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The list of the 31 kings is quasi-tabular:. Having described how the Israelites and Joshua have carried out the first of their God's commands, the narrative now turns to the second: to "put the people in possession of the land. This land distribution is a "covenantal land grant": Yahweh , as king, is issuing each tribe its territory. The Transjordanian tribes are dismissed, affirming their loyalty to Yahweh.

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The book reaffirms Moses' allocation of land east of the Jordan to the tribes of Reuben and Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh Joshua ; cf. Numbers , and then describes how Joshua divided the newly conquered land of Canaan into parcels, and assigned them to the tribes by lot. The wording of Joshua suggests that the tribes of Reuben, Gad, Judah , Ephraim and Manasseh received their land allocation some time before the "remaining seven tribes", and a member expedition set out to survey the remainder of the land with a view to organising the allocation to the tribes of Simeon , Benjamin , Asher , Naphtali , Zebulun , Issachar and Dan.

Subsequently, 48 cities with their surrounding lands were allocated to the Tribe of Levi Joshua , cf. Numbers Omitted in the Masoretic Text , but present in the Septuagint , is a statement that:. By the end of chapter 21, the narrative records that the fulfilment of God's promise of land, rest and supremacy over the enemies of the Israelites was complete. Joshua The tribes to whom Moses had granted land east of the Jordan are authorized to return home to Gilead here used in the widest sense for the whole Transjordan district , [13] having faithfully 'kept the charge' Joshua , English Revised Version of supporting the tribes occupying Canaan.

They are granted "riches Joshua, in his old age and conscious that he is "going the way of all the earth" Joshua , gathers the leaders of the Israelites together and reminds them of Yahweh's great works for them, and of the need to love Yahweh Joshua The Israelites are told - just as Joshua himself had been told Joshua - that they must comply with "all that is written in the Book of the Law of Moses" Joshua , neither "turn[ing] aside from it to the right hand or to the left" i. Joshua meets again with all the people at Shechem in chapter 24 and addresses them a second time. He recounts the history of God's formation of the Israelite nation, beginning with " Terah , the father of Abraham and Nahor , [who] lived beyond the Euphrates River and worshiped other gods" Joshua He invited the Israelites to choose between serving the Lord who had delivered them from Egypt , or the gods which their ancestors had served on the other side of the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land they now lived.

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He then erected a memorial stone "under the oak that was by the sanctuary of the Lord" in Shechem Joshua The oak is associated with the Oak of Moreh where Abram had set up camp during his travels in this area Genesis It derives from the custom of sacrifice , in which the victims were cut in pieces and offered to the deity invoked in ratification of the engagement. There were no Levitical cities given to the descendants of Aaron in Ephraim, so theologians Carl Friedrich Keil and Franz Delitzsch suppose the land may have been at Geba in the territory of the Tribe of Benjamin : "the situation, 'upon the mountains of Ephraim', is not at variance with this view, as these mountains extended, according to Judges , etc.

In some manuscripts and editions of the Septuagint , there is an additional verse relating to the apostasy of the Israelites after Joshua's death. The Book of Joshua is an anonymous work. The Babylonian Talmud , written in the 3rd to 5th centuries CE, attributed it to Joshua himself, but this idea was rejected as untenable by John Calvin — 64 , and by the time of Thomas Hobbes — it was recognised that the book must have been written much later than the period it depicted.

The prevailing scholarly view is that Joshua is not a factual account of historical events. In the s Martin Noth made a sweeping criticism of the usefulness of the Book of Joshua for history.

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Albright questioned the "tenacity" of etiologies, which were key to Noth's analysis of the campaigns in Joshua. Archaeological evidence in the s showed that the city of Ai , an early target for conquest in the putative Joshua account, had existed and been destroyed, but in the 22nd century BCE. Kenyon argued that the early Israelite campaign could not be historically corroborated, but rather explained as an etiology of the location and a representation of the Israelite settlement.

In , G. Ernest Wright discussed the correlation of archaeological data to the early Israelite campaigns, which he divided into three phases per the Book of Joshua. He pointed to two sets of archaeological findings that "seem to suggest that the biblical account is in general correct regarding the nature of the late thirteenth and twelfth-eleventh centuries in the country" i.

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As an alternative to both the military conquest and uncontested infiltration hypotheses, George Mendenhall and Norman Gottwald suggested that the Israelites emerged through a kind of peasant revolt against their Canaanite lords. Arguing against this view Gary A. Rendsburg says that archaeological findings presented by Israel Finkelstein in undermined this idea because the Israelites' first settled areas were not held by Canaanites, whose cities were sustained alongside Israelite areas.

The Book of Joshua holds little historical value.

The overarching theological theme of the Deuteronomistic history is faithfulness and God's mercy, and their opposites, faithlessness and God's wrath. In the Book of Judges , the Books of Samuel , and the Books of Kings , the Israelites become faithless and God ultimately shows his anger by sending his people into exile.

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The Book of Joshua takes forward Deuteronomy's theme of Israel as a single people worshipping Yahweh in the land God has given them. For example, the walls of Jericho fall because Yahweh fights for Israel, not because the Israelites show superior fighting ability. Chapter even hints that the land across the Jordan is unclean and that the tribes who live there have secondary status.

Land is the central topic of Joshua. For exilic and post-exilic readers, the land was both the sign of Yahweh's faithfulness and Israel's unfaithfulness, as well as the centre of their ethnic identity. In Deuteronomistic theology, "rest" meant Israel's unthreatened possession of the land, the achievement of which began with the conquests of Joshua. The purpose is to drive out and dispossess the Canaanites, with the implication that there are to be no treaties with the enemy, no mercy , and no intermarriage.

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Miller in his commentary on Deuteronomy remarks, "there is no real way to make such reports palatable to the hearts and minds of contemporary readers and believers. Obedience versus disobedience is a constant theme of the work. Disobedience appears in the story of Achan stoned for violating the herem command , the Gibeonites , and the altar built by the Transjordan tribes.

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