Handbook of Magnetic Phenomena

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Magnetic and electric forces are closely related and can be thought of as different aspects of a single electromagnetic force. Both electric and magnetic forces are thought of as acting by means of fields: an electric charge has an electric field in the space around it that affects other charges, and a magnet has a magnetic field around it that affects other magnets. Moving electric charges produce magnetic fields and are affected by magnetic fields.

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More generally, a changing electric field induces a magnetic field, and vice versa. This interaction is the basis of many natural phenomena. For example, electric currents circulating in the earth's core give the earth an extensive magnetic field, which we detect from the orientation of our compass needles.

Handbook of Magnetic Phenomena

The interplay of electric and magnetic fields is also the basis for electric motors, generators, and many other modern technologies. See all 7 customer reviews Write a review. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases.

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Description The general theory of magnetism and the vast range of individual phe- nomena it embraces have already been examined in many volumes. Spe- cialists hardly need help in charting their way through the maze of pub- lished information. At the same time, a nonspecialist might easily be discouraged by this abundance.

Most texts are restricted in their coverage, and their concepts may well appear to be disorganized when the uninitiated attempt to consider them in their totality. Since the subject is already thoroughly researched with very little new information added year by year, this is hardly a satisfactory state of affairs.

Handbook of Spin Transport and Magnetism

By now, it should be possible for anyone with even a minimum of technical competence to feel com- pletely at home with all of the basic magnetic principles. The present volume addresses this issue by stressing simplicity-sim- plicity of order and simplicity of range as well as simplicity of detail. It proposes a pattern of logical classification based on the electronic con- sequences that result whenever any form of matter interacts with any kind of energy. An attempt has been made to present each phenomenon of interest in its most visually graphic form while reducing the verbal de- scription to the minimum needed to back up the illustrations.

This might be called a Life magazine type of approach, in which each point is prin- cipally supported by a picture.

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The illustrations make use of two perhaps unique conventions. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Table of contents 1. Basic Laws and Definitions.

Magnetism and Matter Class 12 Physics - Magnetic Phenomenon and Bar Magnets

Chemical Effects. Magnetic Hysteresis.


Thermal Effects. Mechanical Effects. Magnetic Measurements.

Magnetic Resonance.