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Using a mechanism similar to the one used for opening doors, it would allow him to remove supporting pillars on a floor he chose, effectively collapsing the floor, which he planned to do to the Loki Familia on the 8th Floor. However, his Daedalus blood made him hesitate, and Asfi took advantage of that to attack him, forcing him away from the device. She gave a signal, causing the other Hermes Familia members to appear, making him realize that they'd been invisible. Not understanding how they were able to find him, he asked how they found the room, prompting Asfi to reveal that they had used their invisibility to capture an Evilus member, who Barca recognized was an executive, and forced him to talk using truth serum.

She then picked up Daedalus' Journal, which he had dropped when he dodged her attack, and told him that obtaining the journal would make their fast attack possible. When she explained that the Hermes Familia's goal was to find clues about Enyo and to locate the journal, he realized that they'd been in Finn's palm from the beginning, as the first attack had been nothing more than a decoy for the Hermes Familia to do their job.

As he helplessly watched them destroy the self destruct mechanism, he asked how they were able to split off from their group without a key, causing Asfi to reveal that she had made one herself using several items from the dungeon. Having read through the journal, Lulune reported to the others through the occulus that the Evilus base was on the 9th Floor while the Demi Spirits were on the 10th.

Leaving the Demi Spirits for the time being, Finn ordered everyone to attack the enemy base. In order to cover the entire floor and encircle the enemy, Finn and the other group leaders had dispersed their groups, as he arrived at the room Barca was in with only himself, Tione, Tiona, Airmid and two other healers, and four others.

Realizing that he was finished, Barca pulled out all of the curse weapon daggers he had on him and repeatedly stabbed his own body with them, all of the curses inflicted causing his blood to turn black. He admitted that Evilus was finished, nevertheless he declared that Knossos wouldn't die, and pulled out a Jewel Fetus, which was the other item he took when he visited his workshop. He revealed that the six seeds had already been released, and that the one he had was an extra that was from the 24th Floor, causing the Hermes Familia to remember what'd happened.

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He pressed the Jewel Fetus to his chest and it morphed his body into a 5 meter tall Demi Spirit. While they fought the monster, Finn felt his thumb tingle, ordering Tione and Tiona to fall back. The black veins on Barca's right arm burst, showering everyone within range with black blood that inflicted a powerful curse on them which ignored the abnormal resistance development ability and was unhealable using the anti curse medicine.

Airmid was able to heal those affected with her magic, though they were targeted once again by Barca's curse shower, both sides repeatedly healing and cursing respectively. Frightened by the monster, Lulune suggested to get reinforcements, however Finn rejected her request, stating that it would cause more casualties, and that it was their job to defeat it. Finn led a charge from one side while Tione and Tiona the other, leaving the Hermes Familia dumbfounded. On the 9th Floor, Alicia led a small group consisting of Elfy and four others.

As they made their way through the hallways, Elfy heard the sound of metal hitting rock, and upon looking behind her, she noticed that there was a tiny crack in the adamantite wall, the faint metal hitting rock sound emanating from it. Her curiosity got the better of her, causing her to check it out. She noticed that there was an empty space behind the cracked wall, and that there was something behind it which was causing a sound reminiscent of someone dragging chains.

When she narrowed an eye to try to see more clearly, a bloodshot eye suddenly stared back at her, causing Elfy to scream and fall down out of surprise, whatever it was slamming itself against the wall. The thing behind the wall seemed to be emitting a horse groan as it carved at the wall.

Before she could give it more thought, Alicia ordered her to help them fight the Violas that were trying to surround them, ignoring Elfy's comment about the wall. The eye watched as Elfy left to join the others. Below on the 12th Floor, Ais and Riveria's group reached the room Arcs and the others were in, and immediately readied themselves to fight Revis, who appeared moments later. However, they were confused due to Revis just standing there, not expressing the will to fight.

The Demi Spirit Barca specialized in defense with his sturdy body, attacking them with his malformed arms, and used the curse blood shower to force his opponents to fall back or make them dodge in a way that they couldn't land a clean hit on him. To top it off, he was also able to regenerate, healing more than the damage they inflicted. Even if they dodged the blood, it turned into miasma when it hit the ground, causing the members to cough up blood if they breathed it for a while. While she healed the fighters, Airmid analyzed Barca, coming to the conclusion that he was the hexer who made the curse items, and that his mystery development ability raise the power of the curse.

