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No platform wars. No witch hunting. Offenses may result in a permanent ban or filtered posts. Where I would think nothing of a daily exfoliation routine for my face, plus regular use of masks, serums, and all manner of other beautifying potions, I had found that making the time to do a prettifying ritual for my body seemed like so much more of a hassle.

I began to feel bad for my poor, neglected body, forever the runner-up in my beauty routine, and I vowed to see the dry-brushing through to the end as an apology of sorts. With just one week to go before vacation, week four was, naturally, filled with all of my usual last-minute attempts to become a beach goddess despite not having seen the inside of a gym in months. Planning: I'm good at it. Between last-ditch-effort planks and that haircut I'd been putting off for too long, I also found myself rushing off to the waxing studio where, to my surprise, my technician actually commented on how smooth my skin looked.

So how did it all work out in the end? Well, there were definitely some lows if my skin never peels like that again, it will be too soon. I can't say that my life or my lymph has seen any dramatic change, and my cellulite has not disappeared as if by airbrush, but coming out at the end of it, I have to say I have a sunnier view of the ordeal. Maybe it was the compliment from a complete stranger who knows a thing or two about skin; maybe it's just my legs, where the little ingrown hairs that tend to crop up on my calves have disappeared.

Maybe it's the flush of the tropical sun on my heavily sunscreened smooth skin making me feel just a little bit more like a beach goddess. Whatever the reason, I'm thinking I may not be packing away the dry brush just yet. Fun fact: Leg selfies are awkward and challenging.

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Read More. These New Dr. By Marci Robin. Of course, I cited the Florida Statutes. Also, my small back yard does not get as much sunshine as the front, due to lines of townhouses on both sides. Can the HOA limit me to clothesline in the backyard? Can the HOA limit the type of clothesline, location of hanging the clothes, and times when clothes can be hung to dry? Any legislator or attorney you know that could assist for free? Hi, Debbie. Good luck!

Hang laundry in your BACKyard!!!!! I am an international student in Denver colorado. I often dry my clothes on my balcony.

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Yesterday my neighbor told me I can not dry my clothes there. Could you tell me if I am wrong or not? In my country we always dry our clothes use solar energy. Why they can not consider to dry clothes nature.

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  • How about Michigan? The condo laws in Michigan are dated , with no mention of solar drying. I live in an attached condo with 2 units per building. We have individual decks that are limited common property on which I have put a hanging rack. I hang, on hangers, clothes for about 2 hours switching them in and out about twice a month. There are only 2 people who can see the rack, and one of them is ON the Board next door with whom I had a very good relationship until I refused to seek permission letters, back dating various things that everyone had installed.

    I have sought to have the Michigan condo laws brought up to date by Legislators to no avail. They have more important matters to take up as they say. Laws are archaic! What does the Federal Law say about solar power on a limited common area? No matter the state. Any help? Florida has a right-to-dry law, statute Yet many HOAs in the state continue trying to weasel their way around it. For most residents it is impossible to invisibly hang their laundry outside. As a result, this HOA restriction is a ban on hanging laundry. Just a thought from over here in Australia.

    Surely these are restrictions against the laws of nature, as well against our right to use and enjoy our own property. I believe that where the battle should be fought is against a law of any kind being made about our natural God-given rights in the first place. What if one day the government or anyone else made a law to say we are allowed to breathe the air around us, either with or without a license?

    What would we do about it? The government has not given us the water that falls from the sky, the air we breathe, the bodies we live in, the wind that dries our clothes and cools our bodies, the soil that grows our food, the herbs for health and healing, or the earth on which we live. There is substantial local opposition to the siting location of a acre solar farm in Florida and it is being defended using Fl Statute Is that an allowed legal interpretation of this statute?!

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    My mom, sister and I have always line dried our clothes when able. If unable, unless we need them immediately, we wait until weather permits or hang in our shower on hangers. Do we not live in the land of the free? I guess not. Wow I feel it would be better if we did. Lol this all sounds crazy to me. My name is Fiona and I live in Dunedin in New Zealand and over here in New Zealand we are able to hang out our clothes any time of year but sometimes I may have to use my dryer in the winter.

    Add Waycross, Ga to list of cities banning! Do you know if there is a movement for the Right To Dry in the state of Ohio? Thanks, Tracy. Please keep it civil and constructive. Our editors reserve the right to monitor inappropriate comments and personal attacks. Advanced Filter.

    British Columbia Oregon Washington. Facebook Twitter Print Email. Author: Jon Howland. This article is part of the series Making Sustainability Legal. Susan Taylor, used with permission. Tagged in: Clotheslines , Right to Dry. Comments me February 21, at pm. Steven Lake February 24, at am. Joseph October 13, at pm. Lisa June 26, at pm. Carol April 8, at am.

    Serena Larkin April 8, at am. PG February 22, at am. John Day September 10, at pm. Alan Durning September 10, at pm. Barbara October 28, at am. Melissa June 30, at am. Georgie Bright Kunkel February 24, at am. Justin February 24, at pm. Jon February 24, at pm. States can, and do, limit the reach of HOAs. Stephanie February 25, at pm. Hello, In regard to this article and thank you all so much for all your work on this!

    Jon February 25, at pm. So, dry on! Best, Jon. Sheila November 6, at am. Alan Durning November 6, at pm. Sheila, You may want to check with a local attorney, but the Florida statute is pretty clear. Thanks for writing. Doug March 2, at pm. Jon March 2, at pm.

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    And keep on hanging out! Kelly April 19, at pm. Jon April 26, at am. Hi Kelly, Thanks for posting your question. Suzanne Crawford May 4, at pm. Jon Howland May 4, at pm. JennA May 18, at pm. Alex June 7, at pm. Gary June 30, at am. RNT July 2, at am. LeapBrowser July 10, at pm. Fei August 9, at pm. Georgie Bright Kunkel August 11, at pm. Thomas Brudnicki August 21, at pm. Tom Delaney June 9, at pm. Hi Thomas There is already a wide acceptance of clotheslines in Pennsylvania, I run a small business Breezecatcher clotheslines, for the past few years Pennsylvania and California have topped the sales league.

    Sarah Marker August 30, at pm. Angela Blair October 7, at pm. Steve Whetstone November 29, at pm. Paul Martinelli November 30, at pm. Josie Hernandez December 1, at am. Bertha Meyers December 7, at pm. Debb January 12, at pm. Anne Holland April 9, at am. Many thanks for all you are doing here. Steve Erickson September 4, at pm.

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    Geof Rayner May 16, at am. Jon May 28, at pm. Jon May 29, at pm. The language in Senate Bill is clear… Placement of clotheslines. Cheers, Jon. Rebecca June 3, at am. Erin Hargan June 29, at pm. Kenneth August 21, at pm. Chris January 29, at am. Peggy Campbell February 26, at pm. Serena Larkin February 27, at pm. Peggy: The Florida law see link earlier in the article states: Simmons April 9, at am. I live in Maryland, Baltimore County and have a neighbor who insists hanging her laundry over her porch which obstrucks my waterfront view.

    Tsu Dho Nimh May 17, at am. Christin December 3, at pm. Christina June 5, at pm. Jon June 7, at pm. Nadine July 19, at pm. Alan Durning September 4, at am. Regrets and good luck! BTW, is there any energy saving organization I can join in Dallas?

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    Jim Tanner September 7, at pm. Keep up the good work. Alan Durning September 9, at pm. Carole Holden December 3, at pm. Steve Erickson December 4, at pm. Alan Durning December 5, at am. Steve — Thanks for replying. Good advice!