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Darkest Before Dawn – The Darker Side of Austin

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The information in this material is confidential and proprietary and may not be used other than by the intended user. Neither Legg Mason or its affiliates or any of their officer or employee of Legg Mason accepts any liability whatsoever for any loss arising from any use of this material or its contents. This material may not be reproduced, distributed or published without prior written permission from Legg Mason. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the U. The enigmatic Hancock has been both opponent and ally to the KGI teams for as long as they've known him.

Always working a deep game, Hancock's true allegiance has never been apparent, but one thing is for certain—he never lets anything get in the way of duty. But now, his absolute belief in the primacy of his ultimate goal is challenged by a captive he's been ordered to guard, no matter how much she suffers in her prison. Get A Copy. Mass Market Paperback , pages. Published October 27th by Penguin Publishing Group. More Details Other Editions 8. Friend Reviews.

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To ask other readers questions about Darkest Before Dawn , please sign up. Does anyone know when this book is suppose to come out? Gaia It's been delayed till October due to several personal issues. Does anyone know if this is Rusty's book??? Always working a deep game, Hancock's true …more The enigmatic Hancock has been both opponent and ally to the KGI teams for as long as they've known him.

See all 8 questions about Darkest Before Dawn…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 18, Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession rated it did not like it Shelves: read-in , wtf-was-that-total-disappointment , dark-romance , contemporary-romance. I am so pissed and disappointed right now! I have waited forever for my beloved Hancock's story. His story had such potential. My Hancock, the super soldier, cold, hard, but good and redeemable under it all. That is not what I got here.

See that is the problem when you love a character so much and you wait for their book, sometimes it doesn't live up to your expectations. Well this book didn't just let me down, it blew my dreams of 1 Pissed Off Stars Oh there will be spoilers and lots of gifs!! Well this book didn't just let me down, it blew my dreams of a yummy Hancock love to hell! Repeating over and over the same lines, thoughts, and inner- struggle. Then over the top, unnecessary details are the reason it took 50 pages to say what could have been covered in 10 tops. At points my eyes glazed over and I just prayed for it to be over!

So in the first half of the book I really liked Honor. I thought she was brave, sassy, and a fighter. She had a sweet caring heart and a ton of courage. Someone so over the top ridiculous, and unrealistic that I could no longer relate to her and felt a complete disconnect. Come on, you want me to believe that this woman, this fighter, or any woman for fuck sake, would all of a sudden just be ok with being a sacrificial lamb for the greater good? She not only is okay with dying she knows she will be raped repeatedly, and tortured beyond belief before said death will come and then the death will be slow and painful, but hey she's okay with that.

It's cool. What is the good of the one compared to the good of the many? You know so that her first time isn't from rape since she is going to be raped over and over. Would you make love to me? Before you have to give me to Maksimov? That can never be tainted no matter what else is done to me. So that when another man. Shut out everything but this one perfect night. Will you do this for me? Not down-and-dirty fucking. He closed his eyes, swearing at his choice of thoughts.

The idea of other men holding her down, raping her like mindless animals made him sick. His erection lost its rigidity and bleakness entered his soul. It was bad, just bad. I mean fuck! The whole time he is "making love" to her he is thinking of how he has to make it good so that when she is being raped she can hold on to this beautiful memory!

LOL sure. Hancock the whole time he is fucking her because that was not making love is doing it while still planning on turning her over to a fate worse than hell. Because nothing is more romantic then thinking about impending rape while making love for the first time to a traitor. To him killing is as normal as breathing. As eating or drinking. If it gets him what he wants, he does it. He thrives on pain, torment. He has no loyalty except to himself. He deals drugs, guns, bombs.

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Human trafficking. I mean I could understand to a point that he is a harden man and he has to finish the mission for the greater good. But from the minute he started having feelings for Honor he should have changed the plan to sacrifice her. As the book went on I lost all respect and love for him. He was so hypocritical and ludicrous. He was not the same Hancock I grew to love from the other books. He even at one point thinks of how he could save her, he has done it twice before, saved other women. That there would always be another chance to get the bad guy, but he ain't gonna do it.

