Debt Consolidation Strategies -Take This Opportunity Achieve Financial Freedom Fast And Easy!

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Unfortunately, this is not something that has been embraced by most of the American population. As recently as , Americans actually had a negative savings rate. On the other hand, though, the most successful entrepreneurs are almost always frugal. As an article on Yahoo. It means not being careless with your money. Instead of taking loans out to purchase a luxury vehicle, save that money so that you can expand your business. This should not be surprising. What this boils down to is what economists call time preference.

Rent-to-own televisions, computers and furniture and even things like car loans are simply transfers of wealth from the impatient to the patient. This is all bad debt. This simple distinction is critical. Now, sometimes bad debt is necessary, such as with medical debts. But whenever possible, bad debts should be avoided. Nothing better illustrates the importance of this than the famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. In the experiment, young children were given a simple choice; eat one marshmallow now, or wait in a room alone with the marshmallow without eating it for 15 minutes and get two.

The majority failed miserably and yielded to the temptation of the first marshmallow. Does Yours Lead to Financial Freedom? But a few succeeded. Most of them had to fight their sweet tooth tooth and nail to get by.

Pay it off for good – Debt Consolidation 101

But they somehow managed and got to indulge in two marshmallows after the long and torturous wait. Many years later, the researchers followed up with the kids in the experiment. James Clear notes the results as follows:. After all, most of us have lived off of less in the past. Excess savings is a key factor in being able to build a real estate investment career or even just a comfortable nest egg. Andrew Syrios has been investing in real estate for over a decade and is a partner with Stewardship Investments, LLC along with his brother Phillip and father Bill.

Today, they have over properties and just under units. Stewardship Properties on the whole has just under 1, units in six states. Andrew has been a writer for BiggerPockets on real estate and business management since American schools offer zero financial education past how to write a check.

Pick a strategy

I vividly remember being taught in some economics class what parts of a check to fill out. No mention of having money in the bank to cover the check, and absolutely nothing about delayed gratification. An excellent article, Andrew.

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Great Article. The concept of frugality was introduced to me by the millionaire next door and Dave Ramsey. Although the rates are low in comparison to credit cards out still robs you of cash flow that could be utilized to invest in RE. And no matter how frugal you are students loan robs you of alot.

I also think that the issue of frugality is partially derived from a lack of financial education because if the time value of money would be taught in schools I feel that some NOT ALL would be able to give up spending now knowing that a dollar invested properly would be worth more. I think student loans are a toss up.

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  • You work instead of partying, you work. You can join the military to get free education. It takes time away from somethings but people in the military also invest in real estate moving from duty station to duty station.

    Great article Andrew! Additionally, I also strongly agree it is crazy we still do not offer our next generation a better chance to succeed financially by offering a better approach within our education system!!! Come on……. Great article. I actually went to a high school that taught us to fill out checks. We briefly covered budgets too. It is amazing what the educational system just expects you to know. LendingTree connects you with lenders from its network so you can compare and choose the best loan rates, fees and terms that fit your specific financial situation.

    Why Go With Freedom Debt Relief

    LendingTree, with its aggressive online and offline media budget, has become a household name. LendingTree offers home loans, auto loans, personal loans, student loans, business loans, and credit card offers. The service promises efficiency and the ability to search multiple providers on behalf of the customer. The company claims to offer loan approvals in as quickly as one business day.

    Their mailer indicates to consumers that they have been preselected for a personal loan without any mention of debt relief. The company's practice seems to be to flip the consumer to a more expensive debt relief product. Americor Funding is one of the many debt settlement companies popping up that promises to help you climb out of a financial pit. Unfortunately, it seems like Americor Funding is yet another bait-and-switch company that is prying on people with a poor financial record and further plunging them into debt or financial crisis with poor advice.

    Consumers believe they are applying for a loan when in fact they will be referred to an outside attorney to negotiate their debts and charge additional fees. Due to a mix of bait and switch tactics, an aggressive sales team and poor customer support, we can not in good faith recommend Salvation Funding.

    Financial Freedom and Comfort - The Simple Dollar

    Their method of approaching customers is borderline bullying and their strategies used to sell their services are at the very least questionable. Once an application is completed Pebblestone determines which program or loans you may qualify for. Pebblestone Financial markets its business primarily through direct mail campaigns offering a low interest rate to sub-prime credit borrowers.

    Due to a mix of bait and switch tactics, an aggressive sales team and poor customer support, we can not in good faith recommend Pebblestone Financial. The process of combing various unsecured debts — credit cards, payday loans, personal loans, medical bills, etc. So, rather than paying off 15 creditors individually each month, you combine all the bills into a single payment and only write a single check. This simplifies your life and helps avoid payment errors that can result in bounced check fess and late payment penalties. None of these options will provide you with a quick fix, however, they are designed for your benefit as long-term debt reduction strategies.

    A Debt Settlement Program will negatively impact your credit score but not nearly as bad as filing for bankruptcy. It is a cost effective way to resolve your debts. Professional negotiators attempt to settle your debts with your creditors and then create a payback of 2 to 5 years that you can comfortably afford. Once that payback period end, you would be debt free! She would like to have that much money with her so she can maintain her lifestyle with the Interest income out of the savings.

    Her name was Ritika. Me — So How do you think this goal be achieved? Ritika — By making an investment in High yielding instruments. Me — Ok. How do you define your lifestyle? I mean what amount do you require to maintain your Lifestyle? Ritika — That, I have not thought of yet. Not sure how to do that. Me — Tell me your expenses or cash outflow Break up? Me -Wow!! But when you earn so well, why was the need of taking loans?

    My Strategy to Pay Off $92,000 of Student Loan Debt

    He suggested that we should fund our big-ticket expenses through a loan which was available at low rates then and invest the money in Insurance Policies which have given very good returns in the past. So, we did what he suggested. And we have verified this from different articles available on the Internet too. Me — So why you are here? I mean, what made you attend my Session. Me — Ritika. You first have to understand what Financial Freedom is all about. Now you have to give me a few minutes to explain my point of view.

    Our views may be same but approaches differ a lot. Financial Freedom though has a monetary angle attached to it but it is actually a state of mind.

    Achieve Financial Freedom – Work responsibly with money

    It is the feeling, the state when there is no worry of the monetary responsibilities as they have already been taken care of or will be taken care of since you have made the required provisions. It is the stage when you work what you love or when you start loving your work. It is never something in comparison, as in your neighbour is freer than you or your friends do better than you. Freedom tastes equal to every person. Attaining and Sustaining Freedom both are actually difficult. In fact, Sustaining is more difficult. Freedom brings along responsibility to manage it well, but generally, at this stage, one gets into a comfort zone and do not value the efforts put in to reach this stage.