The Perfect Menopause: 7 Steps to the Best Time of Your Life

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She also may be haunted by concerns about the psychology of living with breast cancer, the role of her partner, her response to lymphedema and cognitive impairment chemobrain , her need for exercise, and the challenge of sleep. Or, she may want clarification of how to preserve her reproductive capabilities during treatments, risks of a pregnancy after breast cancer, and whether breastfeeding is possible.

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Fortunately, new insights into these cancer-related questions allow gynecologists to understand these concerns and serve as part of the cancer-care team. We hope that care providers will find this Little Book contribution to the breast cancer literature a useful resource for their office and for their patients. Click to view and purchase through Amazon.

Perfect Menopause : 7 Steps to the Best Time of Your Life

Once considered a one-year problem for some women, menopause is now recognized as starting in the 40s, and for some, extending into the 70s. Why do these menopausal symptoms appear?

How long do they last? What is their impact on personal lifestyle and business economics? And what safe measures can be employed to modify them? In recent years scientists have contributed significant information as to the etiologies of hot flashes, mood swings, memory loss, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, bone and heart health.

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Yet so little of this information is known to care providers who daily must care for these challenged women as the U. The Little Book of Menopause addresses the role of inflammation as the underlying cause of most of the menopause symptoms, the biologic impact that loss of estrogen plays in this process, and the role that hormone replacement serves to reduce these symptoms. Our understanding of the biology of menopause now makes both possible. Moreover, women receiving gynecologic care, by becoming more educated about menopause, can engage with their care providers in a meaningful conversation.

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Eligible for 0. Learning Objectives: Define menopause. Describe one of the major roles of estradiol. Harry Potter.

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Description Helps women thriving during the complex changes of menopause. This book provides options for complete solutions to the difficulties of menopause by blending natural and traditional medicine. It offers solutions that range from natural therapies to medical therapies to bioidentical hormones.

Perimenopause: Rocky road to menopause

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Review quote Dr. Hess provides a great deal of information and wise advice. Menopausal women will find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems in this easily read presentation of the variety of approaches now available. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.