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You are correct that we do not attempt to browbeat a patient with his prognosis.

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Your approach of reflecting his status to him and allowing him to observe his own prognosis seems a very rational approach 4. You are also correct about Zofran. There are no controlled studies that find it superior in general nausea. It is a bit cleaner in terms of side effects, however.

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September 16, at PM. Against nausea It can work. I use also Domperidone as you use Metoclopramida. Tous, medico general.

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Re: nausea. The clear answer to a question about opiate-related nausea was "needs an antiemetic" but the only available choice on the MCQ was ondansetron. Interesting given the lack of evidence. Re: reiterating the prognosis until he "got it".

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So often, the consult question is "please help us with EOL communication and decision making" but the actual agenda is "please make sure the pt chooses hospice" or "please make sure the pt does what we recommend". It's often a challenge, isn't it? I thought your approach was very reasonable and I'm going to borrow it. September 17, at PM.

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CRPS can be relieved very well with subanesthetic ketamine. Lots of literature out there on its use in chronic pain, particularly those on high doses of opioids. Some are using it with PCA for this purpose, but Board of Registered Nursing and other regulatory bodies may have restrictions on where and when it can be used.

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September 20, at PM. Drew Rosielle MD said…. Alex, a lively post. CRPS: it's serious, it's not life-limiting. You cannot see, smell, or taste radon, but it still may be a problem in your home. When you breathe air containing radon, you increase your risk of getting lung cancer. In fact, the Surgeon General of the United States has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. Formaldehyde is a chemical commonly used in the manufacture of building materials and numerous household products.

At room temperature, formaldehyde vaporizes into the air, potentially causing serious health problems. It is also a by-product of combustion process. SP seems to fall in the same lines. Once you register yourself in the network then, I would suggest you to click on the Home button.

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As shown in the below screen grab, the home screen looks like this:. Personal Profile: This is your space where you need to add your personal information. This space also allows you to send messages to your friends, check your notifications, friend list, albums, business, meetups, etc. In short, it provides a complete snapshot of your entire profile and activities that you have performed on the social network. Business Potpourrian: Is one of the interesting features where you get to list your business.

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You are allowed to share your business information with the community and get reviews on it. When creating one you can add all the details of your business and what kind of service is being provided. You can also add your logo and contact details of your business. As a user you can search the business section, as they are labeled under a certain set of groups, making the connection between client and customer easy.

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