What Makes God Laugh?

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Why do the nations conspire, and the peoples plot in vain?

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He looks down from outside the events of the cartoon, he sees the bigger picture. This clash between what we on earth think and intend and what God knows and sees sub specie aeternitatis tickles him immensely. Larson has drawn it with a fine sense of self-satisfaction as it easily clears the tree trunk, so confident in its abilities that it barely has to open its eyes.

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A similar kind of perspectival shift often occurs in jokes: where we are led to believe in the set-up that such-and-such is the case, only to have in the punchline , our beliefs shown to be utterly false as the bigger picture is revealed. He just knows it. After all, he created the entire situation.

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We know that Jesus wept, got angry, communicated with sarcasm at times, etc. God the Father is portrayed as laughing in the Bible. He does not laugh in delight, but in a scoffing manner at the plans of the wicked Psalm He scoffs at those who hate him and attempt to thwart him.

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As the all-powerful Lord of the universe, no one can thwart or oppose God. But the Bible also tells us that God takes no pleasure in the deaths of the wicked Ezekiel Does God have a sense of humor? We think so 1 Kings But like all things in our fallen world, laughter and mocking can go too far and become sinful.

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Each week we answer your questions on life, leadership, and culture in five minute our less. What Makes God Laugh?

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Have you ever wondered what makes God laugh? Find out here. Talk About It. What is your initial reaction to this topic?