Cause he is tired of chasing the bad guy and letting him slip through his fingers. So fuck Honor. Oh but he feels guilt about it. So why not Honor? If he were truly honest, he would admit to himself, to his men, that this being their last chance was bullshit. There was always another opportunity given time and patience. But patience was what he was fast running out of. His resolve to end it now had less to do with it being his only shot and a lot more to do with the fact that Hancock was weary and he wanted out. It's too little, too late for me. He was ruined for me. I didn't buy his instant change of heart.

I didn't buy his love. I didn't buy that he goes from a heartless prick to a sappy puss that cries all the time in the blink of an eye. And I didn't buy their relationship at all. This book was a total fail for me. It really upsets me. This book was a total hot mess. KGI has always been one of my favorite series. Their stories so awesome, their loves so epic. I can't believe this is a KGI book, let alone my Hancock's book. I feel so let down. I really hope this isn't going to be the new norm for the KGI books, because I can't take much more of this shit.

View all comments. While I loved the first five books in the KGI series, since book six it's been taking a significant decline for me. The story lines are just OTT out there, the characters not quite what they used to be. But still I was holding out hope for Hancock to finally bring this series back to what it used to be. I've been eagerly anticipating his book for 2 Stars I've been such a huge fan of Maya Banks, but I'm finding that most of her recent releases have been slightly less than lackluster for me lately.

I've been eagerly anticipating his book for years, so I was beyond excited to get my hands on Darkest Before Dawn It was repetitive to the point of redundancy. Hancock's internal musings of him being the bad guy but for good intentions was repeated ad nauseam. I suppose this is good for readers coming into the series without having read the previous books. But for fans of the series that have been up to date?

Well, let's just say you'll get a bit of a refresher. The action and suspense really picked up. The budding romance begin The heroine was idealistic and naive to the point of being OTT about it. It's almost cheesy for me to say that Honor was just too honorable, but that's what it is. I don't care how much you want the bad guys to get caught, no person in their right mind will reason with themselves that they're OK with being betrayed and sacrificed for the greater good because it's the "right" thing to do.

She's not a soldier. She's a relief aid volunteer. When she finds out Hancock's plans on using her, she's not mad, crying, trying to escape. She accepts it all with the calmness of a woman that was just told that the purse she wanted isn't in stock. Ah well, it is what it is. In Hancock's defense, he never lies to her. Unless you consider lie by omission. He never confirms that he's there to save her and doesn't give her false hope. But he never point blank admits it either. This was just the beginning of the end for me.

His epiphany came a little too late for me to sympathize with him or even like him. Add into the mix that Honor is a view spoiler [virgin hide spoiler ] , because it's not enough with her personality fitting her name. You have to add the cherry on top. A man with the intentions of sacrificing me for the greater good does not exactly make me go all tingly in the nether regions.

Add into the fact that she knows what she has in store for her and how horrific her view spoiler [death hide spoiler ] will be, and yet her line of thinking is view spoiler [ Oh, Hanckcock. You're so brave and honorable for making such a hard decision.

Please take my virginity. I want you to be the one. Not only does she forgive him, but she rationalizes it and praises him for it. It was great to finally get the entire KGI crew, but unfortunately it was a case of too little too late. For all the hopes I had for this book, sadly after finishing it, I think I'm done with this series.

I kept hoping that it will come back to what it once was, but after 4 books in a row that left me underwhelmed, I just don't have it in me to continue. I know what Maya Banks is capable of, and her earlier books are a true testament to that. Her Sweet series was one of my favorites. But sadly the releases she's had lately seem to be missing a certain edge that her earlier work had. I'm still holding out hope, but not with this series.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review Find me on View all 45 comments. Jan 10, Shawna rated it it was ok Shelves: author-maya-banks , i-read-library , military-romance , hero-antihero-gamma , hh-story-angst-drama-galore , romantic-suspense , rt-book-reviewsstars , format-audiobook , hh-story-distracted-from-romance , hh-on-the-run-in-hiding. I didn't really care much for the hero or heroine or their romance.