Noting that the curse came from his fierce attachment to Knossos, in addition to possibly being cursed himself by Daedalus' blood, Airmid decided that she'd stop the chain of curses, ordering the two Dian Cecht Familia healers with her to take her place while she did so. She began chanting, and Barca, sensing that something was coming, attempted to attack her, though the other adventurers protected her.

The others were shocked when she cast Dia Fratel on Barca, but Finn and Asfi realized what she was doing, the latter explaning that Airmid was using Dia Fratel to remove Barca's curse. Affected by the magic, Barca began suffering intense pain, making him try to kill Airmid with a large amount of miasma. The miasma caused Airmid intense pain, nevertheless she won out in the end, succeeding in removing the curse from Barca.

As she collapsed, Tione and Tiona attacked Barca, cutting off both of his arms, and Finn was about to finish him off when he realized that Barca was already dead.

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After the battle, Finn ordered the others to use their remaining items to heal Airmid and reorganize their group with those that were still able to fight. Elsewhere on the same floor, Gareth ordered his group to split up now that they were close to the enemy base. Gareth's main group, which included the Gods, would go straight to the main room, while the other groups would search the surrounding area. He ordered each group to have Dwarves in them, as they would help in finding secret passages, and gave Lefiya a spare occulus, telling her to report back if she sensed the masked being using Rea Laevateinn.

As the groups split up, Dionysus, who was supposed to go with Gareth's group, stopped in front of a dark passageway that the group had missed because the lamps didn't shine on it. The darkness seemed to call out to him, his head ached, and he thought he smelt the sweet smell that came when he drank wine.

Seeing that Gareth's group was already gone, he told Filvis that they'd go, and he walked down the dark passageway. In the main room, Thanatos sat alone, the others having left to fight the invaders. He felt that Barca had left him, and thought about his current situation for a moment before getting up and heading down a passageway opposite from the sounds of fighting.

He ended up in a vast room with numerous columns with candlestands, an altar in the back with stairs leading up to it, and the Thanatos Familia emblem hanging above it. He called out Ein, who was standing at the base of the stairs looking up at the emblem, asking for them to unleash the Demi Spirits now that Loki Familia had come this far. To his surprise, Ein refused, stating that the Spirits had their own roles, therefore they couldn't be moved from their positions.

When Thanatos told it that now wasn't the time to be "singing", Ein simply answered that doing so would go against Enyo's will. He tried to convince Ein, asking it if it planned on making Enyo into a naked king, prompting Ein to tell him Enyo's message. Enyo thanked him for his help, nevertheless they decided to finish the Orario destruction scenario on their own, promising to open the path to the underworld.

In order for that to happen, Thanatos would be a sacrifice. Instead of reacting, Thanatos instantly realized what Enyo was planning due to being a God himself, and after relaying the message, Ein disappeared into the darkness. A moment of silence passed before Thanatos started laughing, realizing that he'd been used, and cursed Enyo for tricking a good natured God like him.

Once he stopped laughing, he heard Loki's voice, turning around to find Gareth's group in the room. On the same floor, Finn was busy giving orders to all of the groups. While he did so, he contacted Fels, who told him that they'd reached the 13th Floor, though they had to split their force in half. Finn asked them to locate the Demi Spirits and report back. He then ordered Airmid and the other healers to go with the group returning to the surface to resupply, and talked about whether the enemy would counterattack, all the while feeling that something was wrong due to the fact that Enyo's forces still hadn't done anything despite their current situation.

He didn't think it was strategically logical for them to still not unleash the Demi Spirits. He considered the possibility of Enyo betraying Evilus, but couldn't come up with a reason why it would be beneficial to them, however he couldn't write it off as a mistake due to his thumb tingling. He told Airmid that they'd be lowering the front lines to the 10th Floor, asking her to gathered the wounded and take them near the exit, and ordered Tione and Tiona to gather the best members out of those that could still fight.

