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All donors should be in good health on the day of donation.

Donate | Australian Red Cross Blood Service

To be eligible, you must:. If you have any questions regarding eligibility requirements for blood donation please call , Ext.

These steps will help you prepare for your donation and ensure the best possible experience:. Blood Donor Requirements. To determine if you are eligible to donate we will: Ask about your health and travel. Ask about medicines you are taking or have taken.

Blood Donation: Who Can Give Blood?

Ask about your risk for infections that can be transmitted by blood — especially AIDS and viral hepatitis. Take your blood pressure, temperature and pulse. Take a blood sample to be sure your blood count is acceptable. To be eligible, you must: Be at least 17 years old. Weigh at least lbs. Be free of major cold or flu-like symptoms.

Safe blood for all

Over 80 diseases and disorders can be treated with a stem cell transplant. Fewer than 25 per cent of recipient patients who need stem cell transplants find a compatible donor in their own family. Burn victims, t rauma patients , people with certain brain and blood disorders.

For many patients with a wide range of diseases, plasma can save or improve their lives. Plasma is the protein-rich liquid in our blood that helps circulate red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets throughout our bodies.

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Patients needing a new kidney, a heart transplant, a skin graft. One organ donor can save up to eight lives; tissue and eye donors can improve the lives of up to 75 more. Register your decision to become a donor and talk to your loved ones about organ and tissue donation. Encourage others to register as well. Because we can all be the reason — the connection — that keeps Canadians living. When the Inventory for A- is below 8 days, A- is especially needed.

NHS is turning away blood donors as online booking service causes chaos

When the Inventory for B- is below 8 days, B- is especially needed. When the Inventory for O- is below 8 days, O- is especially needed. Take the quiz. ABCs of Eligibility. Register to become a donor.

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Talk to your loved ones about organs and tissue donation and encourage them to register as well. There are many ways to donate. Our commitment to safety. Blood for Life. More about blood.

Why give blood?

Stem Cells for Life. More about stem cells. Plasma for Life. More about plasma. More about organs and tissues. Good supply.