I've been underwhelmed with the last couple of books in this series and with the books in her Breathless Trilogy , Surrender Trilogy , and especially the Slow Burn series. View all 7 comments. Aug 06, Jacqueline's Reads rated it liked it Shelves: arc. I love Maya Banks. What can I say? She has a way in creating different characters and addictive stories. This is my first KGI book. Honor is the only survivor of an explosion and is now hunted, because there should be no survivors. Hancock is on a mission and Honor is just trying to survive.

But nothing is what it seems! Hancock needs to do the right thing, but what happens by doing the right thing is also a bad thing? He works very hard to do right, but he considers himself a monster and wants so much more for Honor. I love my Heroes with issues. Honor is no damsel in distress. I like the complexities of the story and how it kind of sucks you in. If you are a fan of action pack reads with a leading male character, then this one is for you. View all 3 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Sadly, however, the book falters under the weight of overwhelming excesses. This is an overly detailed, nearly page story that would definitely benefit from a shorter length. The dialog and narration are exceedingly redundant. Even the plot points are repetitive.

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Perhaps one of the biggest downfalls is the one-dimensional main character. Honor is exactly as her name indicates: honorable. Honor has no flaws, so rather than being a character you can relate to she becomes a caricature. The book is light on romance and heavy on the action, which was a smart choice. The focus is primarily on the military mission. Fans of the series may be interested to know that characters from previous books return to play key roles in the story.

View all 31 comments. Oct 20, Geri Reads added it. I'm setting this one aside for a moment. It's not doing anything for me at all. View all 13 comments. Oct 22, PLerman marked it as to-read Shelves: igi. I am so excited for Hancocks story, I feel like it is going to be a good one, but I also really wanted Sean and Rusty!

Cant decide which one I want more. View all 9 comments. Honor is a relief worker in some arabian war-zone. When her clinic is being bombed, she's the only survivor, and the bad guys are hunting her. We all met him in the KGI books before - he's trying to find this huge russian gangster, the one who killed his foster mom. And to lure him closer, he has to have Honor - she's his last chance to get revenge. But the longer he's close to her - the harder it will be to let her go Will there be a HEA? Will everybody survive??? So I don't know what was wrong this time I started and I liked the whole idea, but the beginning alone That's been the problem for me with Maya's books for a while now She just writes too much.

Every book of hers that I've read in the last years could've been told with half the words, or even less. Some detail is good, but I don't care about most of those details. I don't want to stop people from reading and enjoying this book. I loved that Hancock finally got his own book, and I was really looking forward to reading it, but there were just way too many unnecessary words pages for me. I will read everything that Maya writes in the future not the paranormal stuff and I hope that she'll lose some of her words on the way.

The story itself was pretty good. It would've been totally my kind of romantic suspense. But all those repeats and stuff I didn't care about, made it very hard for me to read it. I finished it, but I finished it in only 3 hours. It was so bad that I skipped most of it, and only read when people were talking to each other, everything else was just totally redundant.

As I said before, don't let my own weirdness stop you from enjoying the book! View all 8 comments. Jan 15, CC rated it liked it Shelves: get-your-head-out-of-your-ass , series , safe-but-other-triggers. Huh - well after the last total disaster in the series, I was pleased this was not a total train wreck.

There were still some repetition issues, but not nearly as bad as the last book. The problem I had with this one was the relationship. Hancock was not committed until the end and then he wussed out. Honor had to "man up" because he was incapable. Separations do not make me happy.

Especially when the heroine has to make the move to get them back together and extricate Hancock's head from his ass. This book was violent. Killing, abuse, attempted rapes, torture, attempted suicide, etc. It is not for the meek. At the end of the day, I was happy they got together which shocked the hell out of me. In the beginning, I was pretty happy with hoping Hancock died a painful death. Even in the middle I still felt this way. He came around at the end. But then he became a pathetic version of himself and I lost respect. I have no idea if I can continue this series Sep 30, Vashti rated it really liked it.