Once the sisters finished gathering people, Finn led the group in the direction of the main room. In the Thanatos Familia room, Loki declared to Thanatos that it was over for him, and asked if he was Enyo, though she felt something was off because of how easy it was. He asked her if she hadn't heard about Enyo from Lefiya, repeating what he'd said to the Elf previously, but added that he'd been used by Enyo. He continued by stating that Enyo never considered Knossos a fortress, rather an altar, its model being a sacrifice. As Loki began thinking about his words, he added that they'd been outplayed, and at that moment Lefiya reported that Ein was attacking them with a horde of Violas.

Despite this, Loki continued to think, wondering who was outside of the game board, ready to swing their sword down at them, when Thanatos asked her if she was the only God in the attack party. Finally realizing that Dionysus was missing, Loki called out to him through the occulus. Dionysus apologized for leaving without saying anything but promised to get his revenge.

Hearing this, Loki tried to stop him, however he ignored her words and kept on going. He ended up in a dark and open area with Enyo standing in the back, then assured Loki that he was fine because he had Filvis with him, prompting Loki to demand to know who he was talking to, causing him to stop for the first time. Elsewhere, Lefiya and the others were busy fighting Ein and the horde of Violas. She attempted to get rid of them with magic, however Ein noticed this and began attacking her, preventing her from doing so. Aki's group came to help but they were too late, though fortunately Filvis saved Lefiya using Dio Thyrsos.

For the first time, Dionysus realized that Filvis wasn't with him, turning around to see that no one was there, with Loki informing him that Filvis was with Lefiya. He couldn't understand what had happened, not believing that he'd be taken by surprise by something of the lower world, and realized that he'd been a fool.

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As he watched, Enyo slowly came toward him, allowing him to see who it was. He saw Enyo smirk mockingly, and recognized the weapon they were holding, realizing what his revenge would amount to. Loki shouted his name, nevertheless he simply apologized to her. Dionysus' pillar of light broke through the ground and shot into the sky, garnering the attention of everyone in the city including Hestia, Ganesha, Shakti, and Hermes. Due to it being a large amount of energy, the force of the pillar going through Knossos caused the man made dungeon to shake and break apart, enough to overwhelm the adventurers' senses, and the pillar destroyed anything it passed through.

After things settled, Aki told Lefiya to get ready to resume the battle, however Lefiya noticed Filvis and the other Dionysus Familia members acting strangely, prompting Ein to inform her that a God had returned to heaven, wondering if it was Loki, Thanatos, or Dionysus. Realizing that Dionysus had died, Filvis tried to attack Ein, but she was incredibly slow without a falna, allowing Ein to reach out and hold her in the air by her neck. Filvis looked back at Lefiya as if to apologize before Ein snapped her neck, then threw her dead body into the air, which a Violas ate, leaving behind only an arm.

Seeing this, Lefiya's heart broke, causing her to scream. Then, as if it was synchronizing with a God's return to heaven, the altar activated. Across the floor in their respective locations, the Demi Spirits began to sing, connected together by a ring of light that ran along the hallways, and their bodies began to enlarge. Green flesh began to overflow from their bodies which spread across Knossos at incredible speed, absorbing any people it came into contact with, turning Knossos into an urn of green flesh. All of the alliance adventurers retreated as fast as they could and they had no choice but to abandon the now falnaless Dionysus Familia members or else they would've been absorbed themselves.

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As she ran, Ais realized that Revis knew this would happen, which was why she didn't do anything. Revis stood still, the green flesh avoiding her location, telling Ais that she didn't like the thought of the clones absorbing her as nourishment as they were disposable. She recalled that she said she didn't care if Ais was a corpse, nevertheless she stated that "she" wouldn't be satisfied with a withered Ais, and told her to run, promising to finish things the next time they fought.

In the Thanatos Familia room, Thanatos explained that a God being sent back to heaven was the switch for the altar, theorizing that they'd done something to the Demi Spirits, all the while ignoring Loki's shouts for him to explain what he meant. Soon after, Finn's group arrived, informing Loki of the green flesh.

He ordered the others to shut the doors, however Thanatos told him that one of the five entrances to the room didn't have a door, and the flesh began to cover the room. The flesh absorbed all weapons and magic swords had no effect against it. Thanatos mentioned that if things were left to Enyo, the lower world would return to how it previously was, with more deaths like he wished, nevertheless he refused to cooperate, stating that his pride wouldn't allow him to remain defeated, and that he wanted to get back at Enyo for Barca and the others' sake because of what it was doing to Knossos.

