The Career As A Path to the Soul

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Singing and teaching was my primary source of income for more than 20 years. Yet alongside that career, I was also very interested in how performance in any medium acting, singing, playing an instrument, or dance gave voice to the soul.

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I studied the human energy system and how it relates to life and performance in any chosen field. Studying the human energy system led to deeper study of intuition and ancient wisdom teachings. Soon, in addition to teaching vocal technique, I was also teaching classes in personal and spiritual development, particularly as they related to performance. In the late s, just as I was sensing that something new in my professional path might be on the horizon, I heard about personal coaching. In and , I took a deep dive into coach training. By the summer of , I had shifted my primary income source from teaching singers to personal coaching.

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As my coaching practice developed, I became curious about quantum physics. Learning about the fundamental principles of quantum physics took me to a new level of understanding about life as energy in motion. That led me to create the Transformational Presence work that I do now.

3 Proven Paths Out of a Soul-Crushing Job and Into a Fulfilling Career

Your soul mission is the energy and passion that fuels your life. Soul mission is also your life-long lesson — what you are here to learn and become a master of — as well as the greatest gift you bring to your world. When you build your life on your soul mission, the roles you play or the career paths you follow become vehicles for living and expressing your soul mission.

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What types of books, magazines, documentaries and websites do you like to read, watch and engage with? When you were younger, what did you like pretending to be in games that you played and why? Which question do you spend lots of time reflecting on or thinking about?

6 Ways to Soul Search Before You Job Search | Greenheart Travel

Or if there was one question, what might it be? For example: How can I be happy?

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How can I raise my consciousness? How can I stand in my power?

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How can I uncover the truth? Tweak it until it feels right and resonates with you. What might the first phase initiation of your purpose involve? What skills might you have to learn?

How To Find Meaningful Work To Feed Your Soul

What might the second phase leadership of your purpose involve? How can you help others? I love being able to walk my own path through life, doing work that inspires me and that I believe helps makes the world a better place.

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If everyone on this planet took this approach, imagine how different life could be.