What would you do for the greater good of man? Would you sacrifice one for hundreds or even thousands. What if that one person that you would willingly sacrifice never in their entire life hurt a human life,but instead did everything to ease the plight of human suffering. What if you have strong feelings for said person This is book 10 in the KGI series of romantic suspense by Maya Banks and it What would you do for the greater good of man? Honor is an aid worker in some war torn country invaded by a rebel faction and they bombed the clinic she was in.

The rebels come to do a body count,but they call a halt and make plans to return in the morning. Honor ,survives and manages to escape before they return. There is a price on her head,she caused the rebels to lose face as she has constantly evaded being captured traveling by night and managing to sleep by day. All she wants is to get home and be with her family. Hancock is a merc,we saw him in prior books,but this man has had a hidden agenda all along When they meet up in a village,she in disguise as a native,he knows it's her,she thinks that he is going to save her and take her home.

Hancock and his men have never met a person like her before,who is this woman that is pure goodness,so selfless and giving Honor does not know that she is just a means to an end. Wow,this heroine went thru the mill!! The hero at the beginning,I so hated him,how could he do this to the heroine,willingly trade her to the evil men knowing that her life would be pure hell and torture and death would be a relief when it came.

As they began to get closer,and the men see her as a truly good person,they begin to question about giving her up. How can one choose to sacrifice one so pure in order to bring down an evil madman. The heroine herself accepts her fate and asks the hero to give her a night of happiness so she can remember what making love is like when she is given over and knows the depraved abuse that she will suffer. She wants to give her virginity to some one of her choice,not taken in a rape.

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Everything changes after this night when Hancock and Honor make love. When he made the decision not to hand her over and form a new plan,I was happy. But,again,things went awol and Honor was captured and Hancock shot. Both of these characters went thru so much,Honor more so,but the anguish of Hancock was gutting. If ever there was a couple that deserved their HEA ,it was this one. From a dark story,the epilogue was super sweet with them together as a happy couple with their child. Aug 25, Shari rated it did not like it. This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader The hero Hancock has been in past books in the series.

Since I didn't really like him, it was something I didn't even cry over or go back to find out who he was. I just didn't care.

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  • Hancock and is former Titan team have been after their villain for years. The last two times they have gotten close, they chose to save an innoc This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader The hero Hancock has been in past books in the series. The last two times they have gotten close, they chose to save an innocent instead of taking out the bad guy. Now they are closer than ever to getting to him again, but the one hiccup is another innocent must be sacrificed for the greater good. Getting all the patients out, Honor runs back in to help save her co-workers only to be crushed by a wall that in reality saves her life.

    She frees herself and uses a level head to pack and hide from the men who want all the clinic workers to show their power. Spending days sleeping an nights walking, Honor evades the terrorist until an American approaches her to save her, or so she thinks. Hancock and his team have been sent to retrieve the American woman who has escaped and evaded the terrorists.

    Not to save her, but to turn her over to the bad guy they are after so they can kill him. They know she won't survive and that she will have a long lingering death. Hancock evades her questions, never lies, but never gives her the truth either. All through their escape Honor shows the men she is one of the best people, but also innocent of the ways of the world. They grow to respect her and all have problems turning her over to finish their mission. And that is where I was so furious with the story. It's one thing to hold onto this hope that turning over an innocent will save thousands, but when they and especially Hancock meet her, they don't change their minds.

    They intend to let her go to a man who will rape her, beat her, hurt her and then turn her over the terrorist who tried to kill her to begin with to have even more torment. The team all knows this, but Hancock leads. After Honor is brutally attacked by their current bad boss no rape, just attempted , Hancock comes clean with what's going on and Honor starts to get cold and internal in her thoughts.

    It's for the greater good right? But as she is preparing her mind for what is going to happen, she starts defending Hancock's actions and that he is a good man. Seriously, he says this in the middle of having sex with her and he plans to turn her over to be raped, beaten and degraded. I just couldn't find it in my heart to like either of them after this.

