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Nel, Magderie University of Pretoria , Three different spaces, all interrelated, are explored: desert space, monastic space and city Psalm 32 is considered by the majority of investigators to be a psalm of thanksgiving with a mix of wisdom poetry. In this article, the thesis is defended that it was devised from the beginning as a wisdom-teaching psalm Johan Hendrik , OpenJournals Publishing , Psalm 32 is widely regarded as a psalm of thanksgiving with elements of wisdom poetry intermingled into it.

The wisdom elements are variously explained as having been present from the beginning, or as having been added Haskins, Susan L. Juta Law , In recent years there has been a surge of homophobia across Africa. Among the arguments of this discourse against homosexuality is that homosexuality is a pattern of behaviour, not an orientation, that such behaviour This study combines a description of the communication structures in Ps 50 with an investigation of the underlying Pentateuchal traditions and their use in the psalm.

This psalm, predominantly composed of prophetic Old Testament Society of South Africa , This article addresses the issue of so-called Deuteronomistic influence on the book of Jeremiah. The article posits that in the case of Jer it would be far more prudent to concentrate on the implicit definition By reading this dialogue in tandem with the Vita Apollonii, which includes several Bestial or human lusts? The representation of the matron and her sexuality in Apuleius, Metamorphoses Classical Association of South Africa , These studies have centred on the main character, The interpretation and polemical use of Ps by Ephrem the Syrian c.

It seems that Ephrem was hesitant to speculate about the relationship between God the Father and Jesus on the basis Mulaudzi, N. Nkhumiseni University of Pretoria , The main purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the African and the Ancient Near Eastern tradition with regard to the ancestral consultation. Groenewald, Marc University of Pretoria , The mysterious Sea Peoples are groups thought to have entered the Orient towards the end of the Late Bronze Age time period.

Their impact on the region was seemingly influential and one of the contributing factors leading Kritzinger, J. Potgieter, Annette OpenJournals Publishing , The discernment of Psalm 26 as a cultic psalm has prevented noticing vital connections with wisdom literature.

These connections with Proverbs and other known wisdom psalms provide clues for the composition of Psalm 26 to Botha, Philippus Jacobus ; Kritzinger, J. Insitute for Afro-Hellenic Studies , Mondriaan, Marlene Elizabeth Unisa Press , Important Aramaic papyri documents have been discovered at the fortified city on the island of Elephantine in the Nile River. These documents describe, inter alia, the lives of a group of Jewish mercenaries and their Suffering is a universal human experience. It causes an existential crisis and a struggle to construct meaning.

When suffering is expressed through the medium of language, it is often done in terms of bodily experience in In this study I will critically discuss Chrysostom's treatment of power and violence in his "Commentary on Psalms". When the Jews suffer from violence, Chrysostom believes that it is justified because they have tortured Psalm 53 is an adapted version of Ps 14, crafted to fit in among a cluster of psalms consisting of Pss Each of these psalms is described in their respective headings as a "Maskil," while Pss 52 and 54 each also have Brill , The usual response has been to interpret One important objection against accepting the authenticity of the Syriac Sermon on Palm Sunday as being from the hand of Ephrem the Syrian, is the use of explicit Trinitarian language in lines of the sermon.

Loader, J. The assumption that the Book of Proverbs Habakkuk 3 is one of the most controversial texts in the Hebrew Bible. Diverging opinions have been expressed on literally every facet of the text. Quite surprising though, interpreters are virtually unanimous in their Van Aarde, A. Andries G. Die doel van hierdie studie is om die relevansie van Gattungsforschung by die vasstelling van "betekenis" te ondersoek.

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Dit word gedoen deur hoofsaaklik die Nuwe-Testamentiese makarisme as Gattung nader te belig en die The article revisits the thesis of Walter Beyerlin from that Psalm 52 is a paraeneticdidactic Wisdom poem from the late Persian period. Beyerlin reached his conclusion from a comparison of Psalm 52 with post-exilic In this article, a stichometric and poetic analysis of Psalm 52 is offered which forms the basis for a description of the character of the rich but crooked antagonist and the pious protagonist in the psalm.

The profile Prior to the discovery of the Ugaritic texts at Ras Shamra in , the Hebrew Bible was considered the leading authority on the Canaanite religion.

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An abundance of tablets were uncovered at Ras Shamra, disclosing that Schader, Jo-Mari Unisa Press , The problematic structure of Psalm 47, on which there is no consensus, comes under scrutiny in this study as it makes interpretation of some key themes in the psalm difficult. The main concern of this study is an analysis Wessels, Leana Unisa Press , Adendorff, Melissa Unisa Press , The ancient Near Eastern social values of honour and shame are textually portrayed through the behaviour and beliefs of characters in a narrative.

An example of the narrative and textual portrayal of these social values In the ancient world this term could function as an ethnic and linguistic marker to designate another people Paul's apparent lack of preaching to the inhabitants of Malta in Acts and his seeming indifference to being called 'a god' form a stark contrast to his usual missionary pattern in the narrative of Acts, possibly Psalm 26 is interpreted by the majority of scholars as a cultic psalm.

