Works of Eliza Haywood

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Eliza Cook Life & Works

While continuing to work as a stage actress, she wrote a number of novels and novellas including Fantomina during the s. She also began writing plays and working as a translator, which shaped her own literary style due to the French fiction she was exposed to. In , her first play was staged, and at about the same time she began writing essays to be published in periodicals and journals.

Alongside becoming a notable public literary figure, Haywood actively entered into the political debates of the day, producing pamphlets, essays, and other writings to circulate her political opinions. By the s, Haywood was at the peak of her acting success. The final play she wrote was staged to great success in Shortly thereafter she began writing dramatic criticism, and continued to do so for the rest of her life. She also ventured into editing a successful periodical, The Female Spectator.

The Rash Resolve. Collected Works. Memoirs of a Certain Island. A Doubtful Ascription.

Works of Eliza Haywood

A Second Collection. The Mercenary Lover. The Court of Caramania. Cleomelia and its Later Forms. Enmity with Pope. Irish Artifice.

The Fruitless Enquiry. Philidore and Placentia.

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The Perplex'd Dutchess. Final Bumper Year: The Agreeable Caledonian. The Disguis'd Prince. The City Widow.

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The Fair Hebrew. Frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburgh.

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Slowing Down; More Doubtful Ascriptions. The Parrot Love-Letters on All Occasions.

Eliza Haywood

Writer of All Trades: s. Valentine Haywood and had a son, Charles, one year later. Haywood began her interest in writing with the upcoming and popular field of drama, specifically, stage plays. In , she made a stage debut in the play Timon of Athens.

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During the Restoration, the stage had become a primary source of female employment. Aphra Behn and Delariviere Manley had also supported themselves early in their careers by similar dramatic efforts. However, Haywood's success on the stage was limited, and she quickly turned to playwriting as a more certain way of earning a living. After abandoning the theatre, she won the adoration of the public with her first novel, Love in Excess, or, The Fatal Inquiry.

Always writing of "love in excess," Haywood became best known for her works of passionate intrigue and amorous adventure.