    Oh, and they forgot the condom. After this I was kind of over the entire story. Even if he decided not to do it, he kept holding onto his convictions way to long and Honor kept defending him for them. So sad that she was willing to be a martyr for her man. Things happen that are supposed to make you change your mind about Hancock, but it was too late.

    Honor gets her torture, but is never raped. The end came and I was ever so glad to be done with these characters. They just left me with a WTF feeling. The KGI group makes an appearance briefly in the latter part of the book. While I love some of these guys, it just seemed flat and uninteresting. So I have read every one of the books in this series except for one. I have loved the earlier books. The latter books keep becoming something that just leaves me cold. And so I must say, I am done reading this series. I just can't take any more of the heroines being sappily innocent and sweet while the men want to dominate what they think and feel.

    It doesn't feel like a passionate love but more like a take over of someone who has no thoughts or feelings. Discussion Starter So I love sweet and innocent heroines, but also women who are strong and go get 'em. When does the innocent and sweetness go too far? What's the line of being an martyr or being a strong heroine? Do we want martyr's in our romance? Can we forgive hero's for being idiots? Do they go too far at times that even as a reader you can't forgive them?

    Is the greater good really greater? This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader Jul 11, Elfina Renee rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. Damn Maya Banks never fails to deliver! This was the perfect book for the right mood. Something different with a shit ton of action, excitement and panty watering thrills. Be still my thundering heart as badass Hancock sets out on a mission. Yes he'll take a prisoner, sacrifice the little lost lamb for the good of the many. Honor thinks he's salvation sent on a daring rescue mission but he has other plans and they don't involve getting her home!

    See you on the flip side Three stars is probably being a bit generous - more like 2. But parts of this plotline were just ridiculous view spoiler [ Hancock rescuing the oh so noble Honor Cambridge to turn her over to the bad guys for the "greater good" is one thing but then to tell her his plans, her accepting of being the martyr and then begging him to take her virginity and forgiving him I do like the concept of this series and the strongest books in the series focus on the relationship between the Kelly family members, even in this book the best parts include them in the big rescue at the end but I'm just not a fan of Maya Banks writing style or the suspense aspects of her plots.

    In the popular series about the super-elite, top secret, family-run business that is the Kelly Group International KGI , Darkest Before Dawn is the tenth book, but no worries, it can be read as a standalone. It's one of those installments that don't center around a member of the KGI, but rather a man who's been, as far as I could see, kind of frenemies with the KGI, Guy Hancock. Fans of the previous books will be happy to know the previous characters make an appearance here as well to play an i In the popular series about the super-elite, top secret, family-run business that is the Kelly Group International KGI , Darkest Before Dawn is the tenth book, but no worries, it can be read as a standalone.

    Fans of the previous books will be happy to know the previous characters make an appearance here as well to play an important role in the resolution. I, having not read any of those books, was a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of minor characters, and their relationships. It would take me awhile to grasp all of it if I wanted to, but I think the majority of readers who'll choose to read about Hancock and Honor will be those who have read at least some of the earlier stories, and they should know about the Kelly family and others.

    The story begins when the relief center in the Middle East where Honor volunteered was bombed and she was the sole survivor. Her escape made her a target of the terrorist group responsible for the attack, which also made her an important part of Hancock's plan to finally take down Maksimov , the man he had a personal vendetta against. But that plan was not easy to actually carry out as it would inevitably lead to Honor's slow and painful death, a fact that had been weighing heavily on Hancock and his team who had admired Honor from the start, and it raised the question whether sacrificing one innocent person for the greater good was really worth it.

    The premise sounded, and it still does sound interesting. I wish I could say the same about the story itself, but sadly I can't. In my opinion and I'm not alone in this; I've checked , this book contains way too much repetition. The word count could have been significantly lower without it hurting the plot.

    In fact, it would have helped it by not making me or anyone else who picks it up to read about the same things, whether it's facts, thoughts, or actions, over and over and over again. The books has pages -- it's a lot of pages to go through when the constant repetitiveness is annoying you.