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Just like you killed Ash. Your temper killed Ash. It's like it's killing everything we spent our lives working for. But I swear, Darlene, if you ever even think to undermine me again What? Tell me, Jacob. What the fuck happens if I undermine you? Don't push me, Darlene. It will not end well for you. Oh, hi. Not at all. Family law is about attending to people's feelings, and feelings never follow rules or wait for appointments. Especially when those feelings come from a teenager. And offer a little context. Um I'm sure that Charlotte has mentioned to you our move from Chicago.

And she's taken it harder than my husband and I could've ever anticipated. I'm sure you understand how difficult it is to to watch a bright, promising child struggle. And even how more difficult it is to admit that you don't always know how to respond to that. So I'm genuinely sorry for my reaction yesterday, and for how much of your time we've wasted. I just want you to know that my husband and I are willing to pay your hourly rate I've been doing this for a very long time, Mrs. Long enough to see scores of teenagers come through here, asking for their emancipation because mommy and daddy took away their car keys - and their cell phones.

Charlotte is not one of them. She is terrified of the person she'll become if she has to stay in that house. It is clear to me that she's responding to something extremely troubling at home. But I just don't have any idea what she's talking about. If you could shed just some light on what she has said, then I don't know. Maybe I could offer a little perspective, or at least understand why she's so upset. I can't reveal any more of the specifics.

And I hope I never have to, because you and your husband signed those papers without a fight. You know, the kind of people who do the troubling things you think we're doing are the kind of people who will do anything to protect their children. Judges don't look kindly on people who threaten lawyers. Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm just saying, I'll do anything to protect my daughter. And I know she's safest at home, with her family. Whatcha doing? Swapping out the thermostat and plugs on this engine, which I pulled off that skiff.

Who owns the skiff? That's above my pay grade. You know, boats have been going missing since about the time you got paroled. Well I don't wanna tell you your job, Sheriff, but it looks like it could be coincidence. You're selling stolen boat parts. And you robbed the strip club. Hit that guy in the head with the butt of your gun, sent him to the hospital. That's what I'm thinking. You know if thinking were a cupcake, I'd eat that shit. I was you, I'd be looking over my shoulder, brother. Because I will catch you in the act and I will send you back to prison.

You understand me? You own four small businesses, and you wanna open a casino. With two partners. One of whom isn't even based in this country. Of course. Um as you should. It's why it was so important for my wife and I to partner with Jacob and his wife Darlene. The Snell family has been on this land since before there was even a lake, right? That's right. There's more Snell blood in that land than any other family in Missouri. I see you're still working the farm every day.

Yeah, well, hazard of the job, I guess.

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Still, it keeps you young. You over here pulling strings? Watching people's mouths flap? Hey, tell me. Once the casino's open, how long before you try to take us out again? You won't be touched. I gave your husband my word. You know, you'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. What do I catch with tar? Speak to me kindly I'm the type of girl you call wifey Yeah I ain't no side piece [Jonah] Can you turn down the music?

I'm gonna put the baby down for a nap. How do you think this ends? Happily ever after? No, but they're getting the casino approved. I mean, we're criminals. You see that, don't you?

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You almost killed someone, and Mom asked you to do it, and you're not even freaked out about it? That's what freaks me out. Yeah, well, you didn't have to tell that lawyer about the affair.

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There's one definite no. Could I have a water, please? Do you think that Wilkes will be able to sway the undecideds? I think he's still figuring out if he's gonna save his own ass or take us down with him. If I may. Is she staying in line? Why don't you just worry about your own business? But if you don't keep up your end of the bargain, I can't keep up mine.

Don't look now, but I think here comes our ask.

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I must say, you've made quite the impression. The fact that you succeeded in overturning the casino cap in the first place, well, that in and of itself is an accomplishment. Well, obviously, from our end, we'd hate to think that we lifted the cap in vain. Please do. I believe I could assuage the other commissioners' fears if I had certain assurances. What kind of assurances? What's your relationship with Frank Cosgrove? Uh, his company is gonna be involved in some of the construction.

Because there's obviously concerns about organized crime infiltrating the gaming industry.

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Commissioner, I can promise you that he is not going to be involved with the business outside of the initial construction. I'd be happy to put that in writing. Keeping Missouri a right-to-work state is a priority for me. Please, be direct. The casino can't be a union shop. Under any circumstances. Um Then it won't be.

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You have my word. Did we just betray the Kansas City mafia? You want a hit? Suit yourself. Where's your brother? I don't know. Probably laundering money in his room. Put that out! Why should I even pretend to not break the law when no one else does? You know Wendy here threatened my lawyer today? Yes, I went to her, because I wanted to understand why you were so upset.

I said I would do anything in the world for you because I loved you. Now, clearly, she has taken that, she's twisted it and made it sound like some sort of a threat. Because you know what, Charlotte? Lawyers are dishonest. You know who's dishonest? Drug lords. Okay, let's all just calm down for a second, okay? So you can emotionally blackmail me with this bullshit about how you're trying so hard to fix this?

Do not disrespect your father. He's not my father, and you're not my mother. You wanna emancipate? You emancipate. You wanna go, Charlotte? You be my guest! Just go! I told you that would make things worse, didn't I? Somebody had to do something. We can't just cross our fingers and wish it away.

I did do something. I talked to her. Well, clearly it did a whole lot of good. Because you undermined me, Wendy. Why are you taking her side? Because she's right. We're not fit to be parents. It's not even a family.

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  8. It's a goddamn group of criminals. God damn it! Nix thinks I fucking robbed the strip club. You did. You hold on, girl. What'd you say to him? Fuck off. Why don't you tell Nix a couple of Mexicans did it, huh? You really think that's a good idea? To go to the sheriff and say, "Hey, you know what? Now I remember.

    It was a couple of Mexicans. You're putting this on me? I didn't violate parole. I'm your fucking father. Or you'll kill me? I'm sorry. Sorry to bother you so late. I can't find Charlotte. She left in her van with Wyatt. What van? The one she bought with her own money. Do you know where they went? That's right, one way. She's with Wyatt, in a van. A van? Whose van? I think hers. I'm gonna wait here until she comes out. She found Charlotte. I'm not so sure she wanted to be found. What were you and the lawyer whispering about at that party?

    Eh Just small talk. Playing nice. Figured we might go for a walk before breakfast. This early? Workers start building that road today. Don't you think we ought to see the land one last time? While it's still unspoiled? Let's take the long ways. Drink it all in before it's gone. You won. Barring any fuck-ups, the commission's gonna grant your license in 48 hours. You're that fed, ain't you? I wanna talk to you about Marty Byrde. What is it? It's a badger, looks like. Best leave it. His family will find it and drag it back to the den. Pups will feed on the worms and eat the corpse.

    That way its death has meaning. Brings nourishment to the family. The second the casino is approved, I'm getting my family out of here.

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      Julian Castro discusses Dem debate after strong performance. Police: 2 Texas children accidentally shot by cousin, Marty is very practical in the moment: How do I solve this problem in front of me? Wendy is bigger picture, seeing how different pieces fit together but also possibly dealing with regret more than her husband. Does it make them a perfect team or drive them apart?

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