Following this, he took out a dagger and stabbed himself, using the pillar of light caused by his return to smash through the ceiling, creating an opening for the Loki and the others to escape through. The adventurers began jumping up to escape through the hole. As they were doing so, a Violas that escaped being killed appeared from a passageway on the 2nd Floor, attempting to eat Finn who was holding Loki.

He quickly threw Loki up to Tione and killed the Violas with his spear in two seconds, but this put him at risk of being absorbed by the green flesh. He didn't expect himself to survive, though fortunately he was saved by Ray who'd been searching for survivors using echolocation. The adventurers successfully escaped, and the green flesh followed them out onto the surface, but it stopped in a ten meter radius around the hole as if it was putting a lid on the altar. Up in the air, Finn thanked Ray for saving him.

In total, the first attack on Knossos resulted in the loss of 1 God and 80 members, all members of the Dionysus Familia. The Loki and Hermes Familia had wounded members but no deaths. However, Lefiya had been deeply affected by Filvis' death, not reacting to Ais or the others and simply sitting like a doll in her room. The following morning, Loki went to Daedalus Street by herself, looking down from a roof at Knossos.

After a while, she left the building, walking away from sounds of the adventurers. Soon after, Hermes appeared, looking as if he'd been waiting for chance to talk to her. He asked her for her opinion on Enyo, to which she answered that their thoughts probably didn't differ due to the lack of information, and both revealed at the same time that they thought Dionysus was Enyo. When asked, Hermes stated that he felt Dionysus' involvement was timed a little too well, adding that he'd gone to see him right after the incident on the 24th Floor.

He continued by saying that he knew more about him than she did, prompting Loki to mention Dionysus' "fits", which was what Hermes was referring to, and he mentioned that Dionysus seemed to frequently be at the center of problems. Moving on, he asked her why she allowed Dionysus to come with the attack party, which she answered by saying that she thought Dionysus would make move once they were close to the enemy base, and also because she wasn't able to completely doubt him.

Hermes revealed that he was frustrated at how they were tricked into believing that Enyo was Dionysus, allowing the real Enyo to do whatever they wanted. He promised to investigate into Dionysus, handing her a black king chess piece before he left. She looked at the piece representing Enyo for a while, then looked up at the sky, thinking about everything she knew about the mysterious entity. She wondered how Enyo was able to manipulate Dionysus so easily, then wondered if he'd been manipulated ever since they were in heaven, and continued to think for while until she heard Soma call her name.

Soma had been on his way to his wine cellar near Daedalus Street, using the area as a shortcut, when he spotted Loki and stopped to talk her. Loki informed him that the area was currently off limits and told him to leave, promising to not tell anyone. As Soma passed by her, he suddenly stopped, stating that he smelt the scent of the divine liquor. Asking her if she knew about it, he revealed that the scent came from her, having rubbed off on her from someone else. He desired to learn about the person who made the divine liquor, confusing Loki who didn't recall anything, and at that moment Soma mentioned that he thought it smelt like wine, causing her to realize where it could've come from, taking Soma with her to the Dionysus Familia home.

Once they arrived, Soma guided her using the smell of wine to the back fence, climbed over it, and down through the mansion into Dionysus' wine cellar, stopping in front of a certain bottle. Taking the cork out, he smelt it, confirming that it was indeed the divine liquor, and stated that it was better than his own, adding that this could potentially intoxicate even a God.

Loki realized that this was how Enyo manipulated Dionysus, and at the same time knew that she'd smelt the scent before, but couldn't figure out where. She didn't recognize the emblem on the bottle, which was wine spilling out from a cup, causing her to think about where she'd be able to find it.

When her train of thought shifted to grapes, she recalled that Dionysus had been drinking the wine next to a certain God. At the room of prayer, Fels reported on Knossos to Ouranos, theorizing that the green flesh was related to the Spirits' miracle, and that several Demi Spirits were used to parasitize the area using the power of the original Corrupted Spirit. Coming to the conclusion that it was currently impossible to get to the Demi Spirits, they briefly talked about Enyo's plan, stating that everyone had been in the palm of Enyo's hand from the beginning.

