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Entering each vision in a Dream Journal, records them before they disappear. Dreams and moments of inspiration play with our emotions, thoughts, impressions, actions, interactions and short-term memory. Be patient, believe and be grateful for all the blessings in your current life even when you feel overwhelmed by challenges. New doors are always there for you to open. Wishes are simply your inner voice of endless possibilities encouraging you to take action, open them, and enter through your Magic Wish List.

Wishes come to us in many ways: dreams, ideas, and flashes of inspiration. Whenever you have a wish, all you need to do is write it down inside your Magic Wish List. All you really need to do is believe that it will.

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Write it down. It simply boils down to believing in what you wish for with all of your heart and soul. This is why miracles happen every moment of every day. You now have a copy of Rants In You Pants in your hands and can begin journaling your frustrations, anger and outrage, creating positive solutions. The purpose of Rants In Your Pants is to help you turn your outrage into a power tool for change. The ultimate question is how to put your inner frustrations about the events of the day into something productive and sustainable.

To do that you first need to actually see your outrage written on paper and inside this daily rant journal. You may even surprise yourself when you begin to understand your own trigger flash points. Your Darkest Thoughts was created as a personal journal designed to help you see and record self-inflicted thought patterns that create those feelings of worry, anxiety and fear. The good news is that many times you agonize over things that will never ever happen. Mostly illusions we think are real.

Think about that for a second. Yet it felt so real, sickening, and even hopeless. Journaling is the first step in being able to see Your Darkest Thoughts , finding new ways to create more positive approaches in thinking about life. What better place to keep your deepest thoughts and feelings about love, hope and dreams than in a Secret Diary. A secret diary is where all the exciting and eventful adventure of life are recorded.

Even days that appear dull and boring can have special moments of meaning worthy of recording. But most of all, keeping a secret diary is really about you and your feelings about your daily experiences. Each lighthouse is labeled by name and state location along with a journaling page for personal notations about your visit.

This bucket list also includes a personal check-off list for U. We encourage you to visit them all, and many more. It is never too early for a man, woman, or child to explore the magic inside a gratitude journal. There will always be others who seem to have more and many more who have far less. Stop comparing and begin stepping out into your own passions. This will quickly reveal the endless opportunities that exist.

This Gratitude Journal for men will challenge the hardiness of men to define and refine their success oriented mission on a daily and weekly basis. Each week will clarify exactly what will be accomplished and the gratitude that produces results. Despite what some may think, competent men on a success-oriented mission fully understand and appreciate loving relationships, great health, a productive career, and money in the bank at the end of the day.

But at times men have difficulty expressing their true feelings with others and may not fully trust themselves. And as trust becomes a major factor in finding and keeping long-lasting and loving relationships, men continue their drive to be successful. You strive to make new friends you feel you can trust, sharing photos and personal information.

Gratitude empowers girls with a powerful tool that improves all life experiences filled with sincere appreciation for fun, friendship, and social perspective. How many times have you found yourself focused mostly on being angry or upset with yourself, someone else or something perhaps beyond your control? The real question you need to ask is, what exactly did all that energy of anger and frustration accomplish? Did it make you happier? Did it add any kind of quality to your life? Did your anger or frustration really change anything?

This is why keeping a gratitude journal becomes a very powerful and satisfying experience. It helps refine and sharpen your mental, physical and spiritual awareness by being conscious of every blessing you have attracted into your life. Your journal establishes a personal commitment to yourself that can bring you true happiness. Once you clarify what brings you happiness, you can begin to explore the real beauty of gratitude? When you make time to keep a gratitude journal, you create a powerful mind-body relationship that improves the quality of your life, reduces stress and anxiety, while training your mind to recognize the positive aspects of your life, health and well-being.

Everyone needs to feel loved, happy, healthy, worthy and appreciated. We all understand and appreciate having loving relationships, great health, a productive career and money in the bank at the end of the day. And while these are of major importance, consider all of the things that help make life more meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling. It may start with a sincere smile from a complete stranger or maybe an unexpected visit from an old friend.

