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Licensing, exams and additional requirements vary based on job type and state regulations. What they do: Analyze foreign language intelligence content and organize it according to context. Language analysts may also provide understanding of the culture surrounding the languages they study.

What you need: Professional proficiency in a language or multiple languages. Currently, the agency is focusing on the recruitment of linguistics experts familiar with Asian or Middle Eastern languages. What they do: Determine, assist and treat the mental statuses of their patients. What you need: Four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school, and residency for four more years. Under residency, at least four post-graduate months of pediatrics or internal medicine and two months of neurology must be completed.

After training, psychiatrists must complete written and oral board examinations. Biometric technology developer. What they do: Research, devise and test security software and hardware that uses physical or behavioral characteristics -- such as scans for face recognition, fingerprints or voice recognition -- to verify identity, generally for security access. Their findings and advancements have upgraded the way many casinos, banks, hotels and other areas operate their security.

Top-secret CSIS document explores ‘mega trends’ and how they will affect economy, society, security

Developers must have experience in biometrics and related areas and an understanding of the most current applications. Certification is also required at different levels and the U. What they do: Design, decipher and analyze ciphers, or coding systems. This work is done to protect secret information for law enforcement, military, or political personnel, as well as to provide privacy for people and businesses.

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  • What you need: A strong talent in understanding mathematics, economics and computer science. While a degree is not required, most have at least a bachelor's degree in mathematics or computer science, and often have a graduate degree in mathematics. Awards-show auditor. What they do: Tabulate the votes conducted by a secret ballot and withhold the results so that the envelopes may be opened onstage and televised by live programming.

    This work is done in addition to the auditor job duties that include organizing and verifying company and personal finance information and public records. What you need: A bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field. Some employers have preferences on degree concentrations.

    Coups, Corporations, and Classified Information

    Experience in accounting or auditing and CPA licensure are also needed. Additional training and education is needed for specializing a level of expertise and to renew the CPA license. All rights reserved. The information contained in this article may not be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority.

    The competitor simply used broccoli powder at lower temperatures so that the myrosinase did not lose its effectiveness. It is likely that every business has a protectable trade secret that is a process or method of accomplishing some part of its business. Not only is that formula a trade secret, but so are the formulas and work that went into the preceding 39 attempts. If a competitor learned about those failed attempts alone, it might still save a lot of research and development time.

    It has become well-known that client and customer lists are valuable trade secrets. A quick case law search shows that in alone, no less than cases were filed in state and federal courts where it was alleged that customer lists were misappropriated as trade secrets. As valuable as customer contact information is, client buying habits are even more valuable.

    Data Protection Choices

    Take a mundane example of a vending business. You have a snack and drink machine at the nearby firehouse. Over the months and years, through trial and error, you have learned that the firefighters and the other first responders and employees like plain chips, bbq-flavored chips, and cheddar-cheese flavored chips, but otherwise, not much will sell. That is commercially valuable information because a competitor will have to go through the same trial and error to learn the same information about the buying habits of the folks using the vending machines at the firestation.

    The same reasoning applies to all the items in the vending machines: Coke or Pepsi? In a similar manner as client lists, information about unique vendors and suppliers has large potential commercial value. Obviously, vendors and suppliers that are easily located on the internet do not fit this category.

    Higher demands

    Having sources for rare and unique raw materials, goods, and services is a competitive advantage. Famously, Google, Inc. Google would rather protect the information as trade secrets. A similar trend can be seen with driverless car technology. Here again, Google and its spin-off subsidiary Waymo are involved in a high-profile legal fight with Uber with respect to trade secrets for driverless cars. Contrary to nearly everything you hear on the subject, my humble suggestion is this: fixing the U.

    Its infrastructure is crumbling. Its educational systems barely educate. Its healthcare is still nearly nonexistent. I can take a high-speed train across Europe in eight hours; I can barely get from DC to Boston in nine. Most troubling of all, it is poisoning its food and water supplies by continuing to pursue dirty energy, while the rest of the rich world is choosing renewable energy.

    So the US should invest in its common wealth.


    For a decade, and more. Legions of people should be employed in rebuilding its decrepit infrastructure, schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, trains. If the US invests in the public goods it so desperately needs, the jobs that it so desperately needs will be created — and they will be jobs that wait for it actually create useful stuff. Hospitals, schools, trains, parks, classes, art, books, clean air, fresh water … purpose, meaning, dignity.

    Secrets behind Korea`s Economic Success (English)

    So: invest in public goods; employ armies to build them; create millions of jobs. But the average household is getting poorer; and the poor are getting trampled. The US is becoming a caste society; and the divisions between the castes are widening. Investing in basic goods is the only way—the only way — to lift millions out of the ruins of imploded lives, and into prosperity again. Yes; the only way. Sound like a healthy economy to you? Where will the money come from? admin