Health Care Fraud in Germany

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Germany: Time for a check-up?

The first generation of smart cards had been introduced in At that time, all health insurance companies in Germany used their own health insurance vouchers, which claimants had to complete by hand before going to the doctor. It supports secure authentication of the legitimate cardholder. In the future, the card will facilitate the exchange of medical information necessary for treatment.

German healthcare 'losing billion euros a year to fraud'

Its chief benefits include the prevention of redundant medical examinations by different doctors, as well as the online update of administrative data, saving time and money. The patients can also use their e-folders to file their own data, such as blood glucose logs. This continuing systemic weakness is caused by the decentralised administration of the healthcare system and by the transfer of activities and control measures from the state to bodies of the healthcare system that are subject to public law.

The article is also available in German, to read it please click here. Statistics show significant increase in scans and left heart catheterisations, Susanne Werner reports.

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