Most of all, keeping a gratitude journal is a fun and satisfying experience. Gratitude reflects a sincere desire in appreciating everything you currently hold dear and precious. Now Available On Amazon. We all know that the strength of all life-decisions relies upon the strength of its foundation. Each day records the results of your efforts, priorities, habits and routines that are based upon your belief system. Your Life Matters was specifically written for those who truly believe that their life matters, not just for one day, but throughout everyday of their life adventures.

While recording a day journey may appear to be a monumental task, so is walking. Walking requires that we learn to take one step at a time, just like taking one day at a time, in order to move from point A to point B, then C, continuing through your self-directed reality adventures.

Walking requires that we take one step at a time, just like one day at a time, in order to finally move from point A to point B, then C, continuing through your self-directed adventures. My Life Matters, recording your day inspirational journey, is really about setting up a broad foundation of actionable daily success rituals, and perhaps more importantly, seeing your life from a powerful mindset and perspective of sincere gratitude as your living foundation.

Who knows what adventures you are about to experience! Debby Reynolds and Sandra Dee played my part in all the romantic movies based on this plot. Could it — would it happen to me? I was about to take on that challenge and see where life would take me. My adventure would open my innocent eyes to the horror and protests of the Vietnam War as well as racial tensions, and riots in the city where I would live. Yes, my life was about to blossom in the most fantastic directions!

College would be exciting but also challenging as I was about to be dropped from the School of Education. With the help of my family and friends would I grow into the teacher I had been inspired to be by my own First Grade teacher, and hopefully the confident person I felt I could be? Come join me in my second life adventure. And see how my Art classes would bring me true love and my best friend and change my life forever as Two Become One and beyond…. Each image will challenge your imagination as you decide where to add more shapes, dynamic textures, striking patterns, and vivid colors.

Research shows that doodling is truly a natural, healthy and creative experience that helps you remain alert while in a relaxed state of mind. Doodling during meetings can actually help you retain information. Just like putting puzzle pieces together, this book teaches you how to enter deeper levels of creative problem solving. It frees you from relying on old, preconceived ideas, thus heightening your clarity and creativity. So, get out your art supplies and start having fun adding more shapes, more lines, more textures, and more patterns.

Open this amazing book to any page and begin having fun exploring unique doodle designs. You now have a very special book in your hands whose content is about finding your Soul. We simply want to live a happier, loving, and more meaningful life. Quotations about Soul from Plato to contemporary authors, artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, world leaders, and even unique thinkers on social media.

Open this book before you start or end each day and find a quote that brings a smile to your heart. If you ever wondered how to clarify your Soul and where it resides, these quotations will quickly open your eyes and become your favorite daily companion. This is the perfect companion for people who appreciate positive thoughts to brighten their day. This unique collection consists of historic proverbs, poems and contemporary thoughts and ideas from writers, artists, poets, scholars, philosophers, musicians, scientists, celebrities, religious leaders, presidents, and avid gardeners from around the world featuring inspirational garden conversations.

You can open any page and find some of the most beautiful poems and thoughts on gardening, flowers, and nature that are powerful and delightful to share with family and friends. This is one of those timeless editions that families will want to pass from generation to generation.

This amazing collection is the perfect companionin finding over 36, unique Baby Names,but also provides a great resource for fun and clever Nicknames for your friends, family members, co-workers, pets, and belovedman-made objects of desire and pleasure. Names give us our identity. As location,location, location is important to real estate, so is the power hidden within aname extremely important to the person wearing it. Whether forename, surname, nickname, title,alias, or a change in name, names play a very important role in our lives.

Since recorded history, names have allowed usto become familiar with people we have never known and places to which we maynever have traveled. The psychological and financial impact associatedwith each name is known to play either a positive or negative role in school,business, and even personal relationships.

