Network Coding: Fundamentals and Applications

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Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in China. For a long time, store-and-forward had been the transport mode in network communications. In other words, information had been regarded as a commodity that only needs to be routed through the network, possibly with replication at the intermediate nodes. Under the paradigm of network coding, information can be processed within the network for the purpose of transmission. It was demonstrated that compared with store-and-forward, the network throughput can generally be increased by employing network coding.

Since then, network coding has made significant impact on different branches of information science. The impact of network coding has gone as far as mathematics, physics, and biology. This expository work aims to be an introduction to this fast-growing subject with a detailed discussion of the basic theoretical results. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide.

Network coding theory: An introduction. Research Article First Online: 05 August This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Yeung R W, Zhang Z. Distributed source coding for satellite communications.

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Network information flow. Linear network coding. Yeung R W, Cai N.

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Network error correction, Part I: Basic concepts and upper bounds. Cai N, Yeung R W. Network error correction, Part II: Lower bounds. Koetter R, Kschischang F R.

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Coding for errors and erasures in random network coding. Information exchange in wireless networks with network coding and physical-layer broadcast. XORs in the air: Practical wireless network coding. Gkantsidis C, Rodriguez P R. Network coding for large scale content distribution. Miami, FL, Google Scholar. Rasala Lehman A.

Network coding theory: An introduction

Network coding. Dissertation for the Doctoral Degree. Secure network coding. Lausanne, Google Scholar. Networks, matroids, and non-Shannon information inequalities. We will not assume any prior knowledge of advanced algebra or optimization. Among other things, network coding can be used to increase throughput and robustness as well as reduce storage requirements, delay, and energy consumption.

The second part of the PhD course gives an overview of the different application areas and discusses, which types of networking problems are amenable to network coding and which aren't.

Network Coding : Fundamentals and Applications (2011, Hardcover)

In particular, it covers practical algorithms for data gathering in sensor networks, routing in wireless mesh networks, peer-to-peer networking and content distribution, streaming applications, etc. Finally, we will discuss implementation aspects in real-world systems. Such systems may range from core network routers all the way down to mobile phones and tiny sensor nodes.

The constraints imposed by these devices in terms of available memory and computing power may differ by several orders of magnitude. As a consequence, the encoding and decoding algorithms need to be carefully adapted to the specific problem at hand. As an example, the size of the finite field for the coding operations has an impact on network coding efficiency, but also on the encoding and decoding complexity.

Coding operations may be sped up substantially through the use of specialized hardware, as evidenced by the successful implementation of network coding on Graphics Processing Units GPUs. The energy consumed by the coding operations is of particular importance on mobile devices and needs to be considered to avoid offsetting the energy gains offered by network coding. Frank H.

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Fitzek AAU. Daniel E. Lucani AAU. Morten V. Pedersen AAU. Recommended reading:. Ho, D. New Releases. Network Coding Fundamentals. Description Network Coding Fundamentals reviews the basic techniques with emphasis on multicasting over error free links. It starts from the main theorem in network coding, and proceeds to discuss tools used in the context of network coding, network code design techniques, benefits, complexity requirements, and methods to deal with cycles and delay.

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  6. This is an introduction to the basic concepts and results in network coding. It also serves as an excellent review the state of the art in a number of topics and provides pointers to open research directions. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Network Coding Fundamentals Christina Fragouli.

    Gossip Algorithms Devavrat Shah. Multihop Wireless Networks Ilan Shomorony. Scheduling in Wireless Networks Anna Pantelidou. A: Points in General Position. Notations and Acronyms. References show more. Rating details.