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I throw out another moan Twenty minutes later my mother knocked on the door. When the door yawned open, I stood there like a stone, helplessly looking at a dreadful slipper in her hand. My mother told me that she has to help me to learn a proper behavior and ordered me to get in the tube on my hands and knees. I pleaded for mercy but complied of course. I felt as vulnerable as I had ever felt in my life. Then she patted the slipper right across the middle of my wet, upraised buttocks and announced in a rather dominant voice, that I have arch my back in order to keep my bottom pointed up high and that any lack of cooperation will add to the punishment.

Trembling, I arched my back. A more humiliating position was not possible. I clenched off and on, trying to guess when the first smack would land. And then the heavy slipper started to come down, slowly and methodically. That stung unbelievably. Sometimes she left the slipper in the position where it had landed and I shuddered in anticipation.

But I knew better than to break position. The most stingy and embarrassing were upward blows on the tender undercarriage of the bum when the slipper smacked against the very base of my rear, just above thighs. You hear me? It was very embarrassing, because my father-in-law was at home. But the smacks sounded like sharp explosions, even as they were partially muffled by the running water and the door. Soon after that we had a diner.

Naturally, I fidgeted a lot, my funny was tingling and from time to time I saw his little inverted smile. It was a very, very shameful experience for me… Wilma. My step -mother has always managed the discipline in our home. Unfortunately she is a strong believer in old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spankings for rule breaking.

They are significantly humiliating and very painfull. Always handed out after dinner upstairs in her room. She pulls down my pants places me over her large lap and lectures me. When she is ready she pulls my panties down often remarking on how large my bottom is getting thus a longer warming is necessary. I always end up crying hard, kicking and sobbing and apologizing. She begins all spanking slowly and methodically with her palm..

Once she is satisfied she pulls out her hairbrush.. Fortunately these episodes are extremely rare, maybe once or twice a year. I hate them.. She has always had a rule that if I am ever in need of a spanking for a repeat offense than after the spanking I will spend an hour in the corner, bare bottom on display.. I have only had to endure this embarrassment 3 times in my life. The worst was this year. I had been spanked one month earlier for using very bad language on the phone she overheard me.

When I noticed her car was in the garage. My heart dropped. After my friend left she announced that after dinner we would be spending some one on one time together and to cancel my plans for that evening. I knew my step moms sister and mother were coming over for dinner and I dislike them both. They are also large women and I am quite thin. After dinner my step mom told me to go up stairs and get ready for my spanking.

I felt so embarrassed. I took my plate in the kitchen and dashed up stairs. I overheard her telling everyone she had a big lesson to teach me about my mouth and a sore red bottom was the way to start. They agreed.

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Once she walked up stairs she had me stand in front of her,pulled my jeans down and placed me over her ample lap. Took her time positioning me. Lifted her knee so my bottom was perched and slowly pulled my panties down. She patted my cheeks chuckling that her last spanking must not of done the trick. Well lets try again. I tried my hardest not to cry loud since her family was downstairs…I howled anyway. The worst part was after word when she guided me downstairs into the tv room. Placed me in the corner next to this tall table and pulled my pants and panties down and made me touch my nose to the wall..

She turned the timer on for one hour. I sobbed I was so humiliated. As I certainly discovered.

Spanking Stories

Maybe we should exchange experiences. Would you like my email? The anti-spanking movement in the United States clusters around a statistical cohort of white college-educated mothers. Beyond this relatively small but influential demographic, opposition to spanking females rapidly disintegrates. Even within the ranks of college-educated mothers, there is no unanimity.

This is especially true when money enters the picture. This one seems directly linked to both the increasing costs and importance of college in obtaining decent employment. This may also involve normally well-behaved daughters crossing certain lines of behavior to which her parents strongly object. Some of these seem to be instances of bride retraining. Less frequent, but quite revealing, are instances in which married daughters treat their fathers as if they were their husbands. In all of the cases of which I am aware, it involved father-daughter relationships in which daughters were accustomed to being spanked by their fathers while growing up.

As an immediate follow up to my last message it occurs to me that somewhere adult daughters are being spankied as I write this message and as you read it. An intriguing thought for spankos and certainly a turn-on. Not sure why its such a turn on for you but i by far am the last person to judge anyone. Well, punishments happen for adult daughter here in India too. I have been punished till I got married. I was 26 then. But rarely would it be on the bare bottom. Just normal punishments which were more of pain than anything else.