Name identity is very important within our world culture. People legally change their names due tomarriage, divorce, business, theatrical, or for reasons of personal choice. The world has now become our Global palette, uponwhich, we each make our own unique mark. At this point in history we find ourselves exposed to unlimited culturalconnections. Within this wonderful worldof diversity many unique Baby Namescan be found or formed, which we hold personally meaningful and beautiful toour ears, and which we can give as gifts to others.

It has been said that names should appeal to theimagination. So, have fun and becreative! As you begin looking for thatspecial name or nicknames, feel free to modify any name you see on our MasterList to fit your needs, wants, and desires. This is your opportunity to sculpture visual and vocal patters in creatinga very unique Baby Name or Nickname,and give it as a gift of love and respect. Even their use of very simple phrases effectively catch your psychological attention, sometimes without you even knowing how they did it.

So the next time you open an email, click on an ad, read a magazine or newspaper, keep a keen eye open for this powerful language. Grab your softcover volume for under 10 bucks. Simply open this amazing collection to any page and find your perfect power phrase. All it may take is simply adding or replacing ONE word. Ready to use millionaire strategies advancing you to the next level? Stop wasting valuable time, money, and energy racking your brain for new ideas. You now have a very powerful and professional marketing tool in your hand.

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We are confident that you know how to use it wisely in order to maximize the potential of all your marketing campaigns! When I was born, my dad called me Suzie but my older brother pronounced it Boozie. This was the beginning of my humorous and always challenging life in a large family at the beginning of the Baby Boom Generation. It was walking home from this school that I almost got killed, and it changed our lives forever. My story is told with love and laughs as I recall, as best as I can, our family vacations and collections of pets in small town Cedarburg.

Join me as I grow taller than all the boys in my class, learn the science of Psychology by babysitting, and buy my first Beatles album with my sister. Discover my secrets for getting out of Math class, and how to continue playing with dolls beyond the normal age. Our free time was spent at our Public Library which was so small it was above the only Fire Station with its volunteer staff or the new swimming pool that was built just two blocks from our home.

Makes you wonder if any of the boys finally got tall enough or if I ever over came my shyness to finally go out on a date. People develop lists for many things they do in their lives. Lists are an organizational tool we use in many aspects of our lives. We even have grocery lists. There are many types of business, and even a wider variety of customers. Practically everyone has an email account. For that reason, building an email list is one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to grow your business. There are many methods you can use to build your list.

There are also some things you should do and not do. Inside are ideas and tips you can use that will help you in growing quality lists that can help your product, service, or company expand marketing eyeballs. No matter where we are in life, whether at school, home, or work and even while we attempt to relax, have fun, and play, our thoughts are constantly creating the life we know. These same overpowering thoughts constantly drive our behavior, establish our attitudes, and influence our actions, our spirit, our dreams, and especially our health.

For we become our thoughts. But what happens when times get tough, rough, and even brutal? You can combine these CTA phrasing tips to make your call to action even more compelling. In this example, there are three things going on:. I like this type of CTA because it uses unusual language and suggests an easy process. When you understand how your prospect thinks, you can better anticipate his or her reaction to a CTA.

Think about high school.

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Did you join any clubs or teams? Did you apportion part of your identity to those groups? Of course you did. The concept of balance is important in CTAs. If you tell your prospect immediately that you consider yourself and your team experts, they automatically feel safer in your hands. This is a great CTA to use for an online chat opportunity or when you want the prospect to call.

Everyone needs to feel wanted — by friends, by family members, by associates. If you want your prospects to call or email you, let them know — and use a link to do it. Email has never been easier. For instance, maybe you have a dedicated email address like course xyz. If you receive an email there, even with no text or subject line, you know the sender wants information about your course.

