge connection to the French railway network. It is not just a matter of size. Tags: pivot chart. Comments: Hi Jon, kudos for an excellent comprehensive article. If I understand the technique correctly you can provide for a change in table length by using OFFSET, but I have no idea how to provide for an additional column which would mean to create a new series in the chart.

How Would this be possible?

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Interesting approach to turning a pivot chart into a regular chart — I have been frustrated with the automatic and unpredictable until now conversion back to a pivot chart — now I have a workaround. BTW — if the pivot table grows or shrinks, do the regular chart ranges grow and shrink with it? And while you can track one dimension of a pivot table using carefully crafted Names, you cannot write a formula that will change the number of series in a chart. I hate how formatting works for PivotCharts.

So I either have to ditch PivotCharts and use regular charts instead, or write code tocycle through all PivotCharts charts and adopt the series color on workbook open. I just recently started using pivot charts for the first time in many years. I had avoided them as being too kludgy, especially after seeing that was your opinion as well. My recent experience seemed much better than I remembered, and it was nice to see this impression confirmed as well.

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The project I inherited was a bit of a thicket, to the point where I had trouble telling which pivot table a given pivot chart was pointed at. You can always check the series formula of a series in the pivot chart, and track down the pivot table that way.

Working with Pivot Charts in Excel

I discovered. PivotLayout while writing this article.

PivotLayout mostly to ensure that the chart is a pivot chart. I mentioned that as a possibility, but it gets old rather fast Much more fun to write some code. I wrote a tutorial last year: Working with Pivot Charts in Excel. To link a pivot chart to a different pivot table requires a few steps.

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Copy the original […]. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. About Pivot Charts If you select a pivot table and insert a chart, Excel inserts a pivot chart. A pivot chart is linked to its parent pivot table. Changes to the pivot table are reflected in the pivot chart, and vice versa. The pivot chart has optional field buttons that allow the same filtering capabilities directly in the chart that are available to the pivot table.