I hope not only in India! I know that at least Eastern Europe has saved best DD traditions…. While cultural traditions vary, the further one is removed from white women of Northern European extraction, the more likely spanking is to be accepted. The further you move away from Northern European extraction, the more likely is it that the women get punished. It is also true that punishments for women are not limited to spanking. Women in India have also been burned. Others have been made to walk naked in public.

Milder indignities also include having to kneel in front of a man as if worshiping a deity. Meanwhile, as noted in a previous post on the subject, the context of my reference was that opposition to spanking in Western society is statistically clustered around white women. What about Spanish and French, German and Russians? I know that a lot of Ukranians are used to! Women have been made to walk naked in public but mostly it is in case that the women has brought dishonor to the family name or has gone against the caste boundaries or something like that.

Pls no burning of people, heads, faces and pls not even a single broken bone. As interesting as all this is and thanks Shweta for sharing your insights, but I do think we are beginning to wander off topic into areas that at best could be described as extreme BDSM in nature and might even start to look like abuse. Therefore I posted what I posted. Can spanking be consensual, and yet be spanking? For me, its a no. But then for you, its a yes and so for many like you. I wont post any other horrors, donta worry. The question cuts to the heart of female disciplining.

People often have the tendency to use words to mean what they want, usually for emphasis, even though their meaning is incorrect. Spanking means a series of slaps on the buttocks. The motivations of the people involved are irrelevant. I was not singling you out for your comments — but generally as you rightly say to everyone the post is about adult women who have hopefully consensual arrangements with a mentor or other — that does not stray too far from spanking and related issues.

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this site. I really hope to see the same high-grade content by you in the future as well. Now, that I guess is the correct meaning. Motivation matters. Spanking isnt meant to be exactly as a erotic thing, though nowdays people are into it. It was and is primarily a punishment method. All the definitions of spanking in various dictionaries always refer to the physcal act itself. Spanking can occur in other situations with other intents.

I stand behind my original assertion, spanking means a series of slaps on the buttocks and punishment is not always involved even though that is the most common motivation. Well, I do understand your point of view, but by your own admission, the most common motivation is punishment.

Keep it up. As a follow up to a previous exchange about a young adult daughter lubricating when her mother administers corporal punishment to her bare bottom, I must confess that the same thing has occurred to me. I did not realize I had lubricated until after my mother had completed teaching me in the way that she and I both realize is most effective for me. What I do think about is the view that I afford to my mother.

That is something I am unable to get out of my head. Having spanked older daughters, the one thing I can assure you is that, even if the young lady over the lap squirms, there is too much going on for a diligent parent of the opposite sex to be preoccupied with a peep show. Typically, by the time a biological parent gets around to spanking an older daughter, erotica is the last thing on his or her mind. That is not an uncommon experience regardless of age for spanker or spankee to get aroused.

Rest assured the arousal is not sexual. It is a biological response. With the placement of someone over ones lap with a lot of movement and the adrenalin and act of spanking itself the body naturally feels arousal. The exchange of thoughts here is so thought provoking, especially since I am a young adult whose mother sees fit to continue to teach me even though I am no longer a little girl. She loves me and understands, through experience I believe, that discipline to my bare bottom is the best method to teach me.

I read the thoughts of the various participants in the exchange and do not believe that any overt sexual motivation is involved. Parents are trying to teach their children, even if the children are past the age of majority. I am not overtly trying to display myself when my mother instructs me. Yet I wonder if in some subconcious way I am doing so. Or perhaps I am making my bottom more available to her instruction.

I must admit I do not know the answer. I think there are so many unknowns, and so many motivations, that perhaps not a single explanation will suffice is explaining the complex phenomena we are discussing. Again thanks to everyone for their continued interest. I too am pleased and fascinated by the continued following of an entry which is almost four years old. DJ, people do not visit and revisit, for close to four years, a topic that does not resonate with them. There is indeed something particularly fascinating about this topic. A lot of people, and not only men…, believe that sound and fair discipline of adult daughters could be a great help to individual happiness and unity of each family.

