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Think Like a Horse Trainer To Get Owners and Sponsors

Becoming an Effective Rider. Newsletter Sign Up. All rights reserved. This site provides information and gives my ideas of good horsemanship and what I believe is good for the Horse. I hope it provides solutions and possible alternatives to get better results and understanding from your horse.

The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

It is not the only way, it is what I have learned over the years and what works for me, many others and seems to work pretty well for the Horse. Read the entire site and I promise you will learn many things you did not know about the Horse. I hope you enjoy it, learn from it and hope it helps your horse.

If you read and study the information in this site, you can bet that you will have more information, knowledge and understanding than most of people who have " owned horse's their entire life ". I have links to other sites, photos and other pages with additional reference information. The site currently has over typed pages of information about the Horse. Good horsemanship is not easy or everyone would be good at it. However, with work anyone can get it and be good at it.

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Some sites are using my interview or information to get people to pay and subscribe to their site. My information is free and if people want to make a small donation, I appreciate it, but it is not required for access information about horsemanship.

I get lots of emails asking where to send me something. If you want to thank me, you can donate a buck or two to help cover the cost of the website and extra carrots for my boys. I was told by people in other countries that they cannot send things over here so, if you would like to donate and can't, please donate to a local horse charity in your area or buy some hay and drop it off for some hungry horses.

I do not need it and don't do this for money, so although I really appreaciate it and it is a nice treat, I don't want someone sending me money if they need it or can use it for small pleasures.

Think Like a Horse

I used to write articles for several websites and other publications. I noticed a trend in horse questions and found myself repeating many of the same answers, so I started this site with three pages and it has grown from there.

How to Think Like a Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

I don't baby-sit and I don't want anyone dependent on me; I want people to learn so they can give their horse a better life. Study the site, watch my videos and you will not need me or any other so called "trainers". You get back what you put in, so forget the shortcuts and gimmicks.