Pharmakon: Plato, Drug Culture, and Identity in Ancient Athens

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Part Three Plato through the Prism of the Pllarmakon. Afterword Toward a New Ethics of the Plzarmakon.

Pharmakon by Michael A. Rinella

About the Author. But if you consider Greek thought on intoxication in its own terms you'll find a discourse as rich and complex as the ancient discussion of food and sex. And the emphasis? The question of weight or emphasis is equally important.

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In contemporary market economies non-productive drug use has been problematized as a disease condition to be subjected to a juridical intervention by a criminal justice system, a medico-therapeutic intervention by a drug-abuse system, or both because these systems tend to operate in loose conjunction or alliance with one another each having a normalizing role within late-capitalist society.

In ancient Greece intoxication was problematized largely on aesthetic grounds.

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At least until Plato, who was considerably more sophisticated than his peers in terms of understanding human psychology. Seems the hardcover sold better than they expected, even at eighty bucks. Michael Rinella.

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The first print run is really for the library acquisitions market. He helps us to look at Plato in a fresh new way, even though such perspectives can only capture part of the picture. Few will think that the pleas for a more relaxed attitude to recreational drug use depend on the clarity of his case on every point along his journey.

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And here too some will feel more relaxed about his conclusions than others. But as with Plato, the text is supposed to be a catalyst to debate, not the final word.

Pharmakon by Michael A. Rinella | Waterstones

Not only does it shed light on today's 'drugs problem' via the very roots of Western literary and philosophic thought, it does not do the disservice of assumption to the ancient Greeks, and boldy addresses them on their own terms. Overall [the book] advances a provocative set of claims [providing] a helpful introduction to the core sources that represent early drug culture.

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Rinella's treatment of these sources shows how very different discourses were afoot than those so prevalent today. Michael A. Rinella holds a Ph.