George, I can assure you, at least in the opinion of one young adult daughter, that continuing corporal discipline from my mother contributes to happiness because in its absence I would feel as if I were cast adrift. I would be able to function no doubt, and probably at a fairly high level, but nagging doubts would persist. The age of majority in th US was 21 but then got changed to However recent research has found that the human brain does not reach full maturity until about The last areas to develop are in the per frontal cortex and involve impulse control and appreciation of long term consequences.

Auto rental companies who want to rent as many cars as possible nevertheless will not rent to anyone under 25 because of all the problems they have had with them. You just described an example, Tiptopper, of when a profit motive is in force, the reality of the matter is revealed. I respectfully disagree on the relevance of any specific age. Speaking from recent experience, I was not significantly calmer or wiser at 25 than 18 or any other specific point. Nor do I think I was particularly reckless or oblivious to consequences before reaching While age is an efficient way to classify people en masse, as with the car rental example, I believe a different approach is warranted for things as personal as matters of discipline and independence.

Part of the reason that this topic appeals to me is the idea that- independent of age- mistakes can be made and dealt with in a healthy relationship. I like the idea that just because one is considered to be an adult that they are still capable of learning with appropriate correction. A woman can independent and still respect feedback on her behavior at any age.

I can honestly attest that a young lady is never too old if she is so inclined but also that TT has a point and younger are often more needful and accepting of such a relationship. Of course the conflict arises when you consider that young people are also more likely to be exploited by older people with, shall we say, more complicated motives.

That is not to say they necessarily are — but it is something to consider. About what Tiptopper rightly remembers, the only reason for major age at 18 is exploiting: political, commercial, sexual. I remember one day when I nervously lay over the back of the chair.

Cynthia's First Spanking

To steady myself I placed my hands on the arms of the chair. My mother approached me, folded back my skirt and lifted me up, so that my ass was in the air. It was the typical doggy position.

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  3. Fully Present: Daily Reflections on Nonduality.

I gasped with each slap, my bottom tensing in anticipation of each blow. However, something else was happening! I felt an incredible itch down there. The harder were the smacks the more I pressed my tits into the chair, the warmer and more urgent the feelings inside me were becoming. As I clenched my buttocks in response to each blow, I felt my vaginal muscles clench too.

I noticed that the hot, burning sensation in my buttocks seemed to be flowing, expanding to include my genitals. I could feel myself becoming moist. Each blow of the slipper seemed to send a shock wave of excitement between my legs. So intensely was I concentrating on the strange feelings of heat and pleasure, feelings that made the pain seem like something far away, something that was really happening to another person, that the orgasm caught me by surprise.

My body spasmed again and again. I pushed my bottom up higher to give her stinging slipper more access. Feet well apart! This was so embarrassing, my mother could see everything. And I knew she could use the slipper on the tender skin she had not spanked yet. And she did it. The embarrassment was overpowering. Was there something wrong with me? Why was the awful humiliation turning me on? I spanked and she was breathing heavily.

She was rubbing her crutch against the chair back. She was moaning and pumping harder and faster. And each smack on her cleft seemed to drive her wilder! Maybe the sting of the slipper stimulated her anus? I was taken aback by the intensity of her reaction. Why does she like her slipperings? Had I to stop punishing her? Or she and her vulva had to be punished additionally for the orgasm? Sometimes I think some ladies just become sexually aroused by the punishment.

Wilma, your post is quite expressive and a cause for us to question why young adult daughters sometimes react in such a way when we receive correction from our mothers. I can certainly understand why humiliation overcame you as you thought your mother observed the sex-like thrusting of your hips as she administered to your bottom what was necessary to help you learn.

I am not of course in a position to know what went through her mind as you thrusted and as you lubricated. You mentioned your mother instructs you to place your feet well apart and you comply by splaying your legs far apart behind you. And while there is potential for abuse, does that potential still exist when the daughter is herself an adult and the ritual is consensual? I have more questions than answers, obviously. Every instance of this scenario I have come across seems to have three things in common.

Second is rhythemic application.

Spanking Stories post

Third mediocre spanking. In other words, it is perfect recipe for erotic spanking. In addition to O. One thing that lawmakers forgot when they lowered the age of majority to 18 is that most people of that age are still economically dependent on their parents. Very few parents can resist the temptation to try to exert control over their young adult children by using financial blackmail.