This has limited research on Psalm There are clear traces of sapiential influence in Psalm 26 concerning its intricately well-thought concentric Martin Johannes University of Pretoria , This study aims to point out the literary and socio-historical relationship between the prayers of Esther Est.

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By making use of a literary analysis in terms of syntax, Geyser, Anna Barbara University of Pretoria , Met die gebeurtenis het talle moontlikhede vir die wetenskaplike bestudering van 'n groot Baird, Anna Catharina University of Pretoria , In hierdie studie is die bydrae wat sosiaal-wetenskaplike kritiek as analitiese metode vir die verstaan van die boek Ester kan maak, ondersoek. Liptak, Roman University of Pretoria , Intertextuality, a handy label that signals interconnectedness between texts, has a long history of interconnectedness with texts. As an inherent feature of all literature, it could not have escaped biblical criticism.

Coombes, Michael James University of Pretoria , Nagel, Peter University of Pretoria , Steenkamp, Johan Jacobus University of Pretoria , In the Ancient World the god Apollo has traditionally been associated with poets and their art and in the Augustan age, the Golden Age of Roman literature, use of the image of Apollo is important for the understanding of Janse van Rensburg, Hanre University of Pretoria , Most studies done on the subject of this mini-dissertation have only focused on the differences in chronological detail and text — searching for the facts behind the different accounts.

Much attention has thus been paid This investigation of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas focuses on the question why the author of this infancy gospel narrated the mighty deeds — either received as blessings or as curses — as though the child Jesus were an Day, Charles R University of Pretoria , An investigation of the Beatitudes of Matthew: Between oral tradition and Greek text investigates the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew.

It starts with the Greek text as it is known today and works backwards to uncover Howes, Llewellyn University of Pretoria , This study was motivated by the desire to make a difference in the world. A better understanding of how ancient peoples perceived the phenomenon of war, and how these perceptions were shaped by social values, can hold great Please read the abstract in the section 03back of this document. Naude, Jacobus Adriaan University of Pretoria , Please read the abstract in the section 00front of this document Two volumes in one. Steenkamp, Johan University of Pretoria , Vergil's poems are exceptionally complex and polyhedral.

An understanding and interpretation of the deeper meaning are further hindered by the fluency of the surface structure. A structural analysis is an excellent way to The impetus of this study is that by understanding the way John Chrysostom flor. Please read the abstract in the section 04back of this document. Leeflang, Arne Karl University of Pretoria , In Book VI of the Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle makes the assumption that there are five states of the soul through which we interact with truth.

He continues Book VI with a discussion of his intended meaning of each of Although there is quite a difference in time between the writing of the Hebrew Bible and the carving of the Ugaritic texts, researchers are still discovering similarities between the two text corpuses for example new word Du Toit, Marietjie University of Pretoria , The meaning of these two verses has long been debated cf. Dalton , Gericke, Jacobus Wilhelm University of Pretoria , Read the abstract in the section 00front of this document.

Mondriaan, Marlene Elizabeth University of Pretoria , Gerhardus Jacobus , University of Pretoria , Please read the abstract in the section 00front of this document.

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  5. Biblical scholars have grown increasingly aware of the importance of looking at texts not only in their historical or literary contexts, but also in their socio-cultural contexts. Many studies have shown that honour and My motivation and purpose of this research particularly evolve around the question on the origin of Yahweh and the development of Yahwism, as well as the role of marginal groups in the maintaining of a pre-exilic Yahweh-alone Venter, Louis University of Pretoria , He is extensively quoted in debates on homosexuality, Feinberg, J.

    Ethics for a Brave New World. Wheaton, Ill: Crossway Books. Maritz, P. Petrus Jacobus University of Pretoria , Please read the abstract in the section 00front Summeries , of this document. The book of Ecclesiastes is infamous as a piece of controversial literature. Understanding illness and health care in the ancient world, and especially within ancient Israel, is not an easy undertaking.

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    Most of the research done on Israelite health care focuses on the identification of disease Psalm 47 - how universal is its universalism? The hypothesis of this study is as follows: If Psalm 47 is analysed intra-, inter and extratextually, we will be able to gain greater insight into the cultural and historical context in which it originated, the cultic use Die Simfonie-orkes in die Psalmbundel.

    Manders, Cobus University of Pretoria , In the Old Testament there are many references to musical instruments and each one performs its own specific function. Especially in the Psalms we come across quite a few musical instruments. What is very obvious is the De Villiers, Gerda University of Pretoria , Understanding Gilgamesh — brokenly — is to understand life brokenly. The Epic of Gilgamesh is the narrative of life.

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    6. It records the full cycle of the nerve and aplomb of youth, of the doubt and crisis of midlife, of the Kruger, Veroni University of Pretoria , The discourse was analyzed into colons on syntactic Hasse, Paul University of Pretoria , Afrikaans: Hierdie proefskrif is ' n kommentaar op die anoniem oorgelewerde gedig De Laude Pisonis wat deesdae meestal aan Calpurnius Siculus toegeskryf word, 'n digter van ekloges uit die middel van die eerste eeu n. In the year the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth two millennia ago is celebrated.

