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How can I heal? What can I learn from this relationship? Which path is best for me? How can I live more authentically? Looking back on my life, what have I learned so far? And looking forward, where do I want to go in my life?

The Dream Oracle: Discover Your Hidden Depths Through Symbolism and the Tarot

Ironically dreams can help you awaken from the sleepiness of daily life! Dreams also present opportunities for unconscious habits to be revealed in the light of awareness.

Shining the light on your life helps you release the past, embrace the moment and grow with the understanding that you are not your problems and limitations. You are the one who shines the light of consciousness on them. How does this dream expand my self-awareness to help me grow? W hat is revealed in the light of awareness by this dream? How can I practice using this awareness in daily life to more fully ex press my authentic being? For any dream ask yourself, does this dream speak to me about the desires living in my heart?

How could I live differently if I choose to honor this desire of my heart?

The Alphabetic Dream Code

Marie-Louise von Franz likened a dream experience to a sip from the waters of life that vivify us. When dreaming, we are in contact with the depths of our psyche where the wisdom of life flows through us. Our dream dramas present challenges and choices that can actually guide us in our waking lives. For any dream, ask yourself how is the challenge or choice in the dream relevant to feelings and circumstances in my waking life? What is the message in the dream about this choice or challenge?

How can I begin to activate these messages? Stories in the Bible and other sacred texts reveal that dreams have long been consulted as a source of wisdom for healing body and soul. In ancient Greece dreams were used for insight into important decisions, to offer a glimpse into possible futures and to diagnose and treat illness at the temples of Asclepius. In many indigenous cultures the healers, known as shamans, use altered states of consciousness — such as dreams — to journey beyond time and space in order to channel transcendental energies for healing body and soul.

In the dreamscape all dreamers are shamans! Consider that Dream Oracle may be offering you a pathway to restore the natural wholeness of your body and soul. How can you activate the wisdom of the dream for healing? One dreamer named Michael experienced a compelling series of dreams featuring trees that had many branches and roots but which looked diseased and broken.

See a Problem?

He listened to his intuition and consulted a doctor about unusual fatigue and was eventually diagnosed with a systemic health disorder. Often a dream visitor speaks for Dream Oracle as the trees did for Michael. Michael felt that his dream trees spoke to him about the need to restore his well-being both physically and spiritually. During his recovery, he discovered that spending time in his daily life relaxing among trees was an important healing practice for him.

Michael also awakened to the reality of the life-giving power of trees for the health of the Earth and to his life calling — photographing and planting trees. After all, we have plenty of free time to meet new people, one whom that will hopefully be that summer fling.

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Name required. Email Address required. Speak your mind. Three out of the four seasons, I am jubilant, bubbly, cheery, and talkative. The spring flowers make me smile. I absolutely love the long, summer days where I can be outdoors all day and do activities with the people I love Francis, where she will be in charge of organizing their new business program Leaving teachers share memories, advice for students: Kathy Hawes.

Oracle Dream (Original Mix)

Leaving teachers share memories, advice for students: Bill Dunbar. We often hear that Gunn is ripe with opportunities, ranging from elective choices, to clubs and teachers for every learning style. One part of our campus that is often overlooked is the community Summer plants to help you start your very own garden. The Summer of TV Shows.

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The Summer of Movies. Sophomore Arunim Agarwal reflects on summer job as camp counselor.

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