Fels promised to continue to investigate Knossos but was concerned that they didn't know who to suspect, prompting Ouranos to mention that they already knew who to suspect, stating that every God in the lower world was suspect. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This god was, rightly so, Zelos, the god of Jealousy, Zeal, and Rivalry. Without exception, every goddess present looked at Zelos with a death glare that made the arrogant god choke on his words. Demeter, the highest ranked representative of fertility goddesses present, excluding Freya, stood up with her characteristic gentle expression except there was an added ferocity contained deep within her orange eyes as she stared down Zelos.

Her comforting voice had a trace of a hostile undertone as she said plainly, "Of the gods here, I can name several, just off the top of my head, who have sired children with mortal women. Though few, there are even some that have had the opportunity to sire children that possessed a pseudo-divinity and became Demigods. Do you think, for even a single moment, it is fair that only gods have the right to sire children? You can't even begin to understand the pain and suffering of a goddess who has lived for millions of years trying to have a child but, no matter how hard they try, they were never able to.

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to bear children of my own, but it isn't the same as a natural birth, since they are a product of Divinity and not the true bond between a man and a woman. As she spoke, there were several goddesses that nodded their heads with begrudging looks and moisture building up in their eyes as they 'glared' at some of the gods Demeter mentioned. Most gods and goddesses knew each other, and every time a god sired a Demigod or Demigoddess, they would brag about it endlessly.

It has been a source of resentment that had been buried deep in the hearts of many goddesses and, now that there was finally hope in sight, they were unable to keep their feelings buried when someone made an outburst that potentially threatened their future happiness. Very quickly, the majority of goddesses present had already sided with the alliance while a number of gods were also leaning in favor of supporting them.

However, this didn't mean there wasn't a rift being created within the group as the matter was very divisive since it 'threatened' the natural order and put a lot of pressure on various gods that thought themselves special. Ouranos could see the great divide between the various gods and goddesses and knew this wasn't a matter that could be dealt with easily. He was actually in the same faction as Zelus and believed Vahn's 'capabilities' disrupted the natural order of things.

However, he was one of the few gods that had been around since the Age of Myths and understood that change was necessary or the natural order itself would break down. There was no denying that the children born of goddesses had a much higher chance of being demigods than those born by mortal women, and Ouranos himself wanted to be able to control Vahn's power to make 'proper' use of it. However, it was almost impossible to oppose the Loki and Hephaestus duo when it was just the two of them He looked down and saw Loki's somewhat 'crazed' expression and wide smile before releasing a heavy sigh.

Before things turned more chaotic, Ouranos stood from his throne for the first time and towered over the rest of the congregation before bearing his aura down on everyone present. He stared down with his sky-blue eyes and spoke in a reproachful manner directed at no one in particular, "We have watched over and guided the sentient races of this world since the 'Dawn of the New Age'.

Each of you sword oaths to not to inhibit the natural tendencies and growth of mortals, but instead, promote them further to ensure their continual development. Other than his own Goddess, no one here has any right to constrict the growth and development of Vahn Mason. I will not take sides on this matter, but the Guild will take action to guarantee order is maintained within the City.

However, given the nature and significance of Vahn Mason's achievements, I will revoke the probationary terms that had been imposed on him so as not to sow discourse with the Alliance, and the various gods and goddesses supporting it. Due to his vows, Ouranos couldn't directly side with the Alliance, but it didn't stop him from taking action to guarantee order was maintained within the City.

The Rise of Zeus and Revolts Against his Rule

Vahn had already been a capable pawn in his plans before, but he had now been 'promoted' to the position of a rook, or perhaps even a 'king' considering his influence over the top three most influential goddesses. Without withdrawing his aura, Ouranos sat back down on his throne after speaking and continued to watch over the events with a solemn expression on his face. Anyone that had wanted to sow discourse would have had to rely on his 'impartial' stance on the matter, but he had very clearly shown he would not give way to either side and had taken a stance using their principles as gods, and their vows, against them.

Before anyone else could make another outburst, Loki showed a mischevious smile as her eyes opened widely and she said, "Vahn is a unique existence that is trying to improve the quality of life for everyone. Know that if any of you so much as think of causing problems for him, you will face the combined might of the top three Familia within the City.

