What Is Love?

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She loves and cares for him, but she finds herself feeling restless and dissatisfied with their physical relationship. When she meets Brendan, she experiences instant feelings of attraction and longing. The chemical messengers in her brain start sending signals to pursue this new man, even though she does not know anything about him other than how his presence makes her feel physically.

Instead of working to improve intimacy with her current partner, she is overcome by lust for someone new. The ideal intimate relationship scenario, some might say, involves a balanced combination of love and lust. After all, lusting after someone is typically an important early phase of a long-term partnership, and reigniting that initial spark is a practice worth cultivating for committed couples.

Although almost no one can agree on a single definition of love, most people do agree that love plays a significant role in both physical and psychological well-being.

Why Do We Ask, “What Is Love?”

Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of love. Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. What is love? However, the effort you made in this post is incredible. I love your writing style, and you really gave some meaningful insight. I agree with this post but i personally think that love is something that drives us and keep us on a the right path.

If we are alone and have no love in our life we may not be as worried and thriving towards better life as we do when we are concerned about people we love and giving them a good and healthy life. Love is what comes from inside. Loved this post keep up good writing also if your are free i would like to see your review on my blog post on the same topic : dhananjayd-mysteryoflife. Love is what u do not what u say. I agree to me love is family, people I know, people I trust, people who look after me and just the people around me that care for me! Loved this post keep up good writing. The true meaning of love is when God gave his only son for the forgives of all our sin.

What is the full form of Love

He is a God that dresses himself to become a human so that He will feel what we have have felt from this earthly thing. Now he sit at the right of His father all He ask is to forgive all those people who had sin with us. Forgive so that we can meet the true love. Forgive your self before you gave forgiveness to others. It is a mutual attraction that unites two people together. There is a major difference between love and lust. Nowadays people are considering love on the basis of attractive looks, money, bank balance.

By commenting you acknowledge acceptance of GoodTherapy. Leave this field empty. Get Listed Login. Good Therapy. Get Help Learn About. What Is Love? Extreme feelings of attachment , affection, and need. Dramatic, sudden feelings of attraction and respect. A fleeting emotion of care, affection, and like. A choice to commit to helping, respecting, and caring for another, such as in marriage or when having a child. Some combination of the above emotions. It's part of the play of life. It's the reason children are born. On the most tangible level it's just a chemical that feeds the mechanical.

“Am I Loved?” Vs. “Do I Love?”

What's interesting is that it's not loving or seemingly loving. It's actually very cruel. Love wants to love no matter the cost. It will do horrible things just in order to love.

What is love Jim Carrey

That's why love and hate are two sides of the same coin. And they can interchange in a heartbeat. They come from the same place. The source of life or existence. Well said Reply. It's not love and hate, it's love and fear. Life is sexual energy, love is something based in your knowledge and perception which is informed by your senses. We direct loving energy and focus as we wish, we don't choose or have control over those we love.

What becomes seeded in our hearts becomes so for a reason based on our growth and journey. Is love just treating everybody the same way you would like to be treated? Love is a real energy felt in the heart, all else said is imagination not love. Sara below, mentioned that there are different kinds of love and that is true. But all kinds of love develop from only one kind of love, and that is the kind of love with which God commands us to love him. If we have that kind of love, then all of the other kinds can grow and develop from that one. But without that one kind, then there can be no others.

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So the question is, what kind of love must we have to love God? It's not an emotional love, because we cannot summon our emotions and therefore we cannot be commanded to do so. But it can develop into an emotional love. It's not an attitudinal love, because attitudes take time to develop and God commands us to love him now. So what kind of love is it? Because without this one, the others cannot exist. Thank you for sharing these very deep thoughts!

Love is the heart's expression of our soul. Ernesto from Hawaii Maui That's true love is everything and that person who love someone else like us example someone falling in love with you that feeling like when heart is bepin that pressure and love comes buetyful things Reply. The word love is much wider than just the feeling for one person. There are different kinds of love. But love is patient, unselfish, giving, forgiving, unconditional but with healthy boundaries.

True love doesn't heart others and self love does not allow others to keep hurting self. Love matures with time and there is always room to love others without discrimination. The true love is the platonic one. Has no damage upon anything you engaged in love with. In love eyes don't see but heart does. What saddens me greatly is watching my friends hunting for husband or wife because the so called "clock is ticking" By the age of 31 I have witnessed so many weddings where I set there wanting to get up and scream "no" "stop" "do you not see that neither one of you don't even respect each other.

No 1 time from the bride 2 be i heard "I love him it makes my day when I do little things 4 him that put a smile on his face" instead I hear "I'm use to him, he is not so bad, he has a good job etc. When i talked my male friends not once not ever did i heard I love to see how happy she is when I make her breakfast in the morning.

Instead I heard "she is not that bad it's time 2 settle down have kids etc. Then comes divorce. Our society sets the norm almost a must "get married, have kids" no where in that "norm" love plays a role. Yes, the biological clock is a factor! So much for gender equity! I agree with this but I also got married to someone I loved very much and we still had to get divorced because of other reasons.

The emotion and respect piece of love is still there So there is something to be said for finding someone who can be a good partner for building a home and family. Love can grow. One way to get a sense of why love should matter so much, why it might be considered close to the meaning of life, is to look at the challenges of loneliness. Too often, we leave the topic of loneliness unmentioned: those without anyone to hold feel shame; those with someone a background degree of guilt. But the pains of loneliness are an unembarrassing and universal possibility.

Unwittingly, loneliness gives us the most eloquent insights into why love should matter so much. There are few greater experts on the importance of love than those who are bereft of anyone to love. It's a shame we all want love but so few know what it is!

If the love you feel isn't unconditional then is it really Love? Do you love someone who irritates you or makes you angry even if at other times they can make you laugh? If you can imagine life without them do you still love them?? Codependency is not conducive to love. Love is keeping your own commitments and writing daily about just one instance that you enjoyed daily. If you have a relationship, you'll be granted with a glass.

That glass is used on how much you've done on your relationship. You put sand whenever you encounter the best memories of your relationship. This quote below describes of what love is. But if that relationship ends, that glass will break causing sand to pour out of the glass. No matter how hard you try to stitch it up it'll never be fix. However if you did fix it, it doesn't matter because there are aplenty of sand that poured out.

The excess sand represents thorns in your heart, no matter how hard you try to forget about the person It'll always prick you forever. I think this is very beautiful this describes love perfectly. My father died when I was a few months old, and my mom remarried four years later.

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My step-father adopted me. And I was brought up with all the love and understanding a kid could ask for. Thanks to Biotex clinic I have my little brother now. My adoptive father was always extremely understanding of my loss. When he adopted me, he insisted I keep my father's surname.

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He took me to memorial services on my biological dad's birthday. When I was sixteen, told my adoptive dad that he didn't have to do all those things anymore. He is the only father I have ever known, and I love him unconditionally. I told him he didn't have to do homage to the memory of a man he never knew.

What Is Love? - Relationships

He said, "I want to remember him for your mot Reply. What is true love I am confused because love is something we should not take in return and other side is actio. What is it done. Is it an action or getting in return or waiting to get same love expect same love what we give Wow So in order to know we feel it we then act on it by being loving in a certain way that makes so much sense. Here's a great tip! Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. No Thanks. Subscribe Subscribe.

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