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To date, it has been difficult to quantify learning in a way that can be measured and compared. By coding the design of e-learning courses, this study demonstrates how learning design is being implemented on a large scale at the Open University UK, and how learning analytics could support as well as benefit from learning design.

Building on our previous work, our analysis was conducted longitudinally on 23 undergraduate distance learning modules and their 40, students. The innovative aspect of this study is the availability of fine-grained learning design data at individual task level, which allows us to consider the connections between learning activities, and the media used to produce the activities.

Mixing and Matching OER with different CC Licenses

Using a combination of visualizations and social network analysis, our findings revealed a diversity in how learning activities were designed within and between disciplines as well as individual learning activities. By reflecting on the learning design in an explicit manner, educators are empowered to compare and contrast their design using their own institutional data. These tones look great color-blocked meaning wearing one color as your top, and one as your bottom , or worn all together, as this model demonstrates with her striped ensemble.

All right, I'm going to bring up another elementary-school art idea: The color wheel. Remember it?

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Basically, it's the entire rainbow in a circle. Shades that are next to each other here are called analogous colors.

10 Ways To Mix And Match 10 Wardrobe Essentials

Hues that are opposite each other are called contrasting colors. Now that we've got that out of the way, generally speaking, colors that are next to each other on the wheel look great when styled together.

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As an example, check out this model's yellow and green look. Other great combos include green and blue, and pink and red.

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Give them a try, too! Let's revisit the opposites on the color wheel.

Mixing and Matching

Just because they're on different sides doesn't mean they don't go together in an ensemble. The model in the image above illustrates this point with her bright yellow earrings and purple dress.

If you want to take your mixing up a notch, try a style similar to the one the model is wearing in the photo below. Mixing and matching cushions. Bringing pattern and colour into your home will add personality and style. Luckily, cushions and throws are one of the easiest and less expensive ways to add colour.

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Here are a few steps and some tips for the perfect mix! Colour Do some research on which colours look good together. Share this Post. Related Posts.