Lead A Dead Horse To Water

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You can post a big bold colorful OP, but you can't make me read it. Advice, when it's not asked for, is valueless. That's why it's freely given. We really need to learn how to navigate these unknown waves and currents and be ready at the helm for the many fluctuations pounding our ships of life. No you are mistaken. Value is assigned subjectively. Whether it is asked for or not. My advice based on intuition is not free though, it has a price.

I assign a very high value to it. I do not ignore what I am shown for a reason. I do not refrain from sharing what I know, otherwise what would be the value of keeping it to myself? Some things cannot be changed and some can be. The purpose is to allow for the option's that exist to manifest.

To the poster, who are you to question whether I think I am a leader? That is all you have? I at least put thought behind what I have to say.

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I at least try to make an effort to do so. The very definition of a leader is one who shows by example. What you are is a troll. And to soulpowertothetenthdegree, Please do not call others "trolls" simply because they question your opinion. I would remind you of the UM rules here:. Abusive behaviour: Do not be rude, insulting, offensive, snide, obnoxious or abusive towards other members. Disrespectful conduct: Do not be rude, unpleasant or disrespectful towards other members - always be polite and courteous. Balanced debate: Do not make posts forbidding opposing viewpoints, both sides of a debate should be represented.

That said, why should others follow your lead? What happened to the horse?

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Is he in the cave? I'm concerned for him because he's blind. Oh god! Don't worry ouija, horses can actually smell water As to the blind folks in the boat attracting sharks However, since all this is only an analogy there's really nothing to be concerned about.

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Already have an account? Sign in here. Recommended Posts. Posted January 13, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Telling them to drink does no good, but asking that they do works. Then again when I deal with my friends and family, I proved they can trust me. When I give my friends advice, I also ask them to take the first step. Makes a huge difference. Posted January 14, Rofl, if you think so.

You can lead a thirsty horse to water, but you can't make it drink

Dealing with people is an art form that some people will never quite grasp. What I understand is that you have an unrealistic way of thinking about people and problems. Do you like being told what to do? That is what advice is after all. People simply aren't horses content to be lead. People tend to want to think for themselves. To the OP, Who are you to think that you're a 'leader'? Posted January 14, edited. Edited January 14, by Likely Guy.

Who are you to think that you're a 'leader'? Now, as to who one chooses as a leader, that can be far more of a real concern. You can pay for piano lessons for a child, and even carry him to the lessons, but you cannot make him learn. You can provide free medical assistance to help people overcome drug addiction, but without changing the law dramatically you cannot stop people from killing themselves by taking drugs.

There are existing power sources that do not pollute the atmosphere. You can educate people and provide the opportunity, but without changing the law you cannot force people to use power ethically.

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You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think. Sanity is not statistical. Applause and groans at the same time We should look to the past to learn from it, not destroy our future because of it — FounDit. You cannot make a horse drink, but you can drown it trying. Not my own - D. Parker, or one of the other Alquonquin set, lay claim to that one.

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