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But the finale will begin in mid-August, as Rosetta shifts into a series of elliptical orbits that bring it progressively closer to the comet. The last one includes the zero-phase flyby where Rosetta saw its own shadow, on February 14, Yesterday, Dawn completed its prime mission. The mission had been campaigning to visit another asteroid Adeona in an extended mission, but NASA announced today that Dawn will remain at Ceres.

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While this may disappoint some, realize that NASA could also have elected not to continue Dawn, as the mission was competing against lots of others for extended-mission funding, so it's good news it's being extended. As always, check the Photojournal for the latest images! Juno is now just 3 days and less than 4 million kilometers from Jupiter orbit insertion.

As of yesterday, it's on autopilot; Earth will just wait and watch it go through orbit insertion, hopefully successfully, on July 4 at local California time July 5 , UTC. I'll be doing lots of Juno updates over the next few days; read all my coverage here. While you wait, you can visit the JunoCam website to discuss features visible in amateur astronomers' Jupiter images , and the JunoCam team really wants you to participate! Cassini has just on June 29 passed through periapsis on its Rev , just outside the orbit of Rhea.

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Its orbit is inclined to enable it to study the rings from high above and below. It's also studying Saturn's polar aurora. Now that Juno is arriving at Jupiter, we'll have two spacecraft studying two different giant planets' response to the same solar weather at the same time, which is pretty cool. During the period around Juno's arrival, Cassini won't be able to use the meter dishes of the Deep Space Network to return data, so its data volume will be lower than normal.

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It reaches apoapsis on July 11, beginning Rev , and periapsis again on July Just after that, it will fly by Titan on July 25 at an altitude of kilometers, a relatively close encounter that will tip Cassini's orbit to an inclination of The close flyby will enable it to acquire a radar swath across Titan, the last that Cassini will take of Titan's high southern latitudes.

As always, check the raw images page for the latest views from Cassini's cameras. Thanks to Jason Perry for the information in this paragraph.

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New Horizons ' extended mission to Kuiper belt object MU69 has been approved! And that's not the only great New Horizons news this month. It includes LORRI images, 61 of them from the "core" phase of the encounter when all the highest-resolution images were acquired. There are MVIC images, 12 of them from the core phase. I've downloaded the data set and will try to get a handle on it soon. The latest team blog posts are one by Rick Binzel on writing the new textbook on the Pluto system, and one by Alex Parker on Canadian contributions to the mission.

Here's my favorite of the images they released last month:. Finally, the Voyagers are still going, going, going. Voyager 1 is at Become a member of The Planetary Society and together we will create the future of space exploration.

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Be part of this epic point in space exploration history! For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Contains links to past diagrams. The planet is roughly 34 arcseconds in diameter at this distance. At that altitude, Rosetta did not completely block the Sun as seen from the surface, so the shadow is fuzzy rather than sharp and spans about 20 by 50 meters.

The image frames are about meters across. They appear to change in brightness because OSIRIS was rotating different-color filters across the optics from one image to the next. From left to right, they are Ganymede, Io, and Europa. Pluto's dark side New Horizons took this stunning image of Pluto only a few minutes after closest approach on July 14, The image was obtained at a high phase angle -- that is, with the sun on the other side of Pluto, as viewed by New Horizons. Seen here, sunlight filters through and illuminates Pluto's complex atmospheric haze layers.

The southern portions of the nitrogen ice plains informally named Sputnik Planum, as well as mountains of the informally named Norgay Montes, can also be seen across Pluto's crescent at the top of the image. Looking back at Pluto with images like this gives New Horizons scientists information about Pluto's hazes and surface properties that they can't get from images taken on approach.

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The image has a resolution of meters per pixel. Pluto's diameter is 2, kilometers. A controverisal idea, obviously given Ceres's small size , but sublimation alone isn't going to be getting sodium carbonate onto Ceres' surface on very recent timescales Olaf's diagrams are an insightful resource and they can also help to illustrate those areas of planetary research which are currently being neglected such as the Uranian and Neptunian systems and prominent asteroids such as Pallas, Hygiea, Euphrosyne, Europa and Interamnia, for example.

Leave a Comment You must be logged in to submit a comment. Log in now. Once you have an accurate picture of your cash flow--past and projected--you can begin to clearly identify and deal with patterns you see. For example, do you have seasonality issues that cause your business to slow down in certain seasons? If so, you can make sure you don't build up assets, inventory, or staffing at a time when your business is about to slow down.

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Also, when you know about a down time, you can proactively come up with ideas to stabilize your income see the next strategy. Strategy 4: If you deal with seasonality, look for ways to sell more in offseason times so the dips aren't so great. Remember, his company's busy season starts in spring and runs through fall, which is tough on his business as he has a full-time sales and technical staff with all the overhead that entails. This past year, Klayton implemented a new strategy to go after the multi-family building market, which included both service and repair work as well as major capital improvements for these buildings.

This moderated his cash flow and allowed him to keep his talented service tech team working in the slow times.

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Strategy 5: Plan for external factors that could impact your sales or expenses. Another important exercise to stabilize income and expenses is to make a list of external factors outside of your control that could affect your cash flow and your forecast. You'll be surprised how powerful the return on a few hours a quarter of quiet reflective time spent on a structure review on outside forces that impact sales or expenses can be in moderating your cash flow. If you must have a cancellation clause to let your customer cancel, see if you can include a notice provision that requires sixty- to ninety-day or longer notice.

The longer your sales cycle or production cycle, the more important it is for you to have "clues" that tell you where you stand on closing the business or producing your product or service.

For example, one of our business coaching clients does a monthly calculation of the potential sales in his prospect pipeline to give him is expected sales volume over the next days. The idea is that if you can spot a problem early enough, you can do something about it.

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It's those "surprises" that can derail your business. If you sell a product or service that is a "one time" purchase, what can you do to expand on this sales opportunity? For example, is there any service plan that would enhance their ownership of your product? Could you create and offer a next-phase service to follow your product offering? In combination, all 8 of these strategies will help you stabilize your cash flow and make it more predictable.

For more ideas on growing your business, including a free tool kit with 21 in-depth video trainings to help you scale your business and get your life back, click here.