You can use them in emails, on social media, and in guest blog posts on other sites. Include them in forums, too, if you wish. Using this CTA tells the user exactly what he or she needs to do to sign up. Using a call to action that invites people to learn more about your company can be extremely effective. It helps increase brand awareness. Remember how I talked about urgency earlier? This CTA suggests either limited quantities of the product or a limited time to take advantage of a deal. Shopping cart abandonment has become a huge problem for businesses, especially in the e-commerce market.

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You can use a CTA like this one to encourage prospective customers to complete the checkout process. If they leave the site, they may lose items in their cart or forget about items they really wanted. The CTA comes across as a friendly reminder. In certain industries, urgency is strong with the consumer rather than the business. If you own a home with a leaky pipe, for instance, you want a plumber to visit your house ASAP. Maybe you offer after-hours or emergency services, or perhaps you have a faster than usual customer service department. The same goes for this CTA.

It communicates to the consumer that you act fast when someone gets in touch. If you want your prospect to send you something via the postal mail, this is an excellent CTA.

The Overlooked Truth About Writing Great Headlines

As I mentioned earlier, people want to feel wanted. People are more likely to click on your CTA if you suggest some sort of incentive. Some business models are more complicated than others. Crazy Egg , for instance, requires some explanation for prospective customers to understand its value. For that reason, sales professionals speak with prospects directly to answer their questions and onboard them. If your business requires communication via phone, use this call-to-action phrase. CTAs belong on every page of your website — even those devoted to customer support or your help desk. Questions often work better as CTAs than definitive statements.

Maybe you do business with people in person. A CTA like this one is perfect. You can also use it if you want to schedule a telephone interview or sales call. Here I go again. Every consumer understands the concept of a sale or clearance. But only if you act now. Businesses all over the world use the gift-with-purchase incentive to convince consumers to buy. It works just as well online as it does off.

It could be a discount off a future purchase, a downloadable asset, or free access to a membership site. Use your imagination. This is a variation on a CTA that encourages consumers to start a free trial or take a tour. You could also use this CTA for a car dealership or similar business. It tells the consumer that you want him or her to have something valuable — something other people might want. This CTA works perfectly in that circumstance. One of the chief barriers to buying products online is shipping costs. Consumers would rather drive across town to pick up something in person than to not only pay for shipping, but wait for the product to arrive.

A sure thing. When you offer a money-back guarantee, consumers feel more confident trying out your product or service. Those who do will appreciate the fact that your company stands behind its promises. This is the urgency concept at its most potent. Using this CTA serves as a form of social proof as well as an incentive to act quickly. It gives a definitely end point to the sale, so your consumers know the clock is ticking. Loss-aversion is a common psychological principle. You can use this principle in marketing. They also apply to events.

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  4. Which Headlines Get Shared?!

If you only have 32 spots open for a webinar or an in-person seminar, for instance, let your audience know it. Write it down in whatever language sounds natural to you. From there, figure out how you can incentivize that action. You want people to take action right away, so your copy needs to be highly persuasive. There are also lots of specific call-to-action phrases you can use for certain circumstances.

In fact, the more specific, the better. When it comes to events, you can use either an inclusive or an exclusive CTA. In other words, do you want people to feel as though they need to meet certain qualifications or possess certain skills to attend? Or do you want to make everyone feel welcome? A few good call-to-action phrases for buyers might include the following:. For instance, my business partner, Neil Patel , has found through years of testing and experimentation that orange works best for his CTA buttons.

On Quicksprout , however, we use green as the primary CTA color. You could use a bold blue for your CTA button:. Orange is a complementary color to blue, so it plays well with it. CTAs are one of the most important considerations when designing any page on your website. You want it to stand out and convince people to click. You also need an aesthetically pleasing design. Use Hello Bar to test all of these call-to-action phrases. My brother suggested I may like this web site. He was totally right. This publish truly made my day. Thank you! Great info. Lucky me I ran across your website by chance stumbleupon.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Using CTAs on Facebook posts can boost click-through rates by nearly percent. Color can make a huge difference in whether or not people click on CTAs. What Does a Call to Action Mean? Who has time for that?