If we really wanted to make 18 year olds truly independent, we would terminate parental authority at age 18, as we have, but would have maintained the parental support obligation to age You must have a way with that because you just gave me an orgasm. I doubt very much that your daughter was having a voluntary orgasm being spanked by her own mother. The trick is to let her have an orgasm, then the real punishment begins. That sends the wrong signal. Wilma sent in a really long comment that caused issues ie a solid block of unreadable text I may edit it and post a cleaned up version at some point — either here or by including it in a post.

Thanks Wilma for your efforts in any case — I think your basic point was disagreeing with One Hand by saying you think your daughter did get off on it and you had to take that into account. Was it too shocking? Too sexually charged? But why? Sorry Wilma — I received a wall of text no spacing peppered with references to under 18 spanking largely in a broadly sexulaised way.

It makes no nevermind that it is true and is a personal experience or that it is not obscene. It was impossible to or has been to date to edit in any meaningful way without leaving it as a rump of its former self. I recalled few spanking experiences from my own life when I was 22 and 24 y. Exactly the same is with my daughter. We discuss adult daughters spankings here, right? Your comment is unbroken as it arrives here and gets stuck in the filter. It arrives as a wall of unreadable text often without spaces, which I must edit. No doubt this is not how you sent it — but has occurred in transit.

Your post did not make it clear that your daughter was an adult and from the highly sexualised context it appeared that it was inappropriate. I have been trying to address issues with this post and why most comments get stuck in the filter. So given this and other issues arising comments on this post are now closed. A victim of its own success. This blog is intended for adults only. Spanking and other sexual activities represented here are intended for adults. Nothing here should be interpreted as advocating any non-consensual spanking activity or the spanking of minors.

All characters appearing in short stories on this blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This blog aims to explore themes of erotic discipline, female submission and spanking. It features stories, anecdotes and observations by DJB and others. A Voice in the Corner. Like this: Like Loading Thanks for sharing Brie How do you feel about it? What did you Mom say afterwards? Thanks George giorgio.

Emilio you can email me. Jon, very wise choice. Jon, Can you tell us about one of the spankings you gave your daughters? Hi Jon, Sorry to hear about your wife. Thanks again, DJ. You sound very sanguine about this — is this something you are prepared to accept? Thanks for the comment. I hope you all got in touch OK.

Feel free to post me your adventures. Thanks for your comment Kevin.

Mother Spanks Daughter – The Best Friend

A bit off topic for here. How do you feel about this? It seems unusual. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the insight Cindy — this is the kind of feedback we like. You could always ask your mother about your friend. Incidentally what is the average time you spend in the corner? Hi Cindy I have two daughters and spank them in a very similar way.

Thanks for a very full and thoughtful insight. I take you mean you are an ex-college professor. I wonder if this is in certain places or among certain sections like Christians. Anyway thanks again — this would have made a post in its own right. I taught at a liberal arts university. For reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, the cultural shift is deeper than any religion.

Thanks Cindy and Prof Looks like we have the story from both sides here. Thanks to both of you. I think you are right — people will always use their own judgement regardless of fashion and what comes around… I have always thought that there is a primeval need for certain things and all people seek is the permission from their community to indulge it.

The key to this is consent between adults however implicit that is or how ever it comes dressed. All the best DJ. Thanks again for your extended comments. I read the latest posts by Retired Professor and DJ. Cindy, I think you and the Prof are basically in the same page, although I am not sure that bringing in Locke or Hobbes helps us much. As to what is conventionally in these matters somewhat goes to the heart of the matter. You point out that you are not coerced and welcome the situation.

As to your friend. Thanks Cindy, I wonder to what extent your attitude is an American one. Whereas I have many sources from people such as yourself who live in the US. Thanks again DJ. Hi Cindy, I think you must be a true submissive — you should definitely branch out. Lol As for the cane it was happily abolished in state education in the UK from and private education in I am sure people especially those who play get a lot more creative. Retired Prof, I agree that hard punishments typically hard strappings in my case are not necessarily abusive when they are administered with the intent to teach.

Cindy thanks for a full reply. DJ, Yes, there is seldom uniformity to the disicipline my mom applies to me. Retired Professor, The psychology professor who already submited my grade is a female and is probably not more than 10 — 15 years older than I am, although I can not be certain. Got the spanking I needed : , for a whole 30 minutes in the nude by a 45 year old woman. Christine, nice to meet you, I believe in spanking and am also a virgin. My email is sammy. So you think my immature behaviour warranted a bare-bottom spanking?

