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As a child, after visiting out of town relatives, we had a tradition. As we left Girard city limits at the cemetery entrance heading north on St. The reunion I organized was for residents of Avon Park, past and present, hoping to learn all I could from pictures and stories.

Goodrich in that I was able to piece together the actual layout and plot plan of the original park. I also learned that the parks first name was Squaw Creek Park. This history contains actual details of Avon Park business and daily activities, a description of the layout, and names of performers. The people of Girard Village realized they needed to find another spot to hold social affairs only after U.

Thus, the birth of Avon Park.

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The river bed at this point is solid rock and perfectly level. Below this will be a swimming pool where the creek divides and makes a beautiful island. There will also be a bicycle track and ball ground. The property is being enclosed by a seven-foot tight board fence, and the entire grounds will be lighted by electricity.

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The property had been owned by the Adams family for more than years. Work began in early with carpenters, masons, electricians and amateur landscape artists toiling with zest on the new park site. The west boundary was State St. Dennison of Youngstown. After many weeks of working at a hectic pace, the enthusiasm with which residents of the valley accepted the new park may be judged by the fact that over 15, people visited the new park July 3 and 4. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The crowd was estimated at from 15, to 30, The dancing pavilion was so crowded that all could not be accommodated, and patrons complained that the street car service was inadequate.

Two and a half oxen and four sheep with twelve barrels of buns fed the multitude. Hake of Girard won the mule race, distancing five others. The half mile running race was won by a horse owned by A. Powers of Girard. The oldest couple prize went to John and Mary Grove of Austintown, 83 and After the exhibition Lieut. Jones, Judge L. King, Senator J. Sullivan and S. Jackson addressed the assemblage. Gladwish, general manager of the park, treated the speakers to a ride on the merry-go-round, which the honorable gentlemen enjoyed very much.

In late Aug. The constable was on hand, but the game progressed without any interference. The band, says a Girard correspondent, seems to have been followers of Spotted John and was composed principally of squaws whom he and his companions got by barter or theft from neighboring camps, as he was known to be a bad Indian of no particular tribe. These squaws were left in charge of the camp most of the time and from their apparent monopoly of the place, the creek took its name. Unpaid bills were the cause for this. Success, in the case of Squaw Creek Park, was not measured by its popularity.

Admissions to the park were ten cents. Children, horses and carriages were free. The biggest ad was one column wide by one and one half inches long. The entire Mahoning orchestra played on opening day and every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening for dancing pleasure at the pavilion. The Casino attractions were soon to be announced and several large picnics were booked.

Lewis, the baritone singer and Miss Stella Mayhew, the very charming little comedienne, making a neat and inoffensive show. John Evans, the clever harp soloist, was also in attendance. Uncertainty about the park again surfaced three weeks after opening with an article about a change in ownership.

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With a company full of push and energy it would be a success. The valley is without an institution of this kind and the population is enough to support it. The new proprietors, whoever they may be would be wise in retaining Mr. Chas C. He has years of experience in catering for public patronage and no better man could be found to furnish the amusement for the park patrons, knowing all the best vaudeville companies playing the large cities.

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If he has the support of his employers he can bring the park into public favor again. Families, private parties and young men and their sweethearts were there in numbers. More than 2, people danced during the day. A waltz dance contest was the evening entertainment. Wirt bought the park at the auction but had trouble with four men that were going to manage it. Krehl, receiver for the creditors, refused to turn over the books and the management transferred to Geo.

Dingledy, Geo. Dingledy, Jr. Dennison and a Mr. Deemer, because performer engagements had already been booked for the week. The purchase price and court costs were never paid, so Mr. Stummwas a great believer in Squaw Creek Park as a summer resort. He was going to make an attempt to return in and lease the park. My research sources revealed nothing on these three years. It lasted just one year. Aside from the experience on the road he has had the management of many big attractions at Coney Island, where he was for fourteen years, and other noted summer resorts.

The picnic grounds, as well as the rest of the park, were put in first-class condition. Settees, benches and swings of various descriptions were built. A new ride was built that ran from the dam at the south end of the park to the north park limit. The ball field was inside the current track. The present grandstand was torn down and a new and more commodious one was erected so that the spectators had a full view of the homestretch. He wanted to provide a solid month of racing for the sports lovers of the Mahoning Valley.

He scheduled only the best vaudeville acts at the casino. Every Thursday night, and at times on other nights, he provided elegant fireworks displays. Few people knew that he hired two expert fireworks men who worked right in Avon Park making the pyrotechnics. A Japanese garden was also built in place of the German Village.

Two genuine sons of Nippon presided over the garden. Squaw Creek Park, a. The crowd had been expected, so it was no surprise. The park band, the park orchestra, and the Warren Juvenile Band played. At p. Some of the names mentioned were D. Owens, T. Powell, Miss Viola Simmons, Prof. Evans, Rev. Hughes, J. Jones and David Davis. Miss Agnes Perry and J. On Aug. This rivalry would continue for several more years. Ladies were admitted to the park and casino free of charge and were delighted by evening fireworks.

Their advertisements were almost identical. Both men marketed their parks well in order to get the huge organization picnics that meant so much to their success. Only the best is imitated. That is why other parks sought to follow the example set by the only Avon Park.

Rotary District February Bulletin (Feb 26, )

Avon Park is the park that always delivers the goods! The public is the jury. Several one column by five inches ads were run almost daily. Along with these paid ads, Mr. The reporters wrote about all the daily events, attendance figures, winners of races, vaudeville acts, park security, streetcar service, maintenance, etc.

Almost every article had Avon Park in big capital letters in the headline. A poet from Miles, P. There is a grand dancing pavilion for Young men and their girls; How they will enjoy it as they Go around in whirls.

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  • We hope that he and Avon Park Have come with us to stay. The end of the summer season at Avon Park was the middle of September.

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    It was to be the same style and size as the one at the Pittsburgh Exposition, 85 by feet. Avon Park received 25 percent of the gross receipts as rental. They were to be two of the biggest buildings in eastern Ohio or western Pennsylvania. It had a promenade of 20 feet in width. A lunch room, 50 by feet, was also built separate from the dining room that was 60 by feet.

    All of the buildings were to be built in a most artistic manner and roofed in the Japanese style. A contract for one searchlight of 2, candle power to overlook the entire park from the top of the new park office on the hill was also awarded. A large animal zoo was being built at this time. Cages for large and small animals, as well as a large bird aviary were built along Squaw Creek. The Girard House hostelry, located on the corner of State St. A brain body program that includes good health and wellness. You will combine the rhythm of the drums with the passion of movement as you drum to the beat.

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    What does this song mean to you? Friday, my day, waitin' for the weekend 'cause i wanna play I been stressin', but there ain't no question I'm gonna have me some fun Call the fellas and let'em know, We gotta find a place to go I just wanna groove my blues away If you need me, i'll be on the dance floor Getting my groove on, please don't get in my way I've been waiting for this day for so long Getting my groove on, now is my time to play C'mon everybody to the dance floor Say no more, here we go Don't worry 'bout a thing C'mon everybody to the dance floor Say no more, here we go Don't worry 'bout a thing Related. admin