The Life of Riley - Episode Four, White Christmas

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Riley shines this episode as he displays how quick on his feet he is in persuasion, planning, and adapting to situations as they arise. Wuncler and Rummy getting development was hilarious. The introduction of Bushido Brown damn near steals the show as he faces off against Huey. This episode holds so much weight in gold due to the quotables. The most epic shit might be him reading the songs of rap titles all using the word while everyone stares at him in stunned disbelief.

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Of course this shit turns on its head when Rev. This episode puts a lot of shit on its hit list. The debate over who can say it, White outrage, talking heads on TV as opportunists, and the facade of outrage and how it can be profitable. Now, just hush.

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This episode we get all up in his nudes and online dating profile which attracts someone he thinks he can finally make a connection with. Enter Luna, voiced by the uncanny Aisha Tyler.

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Oh my god where do we even start with this? The fact that Luna spills the whole beans of details that should be reserved for the 5th or 8th date right off the bat. The rest of the episode dealt with her going to the EXTREMES of finding out why Granddad was lying to her and trying to subtly break it off all the while being egged on by her friend Nicole Tichina Arnold to get answers.

Aisha Tyler was straight comedic flames to make not only this episode but Luna stand out in memory as well. Fam, you knew we were gonna have at least one Stinkmeaner episode on this shit as the trilogy finally concludes in season 3. You know the tone is set when the episode opens with Grandad in what we eventually learn is a nightmare , as Stinkmeaner, run up in the spot like Agent Smith and shit.

Stinkmeaner still dead. They pay homage to so much media.

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Old-school martial arts films, Naruto , Cowboy Bebop , and others. Crabmisers long-range weapon and sound effect comes straight from the film Master of the Flying Guillotine. Sprinkled with great fight scenes, none are better perhaps in all of Western animated glory than the Hateocracy vs Grand Master Bushido Brown, ending in perhaps the most unexpected and brutal way. But the voice-overs of the story kill this more than anything with hilarious commentary on top of commentary.

This is America.

Loving You (White Christmas) Riley Biederer

Tired of being a loser, Riley decides to take over the school candy bar fundraiser game by giving it more Tony Montana then it ever had. Shit is too gutta, start to finish and only gets more ridiculous as Riley builds his empire.

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Oh no. Let me reiterate. You had Riley in denial about his favorite rapper, Gangstalicious, being gay, and the discussion of male masculinity and homophobia in hip-hop. These cats were hiding under sofas, the tiger skin rug, and in the indoor pool when Gangstalicious rang the doorbell! Thugnificent saying how weird the shit was going to be made it soooo much weirder and more hilarious. A pimp named Slickback had to tell Riley who thinks everything in the world is gay that his outfit and favorite rapper was gay.

This shit is G. Acceptance is a hell of a drug. Some shows embrace the season wholeheartedly, characters in good spirits and enjoying the trappings of the season; others skew a little darker, bringing the more oppressive, burdensome side of the holidays to life. As I set out to compile this list of the all-time greatest Christmas TV classics, it quickly became clear that a few ground rules were required, so as to prevent the project from becoming too unwieldy:.

The toughest of all the restrictions - so many great, long-running TV shows have spent several Christmases with us. But even with a hundred-item list, there are so many great episodes that just couldn't quite make the cut; this rule seemed like the fairest way to spread the love.

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Throughout the list, I've noted other strong festive entries from the shows featured. Individual specials A Charlie Brown Christmas , The Snowman are not - unless they are extensions of a regular series, like A Colbert Christmas , in which case they are. This didn't prove an issue with US programming, where the "Christmas Special" isn't as distinct a concept. Episodes featured must specifically be about Christmastime, or feature Christmas elements prominently. The latter is how, er, Saved By The Bell made the cut.

Thanks to Robert David Sullivan, who offered several suggestions for the list. His knowledge of classic television is unparalleled and his top sitcom episodes of all-time countdown is a must-read. It's Christmastime at Bayside High! Er, kinda. Saved By The Bell 's only Christmas episode well, episodes, plural - it's a two-parter actually takes place entirely outside of the school; Principal Belding doesn't even make an appearance.

The show celebrated Christmas during its third season, which was rather diverse in theme and setting, by Bell standards: there's the Palm Springs Weekend road trip, there's perplexing pseudo-rock-doc Rockumentary, there's the surprisingly dark Murder Mystery Weekend. As such, we meet Zack, Kelly, Screech, Lisa, Slater and Jessie not in the school corridor, but at the Bayside Mall, where vaguely festive shenanigans are going down: Zack's found a girl he likes, there's a town production of A Christmas Carol , Kelly's got a job at Moody's Store for Men, and Screech is momentarily perplexed by a homeless man shaving in the mall bathroom.

It will come as no surprise to learn that these stories coalesce, there's some festive drama, and every character is thoroughly versed in the true reason for the season by the end of the third act.

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Uniquely accessible sci-fi was the order of the day for Eureka , a disarmingly likeable comedy-drama about the residents of Eureka, Oregon. Comprised largely of research scientists collectively responsible for every major technological breakthrough in history, this was no bog-standard small-town drama. The primary inspiration for The Flintstones , it influenced generations of media creatives and was the primary reference point for American sitcom for decades to come. Retrospectively unloved thanks to cheesy scripting and a regrettably frequent penchant for Very Special Episodes, Diff'rent Strokes deserves a little more credit than most are willing to offer.

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  • A well-cast, well-oiled machine, its workmanlike construction and strong ensemble ensured that every now and then, the show could deliver an old-fashioned sitcom gem. It's predictable stuff, but every scene is imbued with Christmas spirit - there's snow, presents, a family meal, and heartwarming evidence of the true meaning of the season - and the show's wit-drenched dialogue is on fine form.

    If your tolerance for old-school sitcom is high, there's much to love here. Santas, multiple mangers, neon signs from the local bar: nothing is too kitsch. Their defiant spirit is infectious, a representation of shamelessly, proud vulgarity that simply has to be applauded. Rate This.

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