You sound like a kind old man. I have been spanked in front of other people a few times but never in front of a boyfriend. Hi Katherine, Hi Katherine and welcome. People can either accept this or ignore it. If you are not comfortable here then anyone is at liberty to move on. Best wishes to All DJ Black. DJ, your site serves a valuable service. There are those of us who love it. While I am not a mom, I have been a parent. They agreed Once she walked up stairs she had me stand in front of her,pulled my jeans down and placed me over her ample lap.

But I suppose if you really want me to. She moved toward the door, but he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder, exposing her bare bottom. He dropped her onto the bed, and she started to get up, but he wrestled her into submission and turned her over his knee. He gave her ten firm whacks that drew her focus firmly into her body and the flood of sensation. She moaned when he stopped, longing for more, and she bit into his thigh when he didn't oblige.

He gave her one more smack, strong enough to make her release his leg, and pulled her to her feet. He pulled up a playlist he had created with this in mind. The music started. He pulled a chair into the middle of the room and settled himself into it. And it had better be good, or I'll have to punish you.

Unsure of whether she could pull off a satisfactory lap dance, she moved to the bar and took her time making him a Tanqueray gimlet while trying to get into the proper state of mind. She took a swig on her way over to him to steel her resolve. She closed her eyes and tried to feel the music in her body. A saxophone s wail seeped into her pores and reverberated through her bloodstream. Her eyes still closed, she slowly started to move.

Mother Spanks Daughter – Overheard

Her hips swayed. As the percussion came in, she found the beat, opened her eyes, and gave him a teasing look over her shoulder. She was surprisingly agile in the high heels, now that she was focused on her task. She saw that he was trying to look unmoved and that he wanted her to have to work hard for a response.

Even Good Girls Need Punishment Spankings

She started slowly, not touching him. She danced a foot or two away from him, giving him teasing glimpses that still kept much hidden. As the playlist progressed, she got closer, lightly touching him from time to time, becoming a little more brazen in her movement. She approached and withdrew, caressed and nibbled, swayed and gyrated. She relished the mix of music and alcohol, dim lighting and anticipation. Without even touching him, she felt flooded with electricity. She brushed against him, her cheek on his, fingers trailing down his neck. She moved close, sensed his warm breath on her breasts, and felt a surge.

She raised her breasts higher and felt his face lightly brush them. Her skin burned at the contact, and she noticed that her pussy felt warm and slick. She paused for a moment in ecstasy, and he seized upon her moment of weakness.

My Spanking Stories

He briskly turned her over his knee, remarking, "I never told you to stop. She lay there a moment, immobilized, but he showed no mercy. He set her back up on her feet and demanded that she continue. She asked for another swig of his drink, and he answered with a swift smack on her thigh.

She longed for him to lose control, to tackle her to the floor and give her a good, rough fuck, but she knew he wouldn't, at least not yet. She held the image, though, and transferred its energy into her movements. Her back arched, head falling back as her eyes nearly closed, hands sliding up her ribcage and over her breasts, where they lingered to take in the round fullness. The strap of her dress fell from her shoulder. She slid her hands back over her breasts and down her sides, over her hips and ass, and back up her inner thighs to expose a flash of her wet cunt.

She saw his eyes widen, and she turned her back to him, again lifting the skirt over her constantly moving hips, fully exposing her ass as she bent slightly forward. He gave it a bite, and she jumped a little in surprise. He gave her another smack. She turned toward him and ran one hand up her thigh as the other returned to her breast. She rapturously slid a finger between the wet folds of skin and then brought it to his lips.

He looked at her sternly but licked and nibbled her finger. She sank to her knees before him and slowly unfastened his pants as she met his gaze. He grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and pulled steadily for a moment, then released her, got up, and slid the straps of her summer dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

He deftly removed her bra as she stood before him, and then slid out of his own clothes. When he settled back into the chair, she buried her face between his thighs and gave a long lick from the base of his sac up his entire shaft. He tangled his fingers into her hair and slowly pulled again, forcing her to look up at him. Looking into his eyes, she parted her lips and stuck out her tongue. She gave the lightest teasing licks to the head of his cock, around the edge, and down the underside.

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