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The one that had 2 long losing streaks close together, or the one toward the end of the season that was on a point pace. So far if you look at the Central, the Peg is currently weaker no Trouba , Nashville is currently weaker no Subban , no one else in the division has improved I do not believe Byram is the next Bobby Orr. Fingers crossed. Just finished his ELC. Anyone else think we might actually see some offer sheets this year not necessarily from the Blackhawks?

Wednesday is the day teams can approach RFAs. It will happen. While others are over spending on the big name players. Do you think they would have still got Dach at 10? It also depends which Blackhawks team you believe?

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Got my team posted on cap friendly. A couple of trades, no big free agent signings, Dach at 3LW for a year, and 7. Tyler, what's first prize? Everyone else start sending your teams over. You can PM me your team as well if you would like. Final prize is pride When I hear rumors that Leafs signing kapanen for 3. I think at that level you only give up a 2nd.

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Seems like a no-brainer. Yes, leafs would match Offer him 4 million. Leafs can't match them all. Those cost guys to me are the REAL chance to poach some decent players. Any team that offsheets him and gives us all those picks for this kid is crazy. Hes NOT a generational talent. Hell he's not even 1 of the 2 best players on his team The last two seasons the Bruins didn't have the Bergeron line out checking Matthews, they were out checking Marner. Not only does Marner put up good scoring numbers but he's also the best Leaf penalty killer and he's on the ice for the last minutes of any close game regardless if the Leafs need a goal or are protecting one.

I like the idea for the lower cost guys. Would you play Marner AAV for years? VP of Amateur Scouting Mark Kelley says that Dach sat at the Blackhawks draft table on Day 2 and was giving off-the-cuff scouting reports on the picks. Says it speaks to his incredible hockey knowledge. It seems like Stan is striving to find a balance between making the playoffs next season and building a team that will be successful in the long term. There are people who would argue to the contrary. So, those guys offered less than 4. Just a 2nd.

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