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No artefacts were found. A few flagstones were left in situ but will be removed once the grave marker has been set upright again. At the same time the route of the main road, which also used to cross the area, was moved some m Nwards and the old road was broken up and its line grassed over.

A review of the footpaths across the battlefield resulted in proposals for re-establishing the. This would return the clan graves area to a semblance of how it would have been in the s. To establish the exact line of the old road the probable line was surveyed onto the ground from details given on the OS map. Two trenches 3 x 1m and 4 x 1m were then excavated, to confirm the route.

One caught the S edge of the road, the other its Northern edge. The new path that was created in June used this old road metalling as a foundation, with any earlier road layers remaining untouched below. Skip to main content. Login Register. Background Colour Default Contrast. Close Reset.

Imagining time travel through ancient standing stones

Details Collections Images. Toggle Aerial View on large map. Correction Favourite. Digital Images. Photograph Albums. Graves of Mixed Clans two h.

Information from Historic Scotland, scheduling document dated 8 September Excavation December - April NH Scheduled monument consent has been granted for various works in the clan graves area at Culloden Battlefield, in advance of a major reinterpretation of the battlefield. A review of the footpaths across the battlefield resulted in proposals for re-establishing the original route of the road as the main footpath, and removing the more recent route. I was there in July. Very somber…you could almost hear the fighting, the swords, the shouts and the cries. To see the names of some Reids on the wall made it so real for me.

I would go again and again. Could you please tell me if there is a Cumming stone at Culloden? If so, would a photo be available? Individuals fought of course. Can see that there was one Cumming captured afterwards, some may have fought with the Grants the Cummings were their hereditary pipers. Not all Scottish Clans took part in Culloden. Cumming was once a very powerful clan but by the time of Culloden they were greatly reduced in size and power. The fabric is being woven by a company called D C Dalglish. According to them the fabric is based on a fragment of Comyn clan tartan that was excavated in So there was at least one Comyn at the battle.

The main issue is that the stones were erected over a hundred years after the battle.

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Also we have to remember that after the battle the clans were in a state of disarray and chaos. I have to agree that we were probably not present in force as such we had ceased to be a significant clan by then. There are still a lot of gaps in our knowledge of what really happened and who was there.

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Hopefully this is of some help to you. Kind and warm regards Kali-Ann Gills Comyn.

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Thanks for confirmation that this battle was connected to their friendship ie. Stuarts and Robertson as I know there is a memorial there with both names on it….. Check out my family tree on My Heritage…please.

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It will answer your questions. My name is Maureen Michael. I am related to the Scottish name of Monteith. Please request to look at my tree.

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I will give you access. You will be blown away! I am related to Robert the Bruce. Maureen maureenmichael62 yahoo. Do you know which branch of the Calder clan he was from Thanks in anticipation,Keith Calder. Your email address will not be published. Your basket. Ethical Kilts.

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