We will not compromise on this matter at all, and there are no negotiations to be held at all. If you're interested in working alongside the Alliance in the future, you'll have to discuss things directly with Hephaestus and myself. It wasn't just her either as Freya, Hephaestus, Anubis, and Hestia, all gave the various 'suspect' gods fierce looks. Since Freya was known to crush entire Familia, regardless of their rank, there were few people with enough courage to hold the gaze of the five goddesses. Other than Zelus himself, the only ones foolish enough to turn themselves into targets were the various egotistical and arrogant gods who typically treated their Familia as their personal harems.

Though they all looked like handsome men, their expression belied the contempt they showed others. Chief among them was Apollo who immediately jumped to the conclusion that every goddess standing in the Alliance had probably slept with Vahn, including his Hestia. The thought of another man taking what rightfully belonged to him caused a powerful hatred to emerge inside of Apollo's heart. However, he also began to develop an interest in the boy named Vahn Mason and was curious about what kind of person he was.

If he truly had a way to guarantee pregnancy in any race, if Apollo managed to get his hands on Vahn, he would indirectly get his hands on every man and woman he desired The very moment Apollo's smile changed into a cruel and scheming look, he felt a powerful chill run down his body as his soul itself began to shake. He followed his instincts and locked eyes with Freya who stared back at him with an 'elegant' smile on her face.

Though he had more than one stint with Freya in the past, there was never a time where he was the one in control of the relationship. Compared to all the goddesses he had ever known, Freya was one of the most difficult to deal with because she was incredibly decisive when it came to acting. Apollo realized he had made a terrible mistake and stood from the table without explanation before exiting the Denatus without sparing a glance at any of the gods and goddesses following his retreat.

After a few minutes, things 'calmed' down as the banquet continued as planned. However, instead of casual conversation, the single topic everyone was discussing all related to Vahn and the matters concerning Hephaestus and Loki being pregnant. Since they didn't have the right to approach the main table, most of the goddesses had been approaching Hestia, Anubis, Miach, and Takemikazuchi. When they learned that Vahn was the Captain of the Hestia Familia, she immediately became the center of attention as a large number of goddesses, and various gods, all tried to make a good impression on her.

Even in Heaven, Hestia didn't have many people that treated her well, or were even willing to make conversation with her, so she was very pleased at how things were going and talked happily with the other goddesses while leaving Miach and Takemikazuchi to deal with the gods. At the main table, there was an interesting conversation going on between Hephaestus, Loki, Freya, Demeter, and a docile looking goddess named Eirene.

Eirene was a goddess with Divinities related to Peace, Order, and Longevity. She had a very kind looking face with placid blue eyes and similarly blue hair arranged into a complex braid that ran down to her lower back. Her dress was rather plain and looked similar to ceremonial attire with a white base and gentle blues accenting it with a light gold sash wrapping around her waist. They were all discussing Hephaestus's and Loki's plans during their pregnancy, their expectations for childbirth, and how they intended to raise the children after they were born. As a goddess with a lesser Divinity related to fertility, Demeter was the most 'experienced' on the matters and asked, "Have either of you found a midwife?

I would like to offer my support if you're having any difficulties. Hephaestus smiled at the question as she dazedly stroked her own stomach and said, "I've asked Epona to be my midwife and I've already been preparing matters for after the child is born She looked over at Demeter sitting next to Freya and said with a sly grin, "I was planning on asking Epona as well, but I don't mind accepting your help.

Besides, I don't think you'd be a good influence on Vahn He was dressed in attire befitting an Adventurer, almost as if he found his status as a god to be a joke. Throughout the City, he was known as the 'Messenger' and was considered a neutral party whose Familia took on any kind of job as long as it was interesting. Though he appeared to be an amiable person with a casual demeanor on the surface, it was simply a cover for his shrewd, cunning, and calculating personality which was very similar to her own. His primary Divinity was related to Travel, but he was also known as a god of thieves and merchants.

As long as he could earn a profit, or if it was something interesting, there was little he wouldn't do as long as he thought it was fun.

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He was also one of the only gods that could transition between the mortal world and Heaven without much difficulty which made him a 'dangerous' entity to associate with when trying to protect a secret. Don't take my Asfi away from me, muuuu. This was Ganesha, known as the 'God of the People', and he wore a red elephant mask to conceal the upper half of his face.

He had a genuine smile on his face and black hair with an incredibly muscular body touched with a healthy tan. admin