      If Jesus was seen as merely a historical figure, the significance of his life would be no different from that of people like Socrates or This study traces the discursive links between early Christian oikonomia, pastoral governmentality and slave-management in the Deutero-Pauline and Petrine haustafeln. It especially utilises the concepts of discipline, Following on a study of the perception of human beauty in the Old Testament, this article proposes to extend the topic by enquiring into the perception of what is beautiful in that which humans do.

      Apart from pictorial These views range from seeing the Several texts are advanced in an argument that, where remembering is aided by an This article argued that Psalm 37 and Proverbs 1—4 served as sources for the composition of Psalm 1. The present article aims to investigate the reception of this text The paper investigates the literary and theological provenance of Ps It is shown that Ps 91 in its present form was composed by someone who had access to Proverbs, in particular Prov 3, while Ps 91 itself played The battle of Leuctra was fought in BC and represents a turning point in Greek history.

      For a long time the Spartans had held military dominance on any battlefield they entered, but this battle put an end to that The distinction between story and discourse has become all but canonical in narratology. This article investigates the viability of this approach with reference to the narratological analysis of biblical narratives. Psalm 31 seems to be a late post-exilic text. It displays numerous similarities with other psalms, and also with the prophetic books of Jonah and Jeremiah.

      This paper proposes to investigate the nature of the literary This paper contends that Ps 12 should be read, as part of the composition Pss 9—14, as a response to and an explication of Prov —14 by exponents of Wisdom thinking in the Persian period. The suffering of the righteous Who were the Kenites? This article examines the Kenite tribe, particularly considering their importance as suggested by the Kenite hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, the Kenites, and the Midianites, were the peoples who introduced Sutton, Lodewyk Unisa Press , A comparison will be made between Psalm in the Old Testament and mythological imagery in the ancient Near East to get a better understanding It has always been tragic and ironic that hunger should exist in a world of plenty.

      This topic has been discussed from an economic, social, theological, The hymn Contra Haereses XXV by Ephrem is translated into English and the use of poetic devices such as metaphor, antithesis, apostrophe, invocatio, hyperbole and acoustic techniques to enhance the argumentative quality It is contended in this article that Biblical texts can no longer be interpreted without taking cognisance of the contribution that the social sciences can make to the process of interpretation. Psalm is analysed The so-called Enthronement Psalms, that is Psalms 47, 93, 96, 97, 98 and 99, are described in this investigation as a distinctive group of psalms which constitute a similar illocutionary act.

      This act is defined against Barkhuizen, J. Although the use of imagery in Early Christian and Byzantine homiletics can be defined as common device, one does often find examples i. The aim of this paper is to show that the origin of the Christian Doctrine on the 'Descensus Christi ad Inferos' can be found in Jewish Christianity. It will also be argued that the development of Jewish hope offered the Biblical scholars have become increasingly aware of the importance of looking at texts not only in their historical or literary contexts, but also in their socio-cultural context.

      Van der Walt, Larry C. Institute for Afro-Hellenic Studies , In this article the author compares the LXX prayers of Esther and Judith, paying special attention to structure and style. It is often stated in theology books that there is not one explicit depiction of Jesus' crucifixion or of the empty tomb in the pre-Constantine period of time.

      Some scholars want then to conclude that the death and Scharneck, Rudolph Unisa Press , The first pericope division of the book of Joel is problematic. There is a great deal of disagreement among scholars and Bible translators about where the text should be demarcated. Consequently, this article attempts to Ps is studied as a composition sui generis in terms of its poetic features and ideological intent. It is subsequently also compared to its two donor texts Ps 57 and Ps 60 to determine how the selection and editorial With the help of reception-aesthetic considerations and with regard to the hermeneutics of the book and canonical theology, the beginning of the book of Psalms is interpreted as an introduction to the message of the whole Botha, Philippus Jacobus ; Potgieter, J.

      This article investigates some of the similarities between the Torah-psalms and Psalm This article begins by making a number of general observations on the meaning of biblical figures of speech. The images found in Psalm 1 are subsequently investigated in more detail. This is done with the help of syntactic, Narrative theory, especially as it pertains to biblical narrative, is in a nebulous state. This article points out the enduring importance of narrative criticism for biblical narrative by way of a comparison between the Psalm 47 is investigated intertextually with Psalms 46 and 48 in terms of their representation of space to determine to where Yahweh ascends in Psalm An overview is also given of the theory of Critical Spatiality as Many sermons of Peter Chrysologus have been preserved for us.

      Five of these sermons deal with the parable of the Lost Son. In this article these five sermons are studied from an economical perspective. These sermons will The author of Psalm 47 appears to be occupied with the relationship of three role-players, namely God, Israel and the nations. The relationship of the three role-players is investigated by employing a social-scientific Recently, studies have illustrated that honour and shame were core values in the Mediterranean world in general and in the Bible too.

      These studies usually resort to classical sources to support the claims being made. The latter phrase is elliptical, and it is not clear what type of involvement from the Father is meant. This article examines how Bloemfontein Edition.

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